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Piano Arrangements / The UNOFFICIAL Mario Kart 8 Arrangement Project
« on: January 09, 2016, 11:19:28 PM »
Welcome to The Unofficial Mario Kart 8 Arrangement Project!

For this Unofficial Project, we will be focusing on Mario Kart 8.


Myself (E. Gadd Industries), Sebastian, and TheMarioPianist.

What is an “Unofficial” Project? How is it different from an Arrangement Project?
For starters, the Arrangement Project is a project focused on arranging as many songs as possible from a particular game; the game is selected by a poll of forum members. The sheets arranged in these projects are reviewed by updaters, just like regular submissions. The differences in an “Unofficial” project are as follows:

•   Most likely no updater review
•   Completed sheets must still go through submissions

Other than that, it is basically the same thing. The goal is to either gain enough popularity that this becomes the official project once Undertale concludes or get featured in an update of our own.

What you need to know:

75.249573 kilograms of very important info
-If you begin work on a sheet, please post claiming the song so that I can edit the OP (original post) with the updated information. This keeps multiple people from working on the same song at the same time.
-Can't arrange? No problem; critique other sheets that either have not been looked at yet, or have just been revised. The Updaters will NOT be looking over these unless they decide otherwise.
-There is no limit to how many sheets one may work on simultaneously but I would recommend that every sheet you take you must complete or don't take it at all. Also, if you claim a sheet but then are unable to work on it, please post that you are relinquishing it so that I can remove your name and free the song up for other arrangers.
Who to contact for questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding this whole endeavor:
Yours truly. But Sebastian and TheMarioPianist would also be willing to give you a hand!   

We will be giving out a common template (just like in the Undertale project) so all the sheets will have the correct game/formatting info. And so it will be less of a hassle if we get an update.

Here is the OST. We will be using the official names which these are.

Our Goals for the Unofficial Projects:
We hope to arrange a sheet for every song in the target game. We will be fixing all musical and formatting errors that arise in each completed sheet, so that once they are submitted it should be less of a hassle on the updating crew. In addition, we hope to get the formatting up to par and make every sheet we do as top quality as possible! (For more on formatting, click me!)
Our ultimate goal is to get a swift update for each unofficial replacement project we do.

Questions you might ask:

What games will you be doing?
We will be starting with the games in the "Super Mario" section and depending on how fast we go, how many people are interested, and how daring the Updaters are feeling, will tell where we go next. For the time being, we will be doing only the "Super Mario" section.

Why the "Super Mario" section?
Well, there are 2 reasons actually.
1. TheMarioPianist, Sebastian and I are big Mario fans, and we do have a lot of Mario fans on NSM who would be interested in helping.
2. "Super Mario" and "Pokémon" are two vast libraries of video game music, and those will continue to gather a lot of popularity. For that reason, it only makes sense to arrange the new songs in those categories as soon as possible.

What if no one is interested?
Simple, TheMarioPianist, Sebastian and I will do all the songs ourselves. Our only goal is to get valuable and quality sheets on the site. But there obviously has been some interest, so I don’t believe that this should be an issue anytime soon.

If you have a question that is not above, PLEASE ask! :) 

This website contains an in-depth list of who composed what. Simply scroll down to to section titled "Composers/Arrangers".
Here is a List of the songs from the OST:

