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I feel like this re-writing business is about to get a little harder... :-\

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[NES] Mega Man 3 - "Stage Start"


(Original for anyone that cares)

Hoo boy... Mega Man 3. Where do I begin? I think the game's phenomenal, if that's where you think I'm heading, but I'm not. I'm talking about our coverage of the game on-site; while many of its songs are arranged, a good number of them are not in great shape, those sheets being made by Commander6. That name, in case you weren't aware, is a bit infamous around here, because many of this arranger's sheets need replacing. But you know what? I believe that their contributions to the Mega Man classic series are honestly not that bad.

This game's OST is difficult to arrange for, but even so, the arrangements by Commander6 are decently solid in terms of both accuracy and playability, generally speaking. In my opinion, it's just the presentation/formatting that makes them appear worse than they are, and probably the reason people claim they need replacing, but don't actually step up and do it themselves. Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to replace several of those sheets before my time on NSM is through, but please, show respect for the person behind them! They still have forty-six sheets in the Mega Man section, and that's not even counting the ones later arrangers have, shall I say, "taken care of". If you ask me, we owe a lot of thanks to them for their work on not just this section, but on the rest of the site's collection, too.

So what's next for Mega Man 3? Well, I have unfinished takes on "Needle Man Stage", "Spark Man Stage", and "Dr. Wily Stage Boss" from a long time ago, but there's a reason why they're not done. The parts don't mesh well together at all, leading to some very thin-sounding textures. These sheets are so devoid of hope that they're not even part of any backlog of mine, they're just... there. I'd say that you can expect more from this game once my work on the Mega Man 2 section is through, but that's a ways off from now. Enjoy "Stage Start"!

Remaining Re-Writes: 19

This here's the last re-write we'll be needing for my Super Mario section; the rest are mostly Kirby and Mega Man sheets.

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[NDS] New Super Mario Bros. - "World 4 (Forest)"


When I arranged this back in November of 2016, it was actually for a request here on the forums! Even though finishing it was a huge confidence booster for me, I would only go on to arrange one other sheet specifically for the requests board. You'd think I'd be doing more of these, but I dunno, the songs posted on that board don't usually strike my fancy. Either that, or they're far too difficult for me to make a sheet for.

Oh, and New Super Mario Bros. Love this game, it's one of the finest games the franchise has to offer, really good music too, blah blah blah... you all get it. I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back into routine for the upcoming Spring semester, and in doing so, I'm running on half an all-nighter's worth of shut-eye right now. If I can just make it to 10:00 PM tonight and sleep until 8:00 AM tomorrow... well, enjoy the sheet!

(Does anyone even look at these?)

Remaining Re-Writes: 20

I hate to break up the string of re-writes with a new sheet, but this one's an important replacement!


[SNES] Mega Man X - "Sigma Stage 2" (Replacement)


I love the music of Mega Man X, it's all very good. But as a piano arranger, my only gripe is that it isn't pianistic in the slightest. Did you know that we haven't had a new sheet accepted for this game in over 8 years? Not only that, but 4/5 of the on-site ones are ancient, and the fifth and only passable one isn't all that great, either. But can you really blame the members of our community? It's not realistic to arrange for two hands! Much like with the music of Mega Man 7 (which is suffering from the same problem on the site,) there's far too much going on for a solo pianist to take on. So with all that said, it's a miracle that one of the songs ended up being arrange-able. Had I noticed earlier how bad the on-site version was, I would've taken on its replacement years ago, believe me.

Not sure if this sheet was inserted into the Replacement Initiative project specifically with me in mind, but I'll gladly try my hand at a new one for each cycle, because knowing the Mega Man section, there's a lot of work to be done. Enjoy! The posting of re-writes will resume tomorrow.

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 13, 2022, 08:13:56 AM »
This one was a piece o' cake, I should've done it years ago.

[SNES] Mega Man X - "Sigma Stage 2"


I'll leave my rambling about the game and its music for my PA. Glad to be a part of the Replacement Initiative project!

And now it's time to give some other franchises the re-write treatment, starting with:

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[SNES] Super Mario All-Stars - "Game Select"


I think we take for granted how great of a package Super Mario All-Stars is, both now and back when it released. Four mainline Super Mario games, including a game that never saw international release before, with remastered audio and graphics, all on the same cartridge—that's incredible! (And much better than that crummy Ninja Gaiden Trilogy) Even better, this game was re-released a little later to include Super Mario World as well. With a package like that, you might as well throw away your NES (don't actually), because this was the definitive way to play the early saga.

