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I would fall into the noob category. I had never arranged anything before this project, and already I feel like I've learned a ton from all the comments and suggestions on this thread. Thanks Yug_Guy for being such an great organizer!

* The sight of an almost completely claimed soundtrack... It fills you with DETERMINATION.
I'll go ahead and claim "Final Power" since it's one of two songs that hasn't been claimed and it's pretty short. (Is there a Reverse function in Musescore?) :P

And "Good Night" is almost done
@Yug_Guy, I made a couple edits to "Run!". Let me know what you think - it's up to you whether or not you want to actually add them:  :)
And I completely agree, mastersuperfan  :P
This doesn't really have to do with the arrangement project, but here's a cool secret I found involving "The Choice":
All of mine look right!
@Bespinben That arrangement is sooo good! Like seriously one of the best ones of any of these! (Do more plz)
(Also MuseScore is better imho)
A lot of people (like myself) can't afford Finale and have to use MuseScore->MusicXML->Finale Notepad which is really cumbersome. I think NSM should accept MuseScore files as alternatives to MUS, considering the program you need to play them is free.
Insaneintherain!!! Love your covers! Found them via MCGamer (I'm in his Twitch chat sometimes too). Looking forward to your cover of Home, might even contribute :)
 ;D I couldn't quite figure out the sustain on the .mus since I'm used to MuseScore and not Finale. The MIDI and PDF are fine though as far as I can tell. Hope it's ok!
^^Do this^^

Insaneintherain is a cool guy who needs our help!
This didn't take me too long because it's practically identical to "CYRCTAH,IDRAMOMPOA". Here's "Hotel":

As a reminder - a ton of the songs in this game are based off of other songs, so you don't always have to start from scratch.

P.S. Can I also claim "It's Raining Somewhere Else"
Also "Small Shock", "CORE Approach", and "Good Night" because they're short and no one else will want to do them :P
10/10 would tem again