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Google Docs story link
 Chapter 1: The Hunch
I'll go ahead and start the story, If anyone still wants to sign-up, you can.PM ME YOUR CHOICE...

Chapter 1: The Hunch

E. Grill Industries stood behind his bar counter, as usual, and watched as monsters filed into his diner. As always, he spotted his best customer, Sans, at the front of the crowd, but unlike most of the time, he appeared to have someone with him. He watched as the two approached the bar and took a seat in front of him. "hey, e. grill, my friend , waddle brisk, here wants an order of  burg, and I'll have the usual," Sans chuckled. Across the diner, Lesser Braixen was getting ready to play cards by himself, as he normally did. When he went to get his cards from his pocket, he felt nothing but air. The realization struck him that he forgot to take them with him when he left the diner last night. Frantically, he searched the diner for his missing cards, which he soon spotted in the middle of Doggo and Greater Dog's table. In order to retrieve his cards, he would have to interrupt their game. (WHAT SHOULD E. Grill, Lesser Braixen, AND Waddle Brisk DO?)
 E. Grill Choices
1. Hand Sans a bottle of ketchup
2. Give Sans a plate of Fries
 Lesser Braixen Choices
1. Ask Waddle Brisk to retrieve the cards
2. Approach Doggo's table and retrieve the cards
 Waddle Brisk Choices
1. Ask E. Grill for a glass of water
2. Ask Sans about a talking flower

PM ME YOUR CHOICES, E. Gadd, Braxien, and Waddle.

(E. Gadd chose choice 1) (Waddle chose choice 1) (Braixen chose choice 1)

"I'd like a glass of water, as well," Waddle Brisk stated to E. Grill.  E. Grill gave Brisk a ticked off stare and replied," I'd get you it, but i don't really touch the stuff....for obvious reasons." He then rushed through the "fire exit" to fetch the order Sans requested. As E. Grill walked out, Waddle Brisk noticed Lesser Braixen beckon him over to his table. "I'll be right back, Sans," Brisk murmured. "Heh, whatever you say, kid," Sans replied. Waddle Brisk rushed over to Lesser Braixen's table. "Hey Lesser Braixen, what's up?" Brisk asked. "*pant pant pant pant bark bark growl whimper*" Lesser Braixen replied and pointed towards his playing cards. "Oh, you want me to get your playing cards?" (Waddle Brisk's next choice) Meanwhile at the bar, E. Grill returned with Waddle Brisk and Sans's food: an order of Burg for Brisk and a ketchup bottle for Sans. "Thanks E. Grill, this is exactly what I wanted." Sans chuckled and began to chug the entire bottle. (E. Grill's next choice) Suddenly, the diner doors swung open and Undyne and Papyrus entered. Undyne was dragging Papyrus by his leg, as he desperately tried to escape. "BUT I DON'T LIKE IT HERE!!! I CAN'T STAND GREASE!!! I HAVE STANDARDS YOU KNOW!!" Papyrus yelled. "Yeah? And I hate standing out in the cold all day, but you make me do that." Undyne replied. (Undyne's next choice) Outside the bar, Monoco kid watched through a window as Undyne dragged Papyrus across the diner. He desperatly wanted to see his hero, but didn't know how to approach her.(Monoco Kid's next choice)

 Waddle Brisk choices
1. Retrieve the cards yourself
2. Call for Doggo (ask him to hand you the cards)
3. Ask Lesser Braixen why he can't get them
 E. Grill's Choices
1. Turn on the diner's Tv (MTT Channel)
2. Sit down beside Sans
 Undyne Choices
I want my choice to be a complete surprise!
 Monoco Kid Choices
1. Rush in yelling Undyne
2. Casually stroll in and greet Undyne

More characters will come in later. You wanted a continous story , didn't you? POST  YOUR CHOICES IN THIS THREAD, E. Gadd, Waddle, and Oronoco. This will be how the choices are picked from now on.

(Waddle Bro chose choice 3) (E. Gadd chose choice 1) (Oronoco chose choice 1)

