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Nice arrangement! Some stuff I noticed glancing between the pdf and listening to the youtube link:

Meas. 12 could use a layer change on beat 3 to stay consistent with the upper layer notation

Meas. 20 - listen again and see if you can add/adjust the right hand part. For example, I hear an F# on the first Beat rather than a D

Meas. 27 - add an E in on beat 1 between the octave A's

Meas. 29-end - I hear some notes can bee added in the left hand on beats 2 + 3

Site News / Re: Update, Friday 15th of June 2018
« on: June 17, 2018, 07:19:59 AM »
Best of luck in your future endeavors, Olimar. Thanks you for all you have done.
I've been around here for about 10 years now and being around here the same time as you has been an honor.

Not sure if this is the right place to mention, but if the NSM community is in need of a new updater, I am willing to discuss helping out around here myself. I have a ton of music experience and I am willing to share that here, where I all got started with arranging. Feel free to message me, staff! ;)

Thanks for the bump! Got really busy and didn't get to the most recent comments until now.

I un-hollowed out the B in measure 6, but I think the chords on the downbeats are ok where they're at an also fine in terms of playability, let me know if anything needs moving.

Fixed the title and page numbers so they're within the margins.

Thanks for looking over!

-Fixed the slur position in m2

-not sure what to do with the three note chord in m16 without removing it, any ideas? I know it can be awkward to play but will be missed sonically to just have nothing there

-not sure what to adjust with the margins either

-added the A in m4

-fixed the 15ma

-fixed m29-32 in the cross staff




I do prefer the 15ma simply because the B,A,G# would be really high to read even with the 8va (I personally like to keep the G with four ledger lines above the treble staff the highest I write before adding 8vas/15mas)

Not to dismiss your critique, but I'm open to hear what the other users have to say about it. Thanks for the lookout though

*Note: I got permisson from Zeila via PM asking if it was ok to use her night arrangement as a guideline for this one, and of course I gave her credit.

Piano Arrangements / Re: Nacho2420's Arrangements (updated Mar/22/18)
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:59:34 AM »
Updated my thread with some new stuff! Hope y'all don't mind the shameless self-bump.

Oops. Might have uploaded the old files.

All fixed though!

-I didn't put staccatos in 1-8 since it's so high in range some of the notes won't have dampers. It will be weird to have some of them ring and some of them be short.

-Fixed 11-12

fxed 76-77

-fixed the tempo change by making a new marking completely, not sure why playback did that before.


All fixed!

1. All fixed!

m72 Originally thought it'd be easier for performance but after playing it myself the octave isn't that bad. I added it back in.

Fixed the note on m20

m24 originally added bass line to keep the motion going in place of the percussion only break, but to stay true to the original I took it out. 

m.25-32, 41-43 I did try adding the upbeat chords in the right hand and it made the melody very awkward to play..for transcription purposes I can put them in but will be borderline unplayable live.

m48-55/78-79 fixed!

m56 - do you mean the bottom G's on beat 1?

m59 fixed!

m94 fixed!

m16 - I put that there to differentiate the 3x repeat previously, although it is understood that 2x is always default when there's no marking otherwise. Let me know if I should delete.

Thanks for the thorough proofreading! This arrangement is a big one indeed.   

I added a performance note indicating they can use the left hand voicings from the previous page, that way the 10ths can still stay as an option. That should work.

The lh at the top is an amalgam of two different bass-sounding voices; there's a cello sound and an electric bass sound, and you currently have a piece of both parts when you could easily include both voices by adding the upper octave to the C (beat one, from the cello) and the F below the staff underneath the A (beat three, from the bass) in both measures 1 and 3. Measures 2 and 4 are in unison, so they're fine as-is.

My other comment was that I don't see the reason to change the LH from perfectly reachable triads to 10ths on the second page when the original does not change. It seems to unnecessarily make it more difficult to play in what would otherwise be an incredibly simple piece.

I would recommend something like this:

Interesting, I knew there were two voices doing the bass line but didn't notice they split on the F chord; the A in the cello voice made me undermine the F in the E bass. I went with your edit there, thanks!

As for the 10ths, I voiced it that way to create a fullness the second time the phrase comes in like the original did with the addition of the kick drum and such. I'd like to keep that but if the consensus is that it's not necessary, I can change it.

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