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Nintendo / Re: Recommend me some NES games.
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:51:06 AM »
Rockin' Kats (I thought this game was exceedignly awesome when I was a kid. not sure if it still holds up, be I'm sure its worth checking out)

Battle City

Mighty Bomb Jack

Spartan X (a little short, but its a classic... I think...)

And of course some classics (thought not all good) to find the origin of popular Nintendo characters

Ice climbers

Donkey Kong 1

Donkey Kong 2

Super Mario Bros.  (the arcade game, not the side-scroller)

Wrecking crew (one of the weirdest mario games)

Kid Icarus

And Wild Gunman if you want a better understanding of the arcade scene in Back to the Future 2

Off-Topic / Re: Made mah day.
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:52:40 AM »
If I remember correctly (it's been over ten years since I did all endings), in your first playthrough, you can get two different (but still similar) endings.

Here's how you get them, if you don't prefer to find them out by yourself :
1 - Engage lavos from the end of time or through the black omen
2 - Engage lavos using epoch

After that, when you start a new game +, you basically have to do the game all over again to get to each ending. There will be a permanent warp to lavos that wasn't accessible on the normal playthrough and when you beat lavos through that warp, the different endings happen depending on the progress of the story (often, the ending will show the consequences of not doing the next thing you were supposed to do storywise).

But still, I would recommend doing the whole story again even if there weren't any new endings, since you can see a lot of things and links to story elements that you missed on your first playthrough (anyway, I did miss a lot of references on my first playthrough).

And just so you know, you will probably even have to start a third game using the data of your second playthrough in order to get through the first new ending available which is found by :
beating lavos with Crono only. This can be done when you volunteer to test Lucca teleporter at the beginning of the game.

Have fun!

Submission Archive / Re: Submissions for Next Update
« on: May 11, 2014, 02:47:57 AM »
[GC] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - "Rogueport" (youtube)

Olimar12345: We are only accepting MUS, Midi, and PDF files a this point in time. (all of your [MUS] links link to MUSX files, the default for Finale2014. You can export MUS files by chooseing Export > Finale 2012 from the File menu.)

YouAreNotATadpole: Sorry about that, I corrected all three links. Thanks!

Olimar12345: several things:
-If there is only one layer in a measure, put it in the first layer (this applies to stuff like LH 3, 4 and RH 5, etc.).
-I don't know how you intend on playing measures 18-21. The layers are too far apart. Move something.
-Return the material in RH layer 1 measure 25 to it's normal size and add the preceding rests. It almost looks like grace notes as is.
-Add a double bar line to your key changes.
-The sixteenth note triplets in octaves in the RH at measures 26 and 28 will be near impossible to play at that speed. I suggest removing the lower octave, since the LH is also playing it.
-All of the F naturals from 38-41 should be E#'s.
-Make the last eighth note in measures 55, 57, 59, and 61 (RH) a quarter note.

[PC] To the Moon - "World's Smallest Ferris Wheel" (youtube)

-Missing a tempo mark
-The first four pick-up notes should be beamed together.
-The three "B"s in the last measure are impossible to play (unless you're hitting that middle one with your nose or something...). Move one of them.

Other than that it looks good. Nice job.

YouAreNotATadpole: Corrected!

Olimar12345: Good work. Accepted.

[NES] Tetris (Tengen) - Troïka (youtube)

Olimar12345: Good work, man! Just a few small things to say:
-Put an opening dynamic mark. If anything, just put a mezzo forte.
-The site URL is missing.
-Think you can fit it all on two pages? You're really close! :J

YouAreNotATadpole: Corrected! I hope the staves on the first page aren't too close to each other, that's the space I used to remove the third page.

Olimar12345: Looks good. Accepted.

Off-Topic / Re: The Introduction Thread
« on: April 27, 2014, 05:16:35 AM »
Thanks Zunawe. I wanted to become active on the site sooner, but meanwhile got insanely busy and since submissions seem to be dead, I haven't been motivated to arrange new stuff. I'm not really a forum guy, but I've decided to change my way and be an active part of the community JUST FOR YOU... cause you're my best friend... today...

Off-Topic / Re: The Introduction Thread
« on: April 26, 2014, 06:37:53 AM »
Hey everyone! I've been snooping around around this forum for months and I hadn't seen this thread either. Here what there is to know about me. PLEASE LOVE ME!!

