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Help! / Need help touching up an arrangement of Drought from Pokemon RSE
« on: December 04, 2015, 02:16:31 AM »
Here's a Drive link to a .musx of it:
Let me know if you need anything else.

Ok so I wanted to try to arrange something that I couldn't find. I'm not very good and drought seemed kinda easy. Here's a link to the song if you want: I'm pretty happy with what I've done considering me, but there are just some things that I can't work out. I'd submit it but it's not good enough yet.

I should probably say also that I play trumpet (I've been getting the .mus files and transposing them in Finale) so I don't know about like, left hand, sustain pedals, all of that. I just did the notes, some articulation; if you know piano which I feel like a lot of you do (I'm going to learn soon) I'd appreciate if you could help me with that.

    1. Formatting the information. I know that I have to bold the title and make some text bold and some not and some 12 pt and some 10pt... I'm somewhat new to Finale so I don't know how to go about changing these things. I also just don't know who composed it and what copyright year.
    2. The notes could be off a little. I don't know chords, if there are any, what octave the bottom staff should be, should there be a 15mb? I don't know that. Some of the triplets might also be better suited as better notes.
    3. Measure 25 onward. Kinda with #2 but its extra ehh. I hear a difference between the prior rhythm and this. I slowed it down on YouTube and I believe I heard a reverb almost. At full speed knowing this I heard it a little bit. Either way I couldn't get what I wanted out of it.
    4. Key signature. I have no idea. I just wrote it in a regular key and did accidentals when I saw fit and now when I try to add a key signature it just ruins everything. I don't even know what key it would be.
    5. Might fit on only 2 pages. The Dragonspiral Tower arrangement is a little smaller than everything else. I have no idea how to do that.
    6. There are probably other things. I kinda just suck at this  :-\

I'm not quite sure how this would work out but, If I submit this with your edit we could make the arranged text like: "Arranged by Guy_92 (Edit by XXX)". I appreciate if you can do anything to help!

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