E. Grill grabbed the diner's remote and turned the Diner's Tv on. "Cooking With a Killer Robot" was currently being broadcasted and starred the undergrounds very own superstar, MettaYears. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Boy, do I have a show for you today! We have a lot to do so let's not waste any time. Bring out today's special guests!" MettaYears said as he was joined on stage by Noctowey and Burgerzeilants. "Howdy! I'm Noctowey. Noctowey the Flower!" Noctowey cheerfully exclaimed. "Hey boss, why do I have to do this, again?" Burgerzeilants said with a plastered smile on his face. "Because I'll fire you if you don't!" MettaYears cheerfully exclaimed. "Now then, How about we have a cook-off? What dish will you two be preparing?" (MettaYears, Burgerzeilants, and Noctowey's next choice) Meanwhile, across the bar, Brisk and Lesser Braixen were in a fierce arguement. "Why can't you get your own cards? It's not that hard!" Waddle Brisk argued. "Wruff woof bark growl snarl bark growl." Lesser Braixen wolfed. "It's not my fault your too shy to get your own cards. Why are you so freaking scared?" Waddle Brisk bellowed. Undyne noticed the confrontation and quickly rushed over, freeing Papyrus. "FREEDOM!!" Papyrus cackled as he dashed towards the door. Before he could reached It, Sans teleported into the doorway, and stopped his brother. "Hey bro, don't leave yet. You'll miss MettaYear's cooking show." Sans chuckled. "OOOOOH!! A COOKING SHOW!! I COULD LEARN NEW METHODS TO MAKE MY SPAGHETTI EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE!!! I GUESS IT WOULDN'T KILL ME TO STAY UNTIL THE SHOW'S OVER." Papyrus cackled. The two brothers then took a seat at the bar. Undyne had reached Lesser Braixen and Waddle Brisk. "Hey, what are you two punks fighting for?" Undyne questioned. "Lesser Braixens too lazy to get his cards off of Doggo's table." Waddle Brisk furiously replied. All of a sudden the diner door swung open and Monoco Kid came running into the diner. "UNNNNDDDYYYYNNNNEE!!!! YOU'RE MY HERO!!!" Monoco Kid yelled. As he ran towards Undyne, he tripped and landed face first on Doggo's table, flipping it and throwing all of it's contents skywards. "Hey! You ruined our game! I was going to win!" Doggo furiously barked. (Monoco Kid's next choice) As Monoco kid nocked the table over, Lesser Braixen's cards were flung towards Waddle Brisk, Lesser Braixen, and Undyne. (Brisk and Lesser Braixen's Next choice).
 MettaYears Choices
1. Consider cooking "soul food" (if you get what i mean...)
2. Consider cooking a quiche
3. Consider cooking a cake 
 Noctowey choices
1. Consider cooking "friendliness pellets"
2. Consider cooking a cake
3. Consider cooking "soul food"
 Burgerzeilants Choices
1. Cook a Burger
2. Cook a Steak in the Shape of MettaYear's Face.
 Monoco Kid choices
1. Apologies and pick up the table
2. Be like Undyne and act tough.
3. Run to  Undyne and ask her to protect you.
 Lesser Braixen AND Waddle Brisk Choices
1. Attempt to catch the cards.
2. Don't try to get the cards.

Longest section I've written by far. My fingers are numb. I apologize for typo's...
Post your choices in the thread AwesomeYears, Nocturne, Zeila, Oronoco, Braixen, And Waddle.

(Zelia chose choice 2.) (AwesomeYears chose choice 2.) (Nocturne chose choice 1.) (Braixen chose choice 1) (Waddle Bro chose choice 2.) (Oronoco chose choice 3.)

Lesser Braixen leaped for the cards and caught them without any trouble. He then rushed to his table and began playig a game of Go Fish, by his self . "Whatever, I'm starving. I wonder if E. Grill has my food, yet." Waddle Brisk angrily stated. He then saw his plate of burg on the bar counter beside Papyrus and Sans. (YOU DONT HAVE A CHOICE.....YOU WILL PERISH...) Monoco Kid stood in horror as Doggo angrily approached him, barking hysterically. "UNDYNE!!!! HELP!!!" Monoco Kid screamed as he ran towards Undyne. "Hey get back here you little..." Doggo studdered as he saw Undyne standing in his way. "Uhhh...What are doing Doggo?" Undyne questioned."Oh.....uhhh.. Nothing boss! I was just leaving...." Doggo nervously replied as he ran out of the diner. Meanwhile on the tv...."I'll be cooking a quiche." MettaYears stated. "I guess I could cook a steak." Burgerzeilants moaned. "And I can cook my famous "friendliness pellets! Actually, they're already done. Time for the taste test." Noctowey said as Friendliness bullets appeared in the air. "Now....tell me how these taste when you see me in Hell... MWAHHH HAHA HAHAHAHHA urk!" Noctowey's maniacle laugh was cut short as he vanished into a cloud of darkness... "Oh no, not him..." Sans moaned as the darkness began to expand."My hunches are always right...." A mysterious voice stated. Then, the Underground went dark....(Everyone's choice, besides Olimar)
 Everyone but Olimar's choices
2. Scream
3. Run

Brainy Is Gone....I'm the one in control now....(Olimar.....i'm not giving you story control...i'm just adding hype

 Chapter 2: Reality Shatters
(Waddle Bro, Braixen, and AwesomeYears chose choice 3) (Oronoco and Zeila chose choice 1) (E. Gadd chose a custom choice?) (Nocturne failed to make a choice- BrainyLucario assigned choice 1 to his character)

