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This story is basically a generic fantasy story I made up for two kids I was babysitting. I used their real names in the original, but here I'll replace it with forum members. Just for fun.  ;)
Remember, I came up with this on the fly, so there isn't much detail and there are more tropes than you can count. Well, without further ado:

Princess Nebbles, the Dragonslayer

     Once upon a time, in the kingdom of NinSheetLand, there was an old king named Jamaha and his daughter, Princess Nebbles. The king ruled fairly, and taught his daughter the art of politics. The princess was very happy. She loved everything about being a princess. The balls, the dresses, the castle, but most of all, she loved the feasts. They were huge celebrations, with over 20 courses, at least 10 of which were desserts. There were cakes, cookies, ice cream, strudels, crumpets, crepes and more.
     All was well in the kingdom until one day, a huge dragon appeared. BDS's shadow towered over the castle, causing all to flee. Its scales were black as night, with long, curling, slate grey horns. Its teeth were pearly white, but you could see a reddish-orange glow inside from the growing fire in its belly. Its wings stretched across the sky, blotting out the sun. With claws as sharp as knives and as long as a man is tall, no one dared refuse its request.
      "I am BDS. Who dares to oppose me?" (read in Batman voice) Nobody replied.
      "Bring me the princess immediately!" He roared. Though the others were to terrified to moved, Nebbles thought fast. She knew that the kingdom needed her leadership in this time of hardship, and so she came up with a plan. She had a scullery maid dress up in her finest dress, and told her to go out and tell the dragon that she was the princess. The maid obliged, and the dragon took off with the "princess".

And that's all you get for now, I have to go off to lunch. Maybe you'll get some dragon slaying at 4ish. I dunno. Tell me what you think. (Maestro, I'm sorry you aren't in here yet, don't kill me please)  :)