  • Mario Kart 8
  • Main Menu
  • Mario Kart Stadium -Taken by smashmusic
  • Water Park
  • Sweet Sweet Canyon -Taken by Latios212
  • Thwomp Ruins -Taken by Sebastian
  • Mario Circuit -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Toad Harbor -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Twisted Mansion -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Shy Guy Falls
  • Sunshine Airport
  • *Dolphin Shoals* -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • *Electrodrome* -Taken by F. L. U. D. D.
  • Mount Wario
  • Cloudtop Cruise
  • Bone-Dry Dunes -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Bowser's Castle -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • Rainbow Road -Taken by Sebastian
  • WII Moo Moo Meadows
  • GBA Mario Circuit
  • DS Cheep Cheep Beach
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike -Taken by Sebastian
  • GCN Dry Dry Desert -Taken by Static
  • SNES Donut Plains 3
  • N64 Royal Raceway -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • 3DS DK Jungle -Taken by Sebastian
  • DS Wario Stadium -Taken by smashmusic
  • GCN Sherbet Land
  • 3DS Music Park
  • N64 Yoshi Valley
  • DS Tick Tock Clock -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • WII Grumble Volcano
  • N64 Rainbow Road -Taken by Sebastian
  • GCN Yoshi Circuit -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Excitebike Arena -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Dragon Driftway
  • Mute City -Taken by BrainyLucario & E. Gadd Industries
  • WII Wario's Gold Mine
  • SNES Rainbow Road -Taken by The Mario Pianist
  • Ice Ice Outpost -Taken by Lenny Face
  • Hyrule Circuit -Taken by Zeila (although if you want it, she's willing to give it away)
  • 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • GBA Ribbon Road -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • *Super Bell Subway* -Taken by mastersuperfan
  • Big Blue -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • GCN Baby Park
  • GBA Cheese Land -Taken by E. Gadd Industries
  • Wild Woods -Taken by Lenny Face
  • *Animal Crossing*
  • Selection Screen
  • Selection Screen (Online)
  • Online Waiting Room -Taken by Sebastian
  • Spectating
  • Mario Kart TV
  • Top Goal Fanfare
  • Course Intro Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Race Start (Battle)* -Taken by Zeila
  • Race Start (Grand Prix VS)* -Taken by Zeila
  • Super Star* -Taken by Zeila
  • Final Lap Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Low Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Mid Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Top Goal Fanfare* -Taken by Zeila
  • Results Screen A** -Taken by Zeila
  • Results Screen B** -Taken by Zeila
  • F-Zero Results Screen
  • Animal Crossing Results Screen -Taken by Sebastian
  • Current Standings
  • Congratulations!
  • Nice Try! -Taken by BrainyLucario
  • Staff Credits -Taken by TheMarioPianist
List of participants:
  • E. Gadd Industries
  • Sebastian
  • mastersuperfan
  • Zeila
  • Latios212
  • The Mario Pianist
  • BrainyLucario
  • F. L. U. D. D.
  • Static
  • smashmusic
  • Lenny Face
Color code:
Black - Not yet arranged. (Claim me!)
Orange - In progress/Claimed.
Purple – Completed. Review pending.
Green - Approved by myself as well as other members here. Submit it!
Blue – In submissions.
Green – On-site or accepted. Good job!
Red – Retro track that is nearly identical to original. Arrangement may not be necessary, but feel free to do it anyway!
"*(Song Title)*" - Song that has two (or more) themes
*All these part of a fanfare collection sheet
**These will be combined as one sheet

Shoutout to TMP for giving this project the touch-up it needed!
It would be of your best interest to not encroach on the realms of Super Mario Sunshine sheet arranging. Others have tried, and for them it proved to be fatal.

This is a topic that other curious peoples can check daily unless certain hindrances arise for a word and its definition. You may know the words presented, and that's great! This is just a little something for the curious peoples like myself. Now, without further ado before this topic gets locked and hopefully it won't, but then again, it has no reason to be *to my knowledge*, here is today's word:

01/03/16: Asseverate (v.)- to affirm or declare positively or earnestly

This part of the game is so sad... Yet, it filled me with hope!

Help! / File Conversion Stuffs
« on: December 23, 2015, 03:29:47 AM »
A buddy of mine is working on his first arrangement and was using Finale Notepad on his Mac for the first time. Well, when the time came to shut down his PC, he went to close out NP and in doing so, closed several toolbars. When he got back on, the toolbars never returned, even after redownloading it. Any advice on what to do? NP is limited as is, and his accident made it 10x worse. Any help is appreciated! Oh, keep in mind that NP on Mac is different from other versions...