Chapter 2: Reality Shatters

Everyone in the Underground was frozen in place. Not a single monster could move. After several minutes of darkened silence, a strange voice echoed in every monsters head. "Did you all actually think you had a choice? You cannot escape what fate has in store for you. I am the only one who has the power to do this. Did you really think your actions would change how the story unraveled? In the end, you would all still end up here, trapped in this void, with me. Now then, each of you will be tested, and your actions weighed. Even though you didn't effect where the story ended up, your choices did determine your trial, and your choices in this eternal darkness will be what decides your fate. Now then, who should I test first?" O. L. Gastar declared. (O. L. Gastar's next choice)

1. Test E. Grill and Lesser Braixen
2. Test Waddle Brisk
3. Test MettaYears and Burgerzeilants
4. Test Noctowey
5. Test Monoco Kid and Undyne
6. Test Sans

(Olimar12345 chose choice 2)
AUDIO CHAPTER!!!! Play this in a separate tab....only works for computer users....

 Brisk felt something tug at his shirt in the vast darkness. Everywhere he looked, darkness followed. All of a sudden, he felt a wave of cold hit his body. The gust of air ceased to let up, and got stronger and faster as time continued...untill the wind literally swept Brisk off his feet and sent him flying towards the endless abyss of darkness. "AHHHHH!!" Brisk screamed, but nobody could hear him. After what seemed like an eternity, the wind set him down in front of a cloaked figure. "Wh-who...are y-you.." Waddle Brisk stuttered. A voice boomed from the speakers of his phone. "I am O. L. Gastar, the one who was denied his own existence, who is tearing apart reality just to stand before you. You have performed actions that have gone against your own personality, and must pay the price. Your action to not help Lesser Braixen will be your demise. Now, you ignorant child, prepare to face your polar opposite, the eraser of worlds, Chara..." O. L Gastar boomed as he vanished from Brisk's sight. A sinister laugh echoed from the darkness surrounding Brisk. It seemed to come from everywhere. Waddle Brisk began to sweat as a figure approached from the darkness, wielding a knife. The figure raised it's head and a pair of glowing red eyes peered at Waddle Brisk."Hello, Brisk. Surprised to see me?" Chara cackled. "You think you're so special, that you don't have to fight anyone to make it out alive. That, you welp, is where you're wrong. You see, Mercy wont work on me, because I'm too far gone. I have too much LOVE, and will stop at nothing to kill you. You have no chance against me, for even if you choose to fight, and attack me, I'll posses your very being, and you'll never escape my clutches. So what are you gonna do, wimp? Hahaha!" Chara smiled and fiddled with her knife. (Brisk's next choice) (O. L. Gastar's next choice)

 Waddle Brisk choice
1. Scream
2. Flee
3. Fight
4. Mercy
 O. L. Gastar Choice
1. Test E. Grill and Lesser Braixen
2. Test MettaYears and Burgerzeilants
3. Test Undyne and Monoco Kid
4. Test Sans and Noctowey

( Waddle Brisk Chose Choice 3) (O. L. Gastar Chose Choice 3)
AUDIO CHAPTER!!!! Play this in a separate tab....only works for computer users....

Waddle Brisk laughed mockingly at Chara. "You think I'm afraid of you? Your not some immortal demon, you're a human like me, and I wont lose to someone like you!" Waddle Brisk mocked and equipped the stick from his inventory. "You idiot! Your soul is mine! HAHAHAHAHA!" Chara bellowed as Brisk charged at her, swinging the stick psychotically. Chara began to hover in the air, glowing a faint shade of red. Brisk stared in horror as a demonic laugh filled the air, torturing his eardrums. Brisk screamed in agony as Chara began to hover towards him with her head cocked to the left. Brisk felt death close in on him, but for some reason, he began to think of his friends. What would they do without me? What Would Chara do to them if she used me? They would all die because of me.....because Waddle Brisk thought. Suddenly memories started flooding his mind. He thought of Toriel, and how she treated him as her own child. He thought of Papyrus's calls and how he tried to help him escape from Undyne, even though he failed at that...he still tried. He thought of Undyne, Sans and Alphys, and how they were there for him until the end. He knew that he needed to stay alive, and as Chara began to try and posses Brisk, he smiled. "You're not going to posses me. I wont let you!" Brisk said as he began to walk towards Chara. The demonic being raised her head in shock. "Wh-why isn't this working? You're supposed to be under my control! I command you to stop!" Chara screamed. Brisk continued to approach Chara, wielding his stick. As he reached his destination, Chara attempted to stab Brisk with her knife, but Brisk knocked it out of her hands with his stick. "Don't you get it? You can't beat someone with my level of Determination. Sweet Dreams, you sick, twisted freak." Brisk said. He swung the stick with all his might and knocked Chara out of the air. As the stick connected with Chara's face, it snapped in half, breaking from the force of the blow. Chara was knocked out instantly, and fell to the ground with a thud. Brisk stared at the unconscious Chara with a feeling of triumph. He had passed the test. Chara started to fade away as a bright light began to take her place. Brisk shielded his eyes as the light grew brighter and brighter until a door made of light appeared in front of him. Without questioning anything, Waddle Brisk approached the door, and entered.


