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Hi. Holy crap, you improved a lot (from the last time I've heard you).
That's good to hear! (i always worry about not improving)

City Central reminds me of a sonic level, and it sounds perfect imo.
Thanks! I'm not really familiar enough with sonic music (at least, older sonic music anyway) but I can hear that.

The jazz song reminds me of Banjo Kazooie (even though I've never played it lol) and it's just so happy.
Grant Kirkhope will always be one of my larger influences, though this particular piece is also fused heavily with J-Pop (more than Kirkhope's style). The last section becoming so cheery was a bit unintentional but I really liked how it ended up.

You mentioned being graded on these? I probably missed some information from earlier :P
Nah it's just that I got my final result for music class. Because they only give the total mark of all the components I'll never know what I got for the composition itself (it was also just Jazz Overworld that got marked).

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Cashwarrior1's Music *New* Electronic Music?
« on: January 02, 2019, 07:47:41 AM »
Hi, I haven't posted in forever,
Hey yeah, it's been a while. Nice to see you around!

and I will continue to not post in forever.

I created a drum and bass song and I wanted to know your guys's thoughts on it. Listen to it here.
Ooh this is really cool! I always really look up to cool synth works like this (I find them very challenging to make). The name really suits the piece, with the techno drive and all that. All the funky chord work and cool basslines are really well done, so I don't have much criticism to give, really. Personally I find the snare to be a bit small in the mix, though for this piece it also seems to work how it is now. Either way, really nice work and glad to see you around again.

i only got 84% for music and i'm mildly disappointed

Original Compositions:
Rainforest - Jazz Overworld ("CD" Arrange Ver.): WAV

Anyway, I got my high school results back, meaning it's time to post what I made for the composition elective. I had to rush this, the manuscript, and a journal-esque composition portfolio in two weeks so I probably could've made some better decisions with this arrangement.
Yes, arrangement. It's a remix of a composition I have lying around, intended for some stupid game my friends and I were jokingly developing. Obviously, it was intended for a rainforest environment, but I pulled my usual remixing style and made something that sounded a bit different to show off instruments and jazz work.
I don't know what mark I actually got for this lol. The composition aspect was just part of it, and I only received my overall mark (at least, for the moment).

also that name is something i decided to call it just then and was not the name i submitted. it's only a "cd" arrangement in the sense that it's the kind of remix that would appear in an official soundtrack as a bonus track

Site News / Re: Update, Tuesday 11th of December 2018
« on: December 11, 2018, 03:34:35 AM »
Silly Brit, it's still December 10th across the Atlantic!
whats ur point

Fear not, for this is... already on the site.

Found in the Super Smash Bros. section, under the name "Main Theme (Piano)".

Shouldn't we be allowed multiple nominations for each category?
^ this. There were some superlatives last year that didn't have enough nominations to where they only had two nominees and I think we can avoid that a bit this year.

Forum Games / Re: THE Sixth NinSheetMusic Superlatives!
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:48:01 PM »
yeah and the thanos snap is just a luck thing, with around half of us being able to survive that

also a smash 5 meme is fitting right about now

Piano Arrangements / Re: Unofficial Deltarune Arrangement Thread
« on: November 16, 2018, 10:34:00 PM »
Apologies for the double-post, but here's something no one asked for:

 - Dogcheck / Room of Dog: FOLDER

Yes, this is actual music in the game which plays when you mess with the save file to put yourself in a room that doesn't exist. Undertale had the same thing, but the music that plays in Deltarune is much more notable.

Piano Arrangements / Re: Unofficial Deltarune Arrangement Thread
« on: November 16, 2018, 12:45:33 PM »
 - Field of Hopes and Dreams: FOLDER

for the sake of completeness this is now here too

Did you get duped, or are you trying to dupe us?
No idea what you're talking about, but yes.
ha! goteem... i think..?