That said, on the music side of things, I've never been a huge fan of this OST. Sure, it's all right, passable for sure, but even with the expanded orchestration, it doesn't feel like a proper evolution of the originals, at least in my opinion. The limited number of instruments may have contributed to this; they're mostly the same ones that we heard in Super Mario World, but these five soundtracks (save for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels) are all very different. Perhaps they could've shone a little brighter with Koji Kondo's help, but I'll bet he was plenty busy with his other projects at the time. Let's just leave it at this: the remastered music is not flawless, but it is Soyo Oka's unique interpretation, and probably the best we could've hoped for back in 1993.

The new re-write is looking a lot better, if I do say so myself. Not only was the formatting on the initial draft lousy, but the rhythms were written out just terribly, and the octaves in the right hand part couldn't have been easy to play, either. This is just one of those older sheets of mine that needs a little simplifying, that's all. Enjoy, everybody!

Remaining Re-Writes: 21

Not super happy with how this one turned one. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do!™

57th (Re-Write)

[GBA] Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - "Mirror World"


What I would give to have been introduced to this game earlier on in my childhood. It didn't exactly come at a great time; my extracurriculars were picking up, the DS lite we used for Game Boy Advance games was showing its age, and I didn't have a Game Boy Player at the time. So when it came time to play the game, I was overwhelmed by the massive world to explore and the Metroidvania-styled gameplay, which I was wholly unfamiliar with at that age. Plus, and I had no chance at playing it with friends, because not only was that option incompatible with the DS line, none of my friends even knew what a Game Link Cable was. I did eventually beat the final boss some years later, but the idea of going for full-game completion was too ambitious for me at the time, so this game hit the shelf. It's a shame, really, because I think Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is one of the most creative titles in the whole franchise. Maybe someday I'll go boot up my Game Boy Player and try to finish it once and for all...

Oh, the sheet, I forgot. Uhh... re-write or not, this sheet still sucks. Seeing as I couldn't incorporate the pizzicato strings or those heavenly chords, I imagine it'd work much better as a duet, so I plan to return to this song in the future and give it the treatment it deserves. On the bright side, this reduced score is a breeze to play, so if that's your thing, enjoy! (Here's the original.)

Remaining Re-Writes: 22

Hello, all. This post will be separate from my sheet update for today.

The other day, I went through my statistics in the OP, and as it turned out, my numbers were not adding up. The overall total claimed to count 408 sheets, but when I added up the totals from each series section, the sum yielded a different number. So, I braced myself for doing what I hate doing, and manually counted every single one of my 400+ sheets; sure enough, the number was off. After an hour or two of verifying my count using Ctrl+F (and accounting for the mistakes I'd made along the way) I found my actual total number: 417 sheets (which excludes the deleted ones at the bottom).

What does this mean, then? It means that, starting with [SNES] Mega Man X - "Sigma Stage 2" (my first claim for the Replacement Initiative), my count will jump forward by nine, marking the new sheet as my 418th arrangement. I know this is annoying, and I'm not sure how I managed to screw this up, could've been long ago, but my counting system is more meant to keep track of the order in which I arranged sheets initially. My next plan for the PA's maintenance will involve re-organizing how I denote console-exclusive sheets. Thank you for your understanding, and I'll see you later today for a Kirby & The Amazing Mirror re-write.

You know what? The original sheet here actually wasn't that bad.

112th (Re-Write)

[SNES] Kirby's Dream Land 3 - "Mini-Game"


I think the main reason this one got a re-write was because, in terms of formatting, it's an unmistakable eyesore. Sure, the older template holds up fairly well, minus the outdated URL and excessive reverb, but seeing everything crammed into three systems makes me wonder how I ever thought it looked good. I also made sure to notate the left hand an octave above this time; there's a few too many ledger lines in that older draft. Aside from those things, the transcription had minimal changes made to it, so I guess that's one thing the original had going for it. Enjoy!

Good news: I've got four more re-writes prepared in advance for our daily PA update. Bad news: the re-writes are slowly becoming more complex than just simple formatting updates and transcription tweaks. Not sure if I'll be able to last until school starts on this routine, but I went back through the list and changed some teal sheets to brown. As it stands, my PA has 23 necessary re-writes remaining, and I plan to finish those as part of my New Year's Resolution. Count on it!

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 11, 2022, 02:11:01 AM »
I would like to take on "Sigma Stage 2" from Mega Man X, please. I was unaware that its replacement was sorely needed.