Monoco Kid stood completely still, for his body was frozen in place. "Undyne! WHERE ARE YOU!" He screamed. "Will you stop screaming! I'm standing right here!" Undyne roared. Monoco Kid gave a sigh of relief, as a strange breeze began to form. The breeze grew stronger and stronger, Until Monoco Kid and Undyne were swept away. Monoco Kid panicked as he was sent flying through the endless abyss of darkness. In a moment of pure panic, Monoco Kid opened his mouth and bit down on something he felt touch his face. "OW!!! THAT'S MY HAND!!!" Undyne yelled as Monoco Kid continued to bite it. The wind suddenly stopped and Undyne and Monoco Kid were thrown to the darkness that acted as the ground below them. Monoco Kid slowly rose to find a cloaked figure in front of him and Undyne. "Undyne! Who is that! Protect me!" Monoco Kid screamed and rushed behind Undyne, who had managed to stand up as well. A voice boomed from the figure in front of them. "I and Dr. O. L. Gastar, a being beyond your comprehension, a being that was denied his own existence, a being that has lost everything important to him. You're actions at E. Grill's, though they may have appeared to be insignificant, have decided your fate, little one. You and Undyne will be tested to decide your fates, and the test has been decided by your actions, Monoco Kid. Your reliance on Undyne has shown just how reliant on others you are. That is why, you will be facing two opponents in this test. Who are these opponents you ask? Why, you're staring at one of them right now, for I am one of your opponents, hahaha! I've also acquired a little back-up just in case you actually manage to defeat me, this backup goes by the name of Noctowey, and I'm sure he'll love to kill you just as much as I will. Let's have him join us." O. L. Gastar declared as Noctowey appeared from the darkness. "Hey! Where am I? Who's the idiot that foiled my plan!!" Noctowey screamed as he caught sight of Gastar. "P-p-please don't kill me! I'll do anything you want!" Noctowey pleaded. Gastar smiled and said, "Help me kill this child and I wont kill" Noctowey turned around and saw Undyne and Monoco Kid standing in the darkness. He gave an evil smile and said, "Deal!" Gastar began to laugh as he absorbed Undyne  in the darkness. Monoco Kid watched in horror, as his hero disappeared into the surrounding darkness. "Did you think I would let Undyne help you? The only way she makes it out alive is if you manage to beat us. So come on! Show us what you've got." (O. L. Gastar, Noctowey, and Monoco kid's next choice)

 Monoco Kid Choices
1. Run
2. Fight
3. Plead
4. Cry
 O. L. Gastar's next choice
1. Fight
2. Let Noctowey take him
 Noctowey choices
1. Cooperate With Gastar
2. Attack Gastar

(Oronoco chose choice 2) (Olimar12345 chose choice 2) (NocturneOfShadow chose choice 2)

Play the previous audio clip if you want, it doesn't really matter since it's just for effect.

Gastar sensed something was wrong, for he could feel the aura of betrayal in the air. He wasn't going to let some Flower ruin his revenge. "On second thought, I shouldn't waste my energy on the likes of you. This flower could easily defeat you without my help. Ciao." Gastar cackled as he began to disappear into the darkness. Noctowey narrowed his eyes as he watched Gastar begin to leave. Just before Gastar vanished into the darkness, vines sprung from the ground in front of him, trapping and encasing the being in a cage of greenery. "Where do you think your going? I'm not done with you yet. If you thought for one second that I was ever on your side, then your the biggest idiot that doesn't exist, hahahahaha!" Noctowey maniacally laughed. Gastar looked around at his enclosure and smiled. "Heh, you're right about one thing, Noctowey. I don't exist, at least not in reality. And due to my non-existance, the laws of reality don't apply to me, therefore, you can't defeat me. Did you actually think that I could be contained? If you did, then you're the real idiot." Gastar declared. He proceeded to phase through the vines that enclosed him, laughing hysterically. "WHY YOU...." Noctowey began as he was kicked by Monoco Kid, who was running full force towards Gastar. "GIVE ME BACK, UNDYNE!!!!!" Monoco Kid screamed as he lunged for Gastar's face with his mouth open wide. Gastar watched with confusion as Monoco Kid soared through the air towards him, only realizing what was happening after it was already too late. Monoco kid chomped on Gastar's face with all of his might, causing Gastar to yell in agony. Gastar attempted to pull Monoco Kid off of his face, but was unsuccessful. "AHHH! GET OFF MY FACE! THAT"S IT! I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU, I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN DEAL WITH A BRAT LIKE YOU!" Gastar bellowed and disappeared without a trace.