Name : ET, Ninja, Dirt McCrap, Spring Kitten and a few others...
Age : 28 and from the looks of it, I'm one of the oldest arounds, so show some respect for my gray hair (I don't have gray hair)
Gender : Male, most of the time.
Born : January 20th, the date where I can't know for sure if I am Capricorn or Aquarius... yeah I have big life problems
Lives in : Quebec, Canada, near Montreal, you can't miss it
Languages : French and English and a little elvish
Religion : Catholic Christian
Job : Analyst/Programmer during the day, crime fighter at night, bunny mascot on week-ends

Hobbies: Board games, Video games (Duh!), DDR, online university courses, watching videogame speedruns and writing way too much stuff for each bullet point when introducing myself on a forum
Musical : Piano, Signing, a little bass, a little less guitar and I bought a violin 10 years ago, I really should start playing it seriously sometime
Sports : Volley-ball, Badminton, Skateless hockey on ice, Bicycle, golf... and I suck at all of them!
Band : Used to kind of have one, depending on some projects that occured sometimes in the past. A year ago we decided to meet up to play again once a month... and never did! Too much partying i guess...
Compositions : I used to compose some stuff 5 or more years ago, it was half weird and probably half good as well. I'm thinking of composing again, but in a less weird and hopefully better style
Seasons : That's a really good board game

Favorite video games : Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Zelda Twilight Princess, Portal 2, Kirby superstar and a lot of indie games
Favorite signers/bands : Depeche Mode, Sonata arctica, Cranberries, Lorenna McKennit, Vaartina
Favorite books : I've read Tolkien so many times...
Favorite TV shows : Homeland, Arrested Developpement, Les Appendices (only airs in Quebec, but trust me, it's awesome)
Favorite food : Anything that's not green
Favorite snack : Cookies! Mountains of cookies!!
Favorite non-alcoholic drinks : Green tea! Gotta keep healthy somewhere
Favorite alcoholic drinks : You know these fruity drinks aimed to make teenagers drink before time, I love them all. I'm so young at heart!
Favorite topping : mayo
Favorite Final Fantasy Character : Auron
Favorite spaceship : X-Wing
Favorite Harry Potter book : Goblet of fire
Favorite Starcraft 2 player : Jaedong
Favorite note : Eb
Favorite French king : Louis XIV
Favorite shower time : evening
Favorite card : jack of clubs
Favorite footwear : sandals
Favorite airline company : Air France
Favorite prince's cousin : Dipp

And my two best friends are Ben and Gui, say I for me if you meet them.

Submission Archive / Re: Submissions for Next Update - 2 Submissions each
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:42:36 PM »
Hi everyone!

These are my first submissions. I tried to do everything as good as I can, tell me if I managed to do so well.

[GC] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Rogueport 


Deku: I'm supposed to be going from the top down, so there isn't really any feedback here. But holy shit, I never thought I'd see an arrangement of Rogueport that works.

[PC] To the Moon - World's Smallest Ferris Wheel


I edited my arrangements with modifications according to your suggestions. You were right about measures 18-21 being an octave too low, but it made me realize that measures 10-17 might also have been an octave too low, which I corrected. However, the bass line in 18-21 isn't playable anymore with only two hands, should I just remove it or leave it as a reference?

I added staccatos in measures 30-33 as suggested (good catch, I didn't even notice during all those listenings).
For measures 46-52, I was pretty sure it wasn't an octave problem, but the bass notes really were too high. I changed the notes to better fit the original track (I think, tell me if you think I got it wrong again). 

Finally, in measure 61, I removed the strange chord that precedes the beggining, but I still left the last E because I think it's important to the bass line in order to start the song over properly. Did you suggest that I remove it because it doesn't fit a proper ending? If it's the case, maybe I should write a measure containing it for repetition, and another one for the ending.

Anyways, it was your request, so I'll do it the way you like most.

Pretty good on your first arrangment :) This one is kinda hard for a fisrt arrangment

You can say that again, my next arrangements are gonna be good old NES games with 2 or 3 easily distinguishable voices, it's gonna be so much fun!

All right! I think I'm done! (Until someone points out everything that's wrong with my final version).
The files are in my shiny new arrangement thread as you suggested.