Fulfilled requests / [Wii] Super Paper Mario - "Gloam Valley"
« on: November 27, 2015, 03:27:46 AM »
Completed by JesterMusician
After doing some research, I found that JesterMusician arranged this song, and it even got accepted, but it isn't on site. I really didn't know where to put this, but I figured someone would be able to tell me maybe what happened?

Piano Arrangements / E. Gadd's Inventions: Merry Christmas!! (17)
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:59:37 AM »
Welcome to my Lab!

Up & Coming: The Super Mario Sunshine OST! (17 pieces remain!!) Next piece: #54: "Pianta Village"

These are my arrangements, in order by games in chronological order from oldest to newest:

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Title Theme:
Zelda's Awakening:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Casino Night Zone:

Mario Party
Let's Play a Mini-game!:

Hype: The Time Quest
The Guardian of Time:

Donkey Kong 64
Collect Pearl:
DK Isle (Snide's HQ):
Guitar Gazump! (Diddy Kong):
Saxophone Slam! (Tiny Kong):
Triangle Trample! (Chunky Kong):
Trombone Tremor! (Lanky Kong):

Super Mario Sunshine
OST List

Not started
In progress
Arranged, not submitted
In Submissions
(*Special conditions)

01. Intro:
02. Title Screen:
03. Demo:
04. File Select:
05. Landing on Delfino
06. Delfino Airstrip:
07.-09. F.L.U.D.D.:
10., 35. Mini-boss Battle:
(lotsa numbers). Miscellaneous Short Themes
13. Arrest:
14. The Trial:
15. Mario in Prison
16. Delfino Police (*contributed)
19. Shadow Mario Appears:
20. Chasing Shadow Mario
21. Underground:
22. Speed Test
23. Sky & Sea
28., 36-37. Boss Battle:
29. Enter the Darkness:
30. Secret Course:
31. Ricco Harbor:
32-33. Event & Goal:
34. Gelato Beach:
38. Il Piantissimo
39. Peach Kidnapped
40. Pinna Park Beach
42. Yoshi-Go-Round:
43-45. Mecha-Bowser
46. Bowser Jr. Appears
47. Sirena Beach:
48. The Manta Storm:
49. Hotel Delfino
50. Casino Delfino
51. Jackpot!:
52. Noki Bay:
54. Pianta Village
55. Pianta Village Band:
56. Piantas in Need:
57. Corona Mountain:
58. Family Vacation:
59. Bowser Battle
60. Victory:
61. Death of F.L.U.D.D.:
62. Sunshine Restored
63. Bowser's Confession:
64. The Vacation Starts Now:
65. Staff Roll:
66. Ending

Mario Party 7
Sail the Canals:

Mario Kart DS
Tick Tock Clock:

Super Mario Galaxy
Drip Drop Galaxy:
Ice Mountain:
Lava Path:

Wario Land: Shake It!
Just Plains:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
World 3: Ice land:

Kirby's Epic Yarn
Apt. 102:
Gourmet Race:

Eden World Builder
Main Menu:

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Gloomy Manor:

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dreamy Mushrise Winds:

Super Mario 3D World
Shifty Boo Mansion:

In the lab:
Working on it...

Space intentionally left blank

First arrangement: "Shifty Boo Mansion" (10/23/15 was the Update it was put on site)
Latest arrangement: Not sure, tbh. I'll update this with the next one.
Shortest arrangement: "Collect Pearl" (1 measure)
Longest arrangement: "Main Menu (Eden)" (101 measures)
Mario arrangements: 43
Sunshine Arrangements: 32
Other series arrangements: 13
Arrangements on this thread: 56
Arrangements on-site: 31

Officially collaborated with: Sebastian, TheClassicalLenny,, Retroparadies, and ThatHiddenCharacter
Unofficially collaborated with: (null)
Special thanks to: Sebastian, TheMarioPianist, WiiMan96, and Latios212*
Users known in real life: BrainyLucario, F. L. U. D. D.