Noctowey watched in horror as Monoco Kid began to fall towards the ground where he was planted, and quickly disappeared into the black soil. Monoco Kid groaned as he attempted to stand up. Once he got to his feet, he noticed a bright light appear where Gastar used to be. He watched as the light grew brighter and bigger until it formed a door made of light. Monoco Kid searched the darkness around him for Undyne, but was unsuccessful in his search. With tears in his eyes, he slowly entered the door, alone..... Moments after Monoco Kid had entered the door, the darkness began to shift, as a fish-like figure began to appear from it. Undyne gasped as she was ejected from the darkness and began to cough uncontrollably. "Hey! Where'd that kid go?" Undyne questioned as she caught sight of the door of light. Without a second though or another word, she entered the door. A shout of joy could be heard from the other side.

E. Grill saw nothing but darkness, and when you're literally made of fire, that's not a good thing. He could still feel the bar counter in front of him and could still hear the sound of a dog whimpering.He slowly pushed his glass of gasoline setting on the bar away from him, and headed in the direction of the noise. After a few seconds of complete darkness, E. Grill reached the source of the cries. Lesser Braixen was cowering under a table, emitting yelps of fright. Lesser Braixen noticed E. Grill staring down at him, and immediately bolted towards him. He attempted to hug E. Grill, but yelped in pain as E. Grill burnt Lesser Braix on contact. Lesser Braixen gave E.Grill a cold stare and E. Grill replied back with  a casual shrug. It wasn't his fault that he was made of fire, anyway. All of a sudden, an eerie laugh began to originate from the surrounding darkness, as a figure appeared from the darkness. THe figure's face appeared to be bleeding, only the blood running down it's face wasn't red, it was as black as the darkness that surrounded it. "Greetings," The being declared. "My name is O. L. Gastar, a being who was denied his own existance, who knows your past, present, and future. You two, while not really effecting the outcome of many events, have made decisions that will effect your trial. For your actions. Each of you will face an opponent. E. Grill, you shall face a monster you know, very well. A monster that you can only see if you look in a mirror. Have you figured it out yet? You will be facing none other than, yourself." As Gastar spoke these words, a blue figure approached from the darkness. He looked exactly like E. Grill, only he ws made of blue fire, not orange. The other E. Grill rolled up his sleeves and cracked his knuckles. It was time for a bar fight...( E. Grill's next choice) Gastar turned to Lesser Braixen and contorted his bleeding face into a smile. "As for you, I have a special enemy for you to fight. An enemy whose existance is as questionable as my own. He may resemble someone you've come to know, but believe me, he's nothing like the one you know. Let me introduce to you....Error Sans." Gastar declared. Lesser Braixen's fur began to stand on it's ends as the air slowly acquired a negative charge. A figure began to approach from the darkness behind Gastar, and as the being came into view, he appeared to blend into the darkness. His eyesockets were as red as blood, and his blue pupil seemed to disappear occasionally into his blood-like eyesockets. He plastered a constant smile onto his face and grinned from cheek to cheek with dull, yellow teeth. Blue lines appeared to be streaming down from the seas of blood he just so happened to call his eyes, and ran down his cheeks like a festive looking face-paint. The hood of his solid black jacket was decorated with a blue fur lining and two pale, yellow laces hung from his hood. He sported a red T-shirt under his jacket and wore a pair of black sports shorts that had two blue lines going vertically across them, one on each short leg. His hands were as black as the darkness that surrounded Lesser Braixen, and each finger was decorated with varying stripes of yellow, blue, and red. Blue beams appeared to shoot from his finger tips, and various sections of his body were blocked out by the word ERROR. His legs were crimson-red, and his feet bore black sneakers with red, blue , and yellow design details. IF THAT"S STILL NOT ENOUGH DETAIL FOR YOU, JUST LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.
"H-Heeeyy there-there buddy! I'm sorry-sorry to tell you thi-this, bu-bu-but !EMIT DAB YLLAER A EVAH OT TUOBA RUOY !GOD DIPUTS UOY ,SREYARP RUOY YAS AHAHAHAH!" Error Sans glitched. (Lesser Braixen and O.L. Gastar's next choice.)

 E. Grill Choices
1. Roll Up your sleeves and Fight!
2. Offer him a drink.
3. Compliment him on his looks.
4. Ask him if he wants to preform a face swap on UnderSnap (UT SnapChat.)
 Lesser Braixen's Choices
1. Bite Error Sans's legs.
2. Attack Error Sans with your sword and Shield
3, Panic and run away.
4. Sit there and stare into space
 O. L. Gastar Choices
1.Test MettaYears and Burgerzeilants.
2. Watch E. Grill's and Lesser Braixen's fights.

(E. Gadd chose choice 1) (Braixen chose choice 3) (Olimar12345 chose choice 1)

E. Grill watched as his duplicate pounded his fists together. E. Gadd casually laughed an  rolled up his sleeves. "We're closed....but since you look famished, I'll serve you a knuckle sandwich, on the house!" E. Gadd roared as he began to turn a fiece red color.