Why do I even bother?

65th (Re-Write)

e-RDR[GBA] Kirby Slide - "Music from Kirby Slide"


For the uninitiated, Kirby Slide is a puzzle game for the Game Boy Advance's e-Reader peripheral, and it was only released in North America, made to promote the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime. As you'd expect for a game of this scale, the experience is very short, and by successfully unscrambling the promotional image of Kirby, the game will congratulate you, and offer two options: play it again, or leave the minigame. There's no stopwatch to keep track of your best times, no alternative puzzles with images of the show's other characters, nor any chance to try and solve a 4x4 or even 5x5 of the same image; that's all there is. And do you know what the worst part is? I went through the trouble of downloading a specific Game Boy Advance emulator, importing the e-Reader ROM and card dotcodes, and finally booting up the thing only to remember one crucial issue: I hate slide puzzles. It took only a couple minutes for me to lose my patience and give up.

The music is nothing noteworthy, either. A four-bar loop with a lone melody line (plus percussion), and they couldn't even manage to make it catchy. (I mean, Waluigi's Reign is catchy, ain't it?) I assume whoever wrote this music wasn't a composer, and instead, a random programmer at Nintendo of America. Again, though, I don't know the circumstances of this game's creation, so I'll try not to bash it too hard. Besides, I only ever originally arranged this for the meme, didn't I?

Kirby Slide, everyone! Enjoy!

P.S: Just a head's up, the "Puzzle Cleared" fanfare is inexplicably sped up on the MIDI and MP3 files, so if you want proper playback, you'll have to listen to it on the MUS or MUSX files.

I've been playing far too much Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door...

0th - 40?? (Re-Write)

[GB] Kirby's Dream Land 2 - "Ripple Field Map"


You know, I like the "Float Islands" theme from the original Kirby's Dream Land, it's a guaranteed classic. But I don't like how it's straight-up reused for the Ripple Field stage theme in this game, that seems sorta lazy to me. Maybe the composers were scrambling to finish their work on time, I don't know the ins and outs of 90s HAL Laboratory, but at least they put together an original map theme (not like they had a choice). Speaking of original map themes, here's the original version of this sheet; hooray, no transcription errors this time! Enjoy, folks, and I'll see you tomorrow for (hopefully) another Kirby re-write. I've got my eyes on my next victim...

I got so caught up playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door that I almost forgot to post today!

0th - 40?? (Re-Write)

[GB] Kirby's Dream Land 2 - "Dark Castle Map"


Kirby's Dream Land 2 is tough to arrange for. I've always wanted to do "Coo's Theme", but I still don't know how to translate that to two voices, since the fast sixteenth arpeggios don't make for a great left hand part. Oh well... while I decide what to arrange from this game next, here's a map theme nobody remembers! Enjoy! (Here's the old sheet.)

My feet hurt.

0th - 40?? (Re-Write)

[NES] Mega Man 4 - "Stage Select"


There's some folks out there saying that this game's music has a distinctly "Russian" sound to it. Does it? I'm not sure, but I'm gonna find out someday. Maybe people only say this because we know that Dr. Cossack is the secondary antagonist and that his citadel is built on (presumably) Soviet soil, but I'm not at a point where I can deny the compositions reflect Russian repertoire. Instead, I'll leave it up for you guys to decide.

Here's the old version. Enjoy the re-write!

"Wait, didn't he just arrange something like this last week?"

[GB] Mega Man IV

0th - 40th? (Re-Write)

Mega Man 4 Boss [ZIP]

Why, yes, yes I did. Because both versions of it were sucky. Questions?

No? Then let's move on.

0th - 40?? (Re-Write)

[NES] Mega Man 4 - "Boss"


Another thing I find amusing about my old NES/GB sheets is that one notation choice often ties them together: the third part is placed in its own staff, separate from the other two. Why did I do this? So I wouldn't have to worry about merging the parts on a single grand staff myself. As far as I was concerned at the time, that would be a task to undertake when I put the arrangement towards submissions (never mind one of my earliest subs, in which I didn't even put in enough effort to do that). Actually, come to think of it, the real reason might've been because I thought I needed full Finale in order to alternate between layers; I was wrong, you can do that in NopePad (as coined by ShyYoshiGuy). Here's the old "Boss".

Enjoy! Tomorrow I'll be replacing my last brown Mega Man 4 sheet, "Stage Select", so stay tuned!

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