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Alrighty, I apologize for the wait.

Feedback time... : )

M. 7 & 15 (LH): Maybe it's just me, but I'm not hearing that low A. Either it's an instrument different than the bassoon (or whatever) that I'm not hearing, or it's not there.
M. 22 (and recurring; LH): Looong ago on one of my very first submissions, Deku/Olimar, can't remember which, told me to never repeat the same note in a LH waltz accompaniment like this. In my opinion (and from what I was told many years ago), I wouldn't recommend repeating the downbeat note along with the second and upbeat notes. Additionally, I've never seen professionally published piano music do this. My personal recommendation would be to get rid of the top C in the octave on beat 1.
M. 26 (RH): Playability concerns are what come to mind in this measure. If your highest goal is to preserve the notes, it'll be fine. It's not impossible for sure. I just wanted to note that it's not the easiest to play. 
M. 68: I would recommend a FF (double forte) since it sounds more intense than the previous measures.
M. 69 (Both hands): Similarly, an accent on the first note of this measure would be nice.
- From what I'm seeing, there's an inconsistency with how the layers are being written. For example, M. 31 (and others like it), the rest in one of the layers is hidden, while in M. 32 (and others like it), the rest is present.
- Some of the chords in the LH sound muddy. That could be resolved by inverting the triads up.
- I've noticed that you have a few courtesy accidentals, which is good! But I would recommend combing through again and placing some where it'd be beneficial.

That's all I have for now! Loving this song. I can't wait to play the game when I get time...
Quote from: Libera on April 19, 2021, 10:24:21 AMHmm, I'm not really sure about any of these. 
Aye, no problem. Alas, that's just my personal preference for courtesy accidentals.

What I'm seeing looks great! I wasn't able to get too in depth with note checking, but I trust Latios covered it appropriately.

Heyyy great work. Lovin' this song.

A few minor things...

- I would recommend courtesy accidentals on these notes:
M. 12 (RH; second layer; beat 1) F#.
M. 13 (RH; second layer; beat 2) A natural.
M. 18 (LH; last note) A natural.
M. 21 (LH; third note) A natural.
- Last measure - I would recommend adding a little bit of a bracket to the 8va to give a tad more clarity. Like this:

I don't recall seeing 8vas used like this in any published music, but that's just my exposure to published music. No doubt there are some with 8vas used in this fashion. Either way, it's totally up to you.

That's about all I have for this one.
Excellent : )
Hey, nice work!

Couple things:
- I would recommend adding another measure system. It seems a bit cramped as it is. One idea would be to add an additional 4 measure system, which would make all of them have 5 measures (excluding the last one) instead of 6 measures like it currently is.
- M. 17-24 (LH): According to the original, these notes all sound staccato'ed.
- The entire RH is quite legato/smooth. You could make a performer's note specifying that. However, totally up to you!

Notes sound good. That's all I have in the moment.
Heyyy, nice work.  8)

Just a few things I noticed:

- For some reason, the Finale file has all the staccatos colliding with the notes; however, the PDF looks fine. 
- Measures 23 & 25 (LH): From what I'm hearing in the original, the rests probably aren't necessary. It sounds like the notes are sustained from one to the next with no space in between.
- Along the same vein as above, the last note of 23 and 25 (LH) sounds extended by 1-2 beats of the next measure. Right now, you have it being held for only the length of an 8th note.
- The LH in measure 12 sounds legato. Granted, I am using PC speakers, not headphones. xD

That's all that catches my eye at the moment. Notes sound accurate.
It's been an ungodly amount of time...

BUT I am hoping to change that. Slowly but surely I'll be arranging again, as well as checking sheets. I'd like to get back to some personal projects of mine, while doing some newer songs. Any feedback, like usual, is intensely welcomed :)

As for any arrangements on my front page, I haven't touched those in 2-3 years. If you look at my front page and see something you like, I can spruce it up, if needed, or if there's a broken link or some other problem, just shoot me a message, private or public. I'll be happy to take care of it.
Fixed that stuff up, fells. Thanks again. : )
That's quite the trove of sheets you have there, friend. If you ever have any questions or anything, feel free to message me! I'd love to be of help if you'd like : )
Ahhh, ok. Thanks for your time in thoroughly checking!

I'll get that updated asap.
Yeah, I'm not sure what Static's looking for. There's no E on beat 4. Once I get clarification on that, I'll get that other stuff. I'm gonna have to get back to my old template. This one is a mess...

Sweet job. Can't wait to meet these new arrangers...
Quote from: Latios212 on March 30, 2021, 07:44:24 PMHi!!!!!
Heyyy. Hoping to get back into activity a bit at a time. I'd like to transition back into checking sheets...looks like it's been a while haha.

As for the sheet, I think that covers everything. Updated the file.
Nice arrangement! Definitely not as hard as Slider 😂