The two E. Grills rushed towards each other and collided, forming a sphere of fire around the two and throwing the two away from one another. The fire sphere was so intense that it lit up the darkness surrounding them. E. Grill looked around in astonishment and saw that they were currently in Waterfall, despite being inside E. Grill's diner just moments prior to their confrontation with O. L. Gastar. He lgasped as he saw a lake of water directly behind him, his feet almost came into contact with the lake's water. E. Grill turned back around and saw his duplicate start to rush towards him for a second time as an idea popped into E. Grill's fiery mind. Without a second though, E. Grill pointed his palms at the ground in front of him and shot out a blast of fire from his hands. The blast was so intense that it lifted E. Grill of the ground and sent him flying across the lake of water. As he was sent flying backwards across the lake, he saw his duplicate run towards the lake and shoot a blast of blue flames at the ground behind him, which sent him flying towards E. Grill. As E. Grill watched his duplicate chase him across the lake of water, he laughed and halted the stream of fire, flowing from his palms. As he fell towards the lake, he aimed his palm towards the blue E. Grill and fired a stream of fire at him. The blue E. Grill gasped as he halted the stream of blue flames jetting from his hands, causing him to plummet towards the lake below him. He began to laugh as he saw E. Grill's fire blast fly past him. "Haha! You missed m-" the Blue E. Gadd was cut off as he fell directly into the lake. He let out a short scream of agony as the water extimguished him instantly, leaving only a wet tuxedo and a pair of glasses floating in the water, before they began to sink towards the bottom. E. Grill gave a sigh of relieve before realizing the he was falling as well. He closed his eyes and prepared to hit the water he assumed was below him. Instead of water, E. Grill hit the ground on the other side of the lake with a thud. Shocked, he slowly tried to stand up, and managed to get to his feet after several attempts. The sphere of fire was still illumiating the darkness around him as he frantically looked for lesser Braixen. He spotted the dog with a being that resembled a monster he knew very well. His eyes filled with anger as he saw the figure start to approach Lesser Dog, and began walking over to confront the being that resembled Sans

Lesser Braixen trembled as Error Sans began to walk towards him, causing the darkness to bend around the two. Unable to cope with the fear that plagued him, Lesser Braixen yelped and started to run away from Error Sans. "HA-H-Ha! THAT'S Rig- I KNEW-KNEW-KNeW YOu WEr- CoW$rD! NO 0?e can St@p ME! AHAHAH!" Error Sans laughed. He attempted to chase Lesser Braixen, but was tripped by E. Grill's leg, for he had reached Error Sans while the being was busy gloating. As Error Sans fell forward, E. Grill Grabbed Error Sans by his eyesocket, causing his hand to glitch slightly. Unable to escape, Error Sans watched as E. Grill began to shake uncontrollably with anger. " MY FRIEND, SANS, WOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO ATTACK A MONSTER! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE HIM, YOU FREAK SHOW! DIIIEEE!!" E. Grill shouted and sent a constant stream of fire directly into Error Sans's red eyesocket. The flames engulfed Error Sans's skull as he screamed in pain. E. Grill laughed as he watched the demon melt into a puddle of black liquid. Clenching his fists, E. Grill smiled and said, "Get dunked on, you skeletal freak." Lesser Braixen ran towards E. Grill, but stopped right before he attempted to tackle him, not wanting another burn like last time. The pair smiled at each other as a beam of light appeared from the melted Error Sans. The beam shined brighter and brighter as E. Grill and Lesser Braixen Shielded their eyes. The beam began to dim and left a door made of light behind. With no where else to go, the pair slowly approached the door and slowly entered.

MettaYears dashed through the darkness as fast as he could, with BurgerZeilants not far behind him. "Hey, Boss! Wait up! Where are you going?" Burgerzeilants wheezed, clearly not used to running this much. MettaYears suddenly stopped and turned towards Burgerzeilants,"I have to get  out of this this place! I can't let my fans down! The show must continue!" Burgerzeilants jumped into MettaYears arms as a sinister laughed echoed around them. A figure approached from the darkness, who's face was drenched with blood. "Greetings, you incompetent fools, I am Dr. O. L. Gastar, a god of space and time. I am here to test you two in order to determine how worthy you are to live. Fail my test and you die. Got it? If not, TOO BAD! You two will work as a team to defeat a creature who's as mad and crazy as I am. Prepare to die by the hands of Mad Dummy!" Gastar declared and dissapeared without a trace. Directly where Gastar stood, a dummy was hovering from side to side in the air. "Hello MettaYears, Remember me? Or are you too good for ghosts like me now? You haven't came to visit me and Nabstablook even once since you became a star. Now prepare to get what you deserve!" Mad Dummy crazily rambled. (MettaYears and BurgerZeilants next choice)

MettaYears Choice
1. Tell Burgerzeilants to flip the switch on your back
2. Sing to Mad Dummy
3. Quiz Mad Dummy
Burgerzeilants Choice
1. Fling Glamburgers at Mad Dummy
2.Cower Behind MettaYears
3. Taunt Mad Dummy