Threads worth viewing:
"E. Gadd's Word of the Day, and Others' Interpretations of Said Word", The Unofficial Mario Kart 8 Project, The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Super Series
The day I registered: 1/30/15

*Also, thanks are owed to him for this idea.

Help! / Swing Issues
« on: November 22, 2015, 03:44:46 AM »
Ok, I'm trying to upload my replacement for Pinna Park, but when I uploaded the .mus as a .xml to MuseScore to turn it into a .pdf and .mid, the "Swing" command disappeared! Well, I guess I should say "Swing!" stayed, but the notation didn't. Can someone show me how to add that??? Or can I send the .xml and they add the notation?? I REALLY need someone's help at the moment. Thanks!

Help! / I'm confused...
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:07:54 PM »
Ok, so a friend of mine is wanting sheet music to "Coconut Mall" from Mario Kart Wii. After doing research, I've seen several requests made for it, but no definite result has been yielded. So I've seen. Has there ever been a finalized version made?

Help! / Which version is correct???
« on: October 11, 2015, 12:11:11 AM »
As a quick arrangement piece, I'm working on "The Manta Storm" from Super Mario Sunshine. Well, I've hit a problem... Which version of the song is correct???
This one?
Or this one?[youtube][/youtube]
I'm primarily focused on the intro, since the rest of the song is practically the same in both versions. Thanks for the help!

f every song on this game, this is my favorite, and I'd like to see it on site. I would arrange it, but I have other projects right now, and I fear I would forget about it by that time. Thanks! :) (By the way, it is Floor 7 in the game, for those who don't know.

Completed by E.Gadd Industries
I am wanting to request that song; it seems very catchy!!

Gaming / Anyone want to team up?
« on: May 08, 2015, 01:10:23 AM »
Hey, oh! I don't know about you, but summer break for me begins May 29th. In my plans, I and my friend are going to arrange several songs, but it is too big of a task to take on by ourselves. Would you like to help? I am experienced in sheet music. PM me if you want to know a few songs we plan to work on! I tried to start earlier, but never got the chance to.... That was because of school. But I'm going to have plenty of time on my hands now!  :D :D :D :D

Gaming / HUGE Mario Kart 7 & 8 Tourney Event
« on: May 06, 2015, 02:21:19 AM »
URGENT!!!!! Hello, everyone! I have set up 3 Mario Kart tourneys, one on 7 and the other two on 8. The one on seven is just a regular 150cc tourney. One on 8 is a 150cc tourney and contains all the tracks, while the other is a 200cc and is strictly DLC tracks. The tourneys will officially last from May 20th of this year until September 1st, although the tourneys don't have an end date. Now, you can't just join these tourneys; you must pay an entry fee. This entry fee of $2 per tourney (or more if you are felt led to give) will go 100% to a group known as WorldVision, and they will use this money entirely to fight global hunger. The reason I say anything on here is because I figure many of you have one or both of the games! Please play my tourneys! My goal is $2500, but I know that it can be surpassed with how many users of both games there are in the world! At the end of this is the link to my page on WorldVision, where you can make the donations. Once you have paid the entry fee (or have questions), email me at:
I will give you the tourney code(s) that you request then. I thank you for even sparing the time to read this! Also, I am SURE you have some friends that have Mario Kart 7 &/or 8, so I am asking you to share this news of the tourneys with them! Share the link as well! I want to get as many people knowlgeable about them as possible! You have social media, text, etc. Use your creativity, and spread the word like wildfire!
Here is the link to my page:

Piano Arrangements / 3 Game Collaboration Project
« on: January 31, 2015, 02:09:31 AM »
Hello peoples! I'm thinking about adding sheets for 3 Mario games:
Super Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart 8
Mario Dance Dance Revolution (I think I got that right)
If anyone wants to assist in my arrangements, PM me; I have several for each game.

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