I still have one last question concerning submission : I checked what I think is the most recent submission thread, and the last post says that submission are closed. Must I wait for a new submission thread to be opened before submitting, or am I missing something? I also kinda read here and there that submissions could be made using the live feedback thread, but I didn't try it since Olimar wasn't online. If I ask for a review of my arrangements in the chat, can it be accepted automatically?

Thanks a lot, I think I'll finally have the hang of it after this!

Completed :

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


To the moon

World's Smallest Ferris Wheel

Tetris : The Soviet Mind Game (Tengen)


All right, here is my first release of the song, but there are still a few things to fix in it, so it is not final. For instance, I do intend to make the first part a little more playable with only two hands. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the notes in measures 42 to 52, so if you'd like to double check it, please go ahead. If not, I think it's close enough anyway.

[GNC] - Rogueport - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [MUS] [MIDI] [PDF]

I do have a few questions on Finale and good arrangement format, so if you could please help me out, I'd like that very much. By the way, I haven't had theoretical music lessons in ten years and I learned my music theory in french, so bare with me if I ask basic stuff or if my terminology isn't accurate.

1 - Since this song has two composers, I'd like to write their names on two lines and shift the rest of the charts (including the line "Arranged by...") down one line. How do I do that in Finale?

2 - I find the beginning a little empty. Is it okay if I play another voice the song but one octave or two lower than it is in the original song? Or should I stick to the original track as much as possible, by not playing that voice (it would conflict too much with the melody)?

3 - In the first measure, I'd like to start off the left hand with a full note and do an 8th not just before the second measure. Is there a way to do this without tiing notes in order to reproduce the full note, or without using another layer? In case there isn't, what is the better practice, tiing the notes or using a layer which adds rest signs in part of the staff? I have a similar problem in measures 18 to 21 (and some other places too) where I used two layers, but didn't know what to do with the extra rest signs.

4 - In measure 25, the last three notes should be played in a lower volume than the other notes (is implied the term for that?). I remember having seen notes written smaller for this kind of thing. Is that a correct practice, and if it is, where is that option?

5 - In the last measure, I think I might have a little too much going on, but I like to signify that the strange sound at the begining of the song is made again. Should I just write part of it, write it all and let the player decide what he/she wants to play, or commit to one playable ending that skips some notes?

6 - Finally, I noticed that some of my clef changes were preceded by natural signs (measures22 and 50), while others weren't (38). The natural signs only seem to appear when changing from a minor clef to a major clef, or the contrary. There are no naturals if the change is made between two minor keys or two major keys. Is that a convention of which I am not aware of? What should my clef changes look like?

These are all my questions for today, sorry if I tend to write to much details in my questions, I'm a little bit perfectionnist and I want to start off right. Thank you very much for your help!


I'm done finding all the notes, I'm currently transcribing them to Finale. I'll try to finish by tonight but since Finale is sooo beginner friendly, it might take a little longer. I will also probably need your help concerning the musical direction and the final look of the document (like if my clef changes are in the right places or if I use too little or too much of 8va and such). I'm posting the result as soon as I'm done.

Request / Re: [PC] To the Moon - "For River"
« on: December 20, 2013, 06:01:10 AM »
I didn't realize someone else had already taken this request until I was nearly finished-sorry! I just decided to do a random request today.

Don't worry about it, as you said it is deceptively hard and I wasn't close to being done anyway. I don't think I would have been able to manage tempos half as well as you did, since I'm rather new to making arrangements. I'll sure start using your arrangement to play it for real though, so thanks, it sounds really good!

Request / Re: [PC] To the Moon - "For River"
« on: December 05, 2013, 05:56:28 AM »
All right, I'll do just that and do my best not to screw it up!

Request / Re: [PC] To the Moon - "For River"
« on: December 03, 2013, 12:50:50 AM »
I'll do Johnny's version when I have time.

Well I kind of said I would do it yesterday, but if you'd like to do it yourself, go ahead, I have plenty of other tracks that I would as much like to arrange.

Request / Re: [PC] To the Moon - "For River"
« on: December 02, 2013, 05:25:32 AM »

I finished this game about two months ago and I also think it was awesome and a half, with such a great soundtrack. I don't know if I will screw it up any less than you would have, but I'll still give it a try. I'll start with Johnny's version and maybe move on to Sarah and Tommy's version if I'm motivated enough, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

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