So I've decided to create a little interactive Undertale story on NSM. This story could go a couple different ways depending on what the community wants to do. I'm always going to be the one that writes the story, but when your character is given an important choice, You get to decide their actions. This story could be an interactive story where the member's who sign up to play the role of certain characters decides what they want their character (not another person's character) to do via the thread or by PM. The story could either be one continuous story with the reader's point of view changing between characters each chapter, or we could have mini-stories that focuses on one character per story.
List of characters and which NSM member controls them
Character list
1. Frisk= Waddle Bro (Waddle Brisk)
2. Papyrus=
3. Sans=
4. Toriel=
5. Flowey= NocturneOfShadow (Noctowey)
6. Temmie=
7. Chara=  Chara  (Chara) Told to me via irl
8. Asgore=
9. Mettaton= AwesomeYears ( MettaYears)
10. Undyne=
11. Alphys=
12. Napstablook=
13. Burgerpants= Zeila ( Burgerzeilants) <-i tried
14. Bratty=
15. Catty=
16. Monster kid=Oronoco (Monoco Kid)
17. Muffet=
18. W. D. Gaster?= Olimar12345 (O. L. Gastar)
19. Grillby= E. Gadd Industries  (E. Grill Industries or just E. Grill)
20. Lesser Dog= Braixen1264  (Lesser Braixen)
21. Onion-San=
22. Jerry=
*not: not all roles have to be filled. This is just to decide on the user controlled characters

With that said. If you want to sign up. Answer these questions and post hem in the thread:

A. What character would you like to have control over? (Make sure someone's not already claimed that character. If your character's not listed, I'll add them in)

B. Would you like the story to be one continuous story or several short stories?

C (Optional). Do you have any suggestions for the story?

You can sign up at any point..just make sure you catch up on the story

PC / Five Night's at Freddy's (FNAF)
« on: January 29, 2016, 05:39:40 PM »
It's come to my attention that this forum has never been given a FNAF topic. I feel like this is the topic this forum needs so that fans of the game can have a place to talk about stuff like: the upcoming movie, the books, the games, and if they wanted to...even the merchandise. If anyone has an interesting theory for the games lore, feel free to share it! It's always nice to see someone's ideas about the lore.

FNaF World Website:

Scott Cawthon's Website:

Request / [DC] Jet Set Radio - "Funky Radio"
« on: January 26, 2016, 08:22:40 PM »
Would love to have this arranged. I'm surprised there is not more Jet Set Radio songs on the site

Off-Topic / I need my avatar to be in a pixelated form
« on: January 25, 2016, 08:22:57 AM »
I've been meaning to ask someone on the site if they would ,possibly be able to pixelize the Lucario in my avatar, I don't have the tools required to do this and I really like pixelized things.

Feedback / BrainyLucario used Heal Pulse....It's Super Effective...
« on: January 15, 2016, 02:46:16 PM »
I have to hand It to everyone on this site...they know how to make a new member feel welcome. I wanted to make a topic in order to thank everyone I've ever had the honor of talking to on the site! I'm not leaving the site anytime soon, I just needed to say thanks!

Yug_Guy-this guy right here, is one of the major reasons why I started to post on the forums, again. He's ben very helpful in helping me figure out how to transcribe sheet music. His Undertale project helped me realize how awesome it would be to transcribe for this site. Here's to Yug_Guy, a guy with a heart as big as his mustache!

Olimar12345-Olimar, where do I start with you? I owe a lot to you ever since you helped me finish Splattack! and as much as I mess up and cause problems, you still put up with me. Your a good guy who, despite being intimidating, isn't afraid to crack a joke every now and then. You also really helped me get through my week of being banned. I was extremely frustrated, but you were a person I could talk to who didn't fully accuse me of making an alternate account. Thanks so much.

Dudeman-or should I say, JOOOOOOOHHHHHNNNN CEEEEENNNNAA! haha! I'm messing with you. Dudeman, you've been a major help to me on the site. Your post's always seem to make me laugh, and you never pass up an opportunity to make a sarcastic comment, and that's amazing.Your feedback on my art made me feel even more determined to actually finish it. You have great taste in games, as well!

Latios212-I don't know how you do it, but you always seem to find a way to cheer people up. You're always in a happy mood whenever you post, and your mood's contagious! You're also an excellent host for the arrangement project!

Tobbeh99- I really appreciated your help with the glissando trouble I had with Splattack!. It was really confusing to me but you showed me how i should have looked. This taught me a lot, and has really helped me with my other arrangements!

NocturnOfShadow You may insult a game that I enjoy tremendously, but you also have helped me make my sheet music better, in more ways than one. Your advice on Dogsong (DOV) helped me fix a bunch of the mistakes present in my sheets. You also make the site a lot more interesting with your crazy actions! Your spider-man cup story also put me in a good mood for the rest of that day!