-I think in bars 45-52 the right hand would be better just in bass clef rather than 8vb treble (which is pretty non-standard.)
The problem is how the sax ranges from D near Low-C to Bb near High-C. With either just a bass clef or treble clef, you're getting 4 leger lines. I don't like using an 8vb on a treble clef either, but it looks much better than other options (that aren't literally using an alto clef lol).

-The simplified LH is fine in most places, but there are a some moments that I feel would benefit from including the bass movement from the original.  The bit that caught my attention was bars 33-38 but there may be others.
Around that phrase the LH I put is rhythmically the same (nearly), though I guess I could play around with the pitches a bit. It'd add more learning time, but the effect might be worth it.

-The difference in the original between bars 1-8 and is quite striking and I feel like it might be better to have p -> mf instead of mp -> mf just to make that difference a little bit more noticeable.
At the start it's just an EQ filter over the piano (I think), but I was debating this and really, I agree. Changed.

-Is the optional LH at the end a creation of your own?  I'm not hearing it anywhere in the original.  I'm interested to know your reasoning for including it, but that doesn't mean I think it's an issue (just curious :P).
I made it up purely because the actual LH part is so difficult (but I didn't want to butcher it in a simplification). I could toss around different ideas if people want me to.

(Oh and could you post some links in the arrangement thread for completeness? :P)
Yeah I probably should've done that earlier (thanks for reminding me actually!).


Sounds much better with pedal. This is probably the first case where I playtested the sheet fully before finalising it.


 - Polka stuff usually has chords on the offbeats, and that is in fact the case here, as played by the accordion (and sometimes trombones). Your arrangement is just comprised of single notes for that part and it's a little underwhelming.
 - There's also a bunch of harmonies wrong here and there but I'm not going to go through that on the forums because that's super tedious (so I DM'd you on Discord lol).
 - The tempo marking is too close to the notes.
 - There's also a lot of squished in stuff that could be remedied by shrinking the staff sizes (and maybe spreading everything differently).

I noticed that the PDF has some unsightly large vertical margins... particularly at the top of the page. The MUSX looks fine though, so I'm not sure how it happened.
That's because I printed it in A4, despite Finale being in US Letter.

(For some extra nitpickiness, the tempo marking could be a little higher above the notes and the composer and arranger lines could be a little closer together.)
lol why not

Files adjusted.

Glissando looks good!

  • m60 beat 3 could still use a grace note.
oops. fixed

  • I think the beginning chords are good, not so sure about the ending ones. I'm not hearing an A in the right hand, but instead a high B and a low C like so:

  • Now of course, most hands can't reach that far. So you can decide how you want to write these chords here.
Ah ok, thanks. I just removed the lower E, making it a playable 10th (the whole chord is pretty much impossible to play as it is).

  • I know you said you probably wouldn't be convinced, but I'd be very strongly in favor of taking the LH part in m49-50 and copying it to m51-52 too. The half notes in the LH don't add much, in my opinion, considering that the right hand is already playing the chords. I just think getting rid of the funky rhythm for a whole measure and a half kills the mood of the piece.
I get that, but remember that the funky rhythm is also an absolute hand-killer, and having at least one break is nice.

Files updated.

"Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days."

hoo boy

Original Compositions:
 - City Central: WAV

I've done a lot of things either released elsewhere or not at all, which hopefully has made a difference to the quality of my music since however long ago I used to consistently post these. Whatever the case is, it's been a while, and I want to post something new.

It's not like I spent the whole year working on this or anything. I just had a framework lying around (as I always do) and threw it around until this came out. The framework existed and had a purpose that long ago too actually, but I didn't have enough time (or the skill) to complete it. Here it is now. The theme for the city level in some silly game my friends were planning.

Also amusing related to how far back this goes is that soon after I made the frame over a year ago, I stated to be surprised about it being 1:50, like that's an incredible length or something. It repeats phrases a bunch anyway.

idk it's late and i'm tired so i'm just writing this all up without thinking lol

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