Nebbles-Your Undertale topic has made me feel right at home here on NSM, and has showed me just how many NSM members actually enjoy the game! You're always here to help people out who want to try the game and need advice, which is very kind of you.

E. Gadd Industries-You saw this one coming, didn't you? E. Gadd and I are friends irl, so naturally, he introduced me to NSM. I never intended to ever be a part of this site, but with his encouragement, I started posting. He's the sole reason I'm on this site today. He's always there to help me, as well, and I'm there to help him whenever he needs it.

Braixen1264- You are an incredible artist, and I really apreciate your feedback on my art. I may not be incredible at drawing, but the feedback you give me really motivates me to improve even more!

Magic Mole- you created an amazing avater pixelation for me! I really appreciated that. You also share a love for the same sport as me as well! It was really kind of you to include 3 different levels of pixelation for me, even though you could have only done one!

Oronoco- You bring an aura of kindness with you all the time. The topics you post in seem to be a bit more cheerful than before. It honestly surprised me when you actually thanked me for notifying you via PM that you had a choice in my story. I was not expecting anyone to thank me, but when you did, it made me feel appreciated.

Bespinben-I've always been a fan of your sheets, long before I was ever called BrainyLucario. You know just what to say to solve an argument like the one in The Introductions thread. I always like reading your posts, for they can be really goofy, and also extremely serious. Even in the skype chat, you make me laugh! (hehe..the God of HyperDoughnut!)

Art / BrainyLucario's Artz..
« on: January 13, 2016, 04:43:58 PM »
Welcome to my art thread...where I attempt to make semi decent art. Don't expect piccaso-level quality though...
I've wanted to get in the habit of sketching drawings of characters from my favorite games... LET THE ART COMMENCE!!!!
Braixen and Lucario

I took down a lot of those pictures since they kind of embarrassed me considering how much I've improved

New Generation Art

Steven Universe:
Lapis Lazuli

Request / [MUL] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- "Juggernog Theme"
« on: January 12, 2016, 01:58:39 AM »
I know that Call of Duty songs have a very slim chance of being arranged when they are requests... but I believe that a lot of people actually want this song to be arranged...any takers?

Piano Arrangements / BrainyLucario's Arrangement Aura (Sonic Forces)
« on: December 30, 2015, 01:08:44 AM »
Hey everyone! Welcome to my arrangement thread! Here you can find all my arrangements that I'm currently working on, as well as the one's that I've completed! Feel free to leave feedback!

"Splattack!" [co-arranged by Olimar12345]-(ON SITE!!!)
Youtube video

Youtube video

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse-
You Found an Item! -  Accepted

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon- Sticky Situation- Accepted

Night in the Woods- Gregg's Woods- Not submitted yet
My Youtube Video

Doki Doki Literature Club- Okay Everyone (Natsuki)-

Sonic Forces- Fist Bump (Piano Version)

~Stats~ (Inspired by Latios212)

First arrangement: "Undertale" (Undertale) (12/8/2015)
Latest arrangement: "A Mysterious Giant Bird Attacks" (TLOZ: The Wind Waker) (2/11/2018)
Shortest arrangement: "Poniko's Room (Lights On)" (Yume Nikki) (4 measures)
Longest arrangement: "Undertale" (Undertale) (~6:00)
Arrangements on this thread:
Arrangements on site: 4
Total sheet replacements: 0
Threads worth checking out:
My Art Thread

Officially collaborated with: Olimar12345
Special thanks to: E. Gadd Industries, Sebastian

This is the list in its fullest form under the extent of the given spaghetti law. (NYEH HEH HEH!) Any violation of said spaghetti law (NYEH HEH HEH!) will prohibit any and all spaghetti consumption in any form, until this law is repasta’d™ , where it will become [null] and void for any violators. Any violation of the punishment will result in immediate deportation to the 77th Plane of Oblivion™. This law has been in effect since 4/7/50237 BC .     © E. Gadd Industries~2015   ©BrainyLucario~2015

Sony / Sonic '06.....Worst game ever made?
« on: December 23, 2015, 09:44:18 PM »
So I always heard that sonic '06 is a terrible game.... but when I played it recently i honestly didn't think it was too bad. I mean Eggman looked really weird, but other than that, I found it to be an OK game. So what's with all the hate?

Help! / Notepad General Questions and Problems
« on: December 22, 2015, 07:38:10 PM »
This topic is for Finale Notepad users who have a question about Notepad's limitations. If you can't figure out how to do something in Notepad, like adding a copyright symbol, or have any questions concerning notepad. Feel free to Comment with your issue and other users can tell you how to fix it.

Help! / Star System Questions
« on: December 17, 2015, 02:39:49 PM »
Hey, so I recently just got a star even though I have yet to submit any sheet music to the site. This really confuses me and I wanted to know if anyone knew how this system works. I think I might have gotten the star for my Undertale song that I am currently working on, and even linked the work in progress on the UNOFFICIAL Undertale Arrangement Project. Could that be how I got my second star?

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