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Projects / Re: Code_Name_Geek's Replacements
« on: August 25, 2020, 08:51:58 AM »
- I'm pretty sure that I'm hearing a C there - just to be sure, what beat do you hear the E on?

Beat 3.5.

- I think I got this. It's a bit awkward because it crosses into the upper chords, but I didn't want to move it down for reach reasons (and also to lead better into the next bar).

Maybe bass movement wasn't the phrase I should have used.  I just meant that in 12 and 14 you wrote in the guitar going C-G semiquavers at the end in the left hand but missed it out in bar 16.  Although you're right that there should also be an E there (like in 14) but once again I hear it on beat 3.5.

The rest of the edits look good to me.

Fulfilled requests / Re: [PC] Long Live the Queen 03 - Talking (Happy)
« on: August 23, 2020, 05:17:03 PM »
(By the way, anyone know the composer for this game?)

I do not know about individual track credits, but the in-game credit screen credits 'pierrotlunaire', 'Kannazuki' and 'Kana's Sound Factory', whatever/whoever those are.


Projects / Re: Libera's Replacements
« on: August 23, 2020, 01:13:54 PM »
- m26-33 sounds like it should be an octave lower. There's room to move it down without it running into the LH part.

Maybe 26-29, but I'm hearing the melody in 30-33 as being higher.  It might be doubled lower down in places but when I put it down the octave it sounded too low.  I wasn't sure about 26-29 but I decided to put it down anyway.

Other stuff should be fixed also.  Thanks for checking!

Projects / Re: Nine Lives' Replacements
« on: August 20, 2020, 10:04:38 PM »
Fixed over discord.  Frosty Village is now accepted!

Projects / Re: Nine Lives' Replacements
« on: August 20, 2020, 09:15:08 PM »
I don't see/understand what you're talking about here. On the file, both sections mentioned are beamed consistently and I don't see any broken beams around the sheet in general. Do you mean since it's two eighths to a quarter in the left hand, then it should be split because of that?

It was definitely different when I loaded up the file earlier but it looks fine now, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

Two final things:

-Could you spread the tempo marking and the swing marking out a little more?  They're really close together.
-The Gns in bars 59-60 should be G#s right?

Projects / Re: Nine Lives' Replacements
« on: August 20, 2020, 05:51:05 PM »
Frosty Village

-There's a bunch of places where the LH rhythm is different to what you've written in.  For example, bar 21 should have two quaver C#s at the end rather than a crotchet C#.  Similarly for bars 37, 40, 45 and 46, 65.  From when the new bass pattern comes in at 48 all of the rhythms in the left hand are off (it sounds to me like there should be two quavers at the end of the bars and only a crotchet on beat 1).
-Intentionally simplified rhythms in bar 61?  You wrote in the other triplet stuff elsewhere so I'm just wondering.
-http to https!
-You might want to spread out the systems on page 1 a little more evenly.  There's a lot of space between the bottom stave and the copyright at the moment.
-The beaming of the guitar line in bars 30 and 32 should be consistent (same for 74 and 76).  If you break the beam in one place you should break it in the other and vice versa.
-Another point about that section, why is the F# on beat 2.5 included the second time but not the first?  Also, the rest in 32/76 should be at the normal height.
-It's kind of shame that there are no articulations or dynamics (or directions of any kind) in the sheet.  One example of where you could use slurs in particular would be to help differentiate the different instruments in 37 and 39 (but you could also do that with beaming if you wanted to.)  Something to think about anyway, but I won't force it if you don't want to.
-The positioning of the tempo marking is quite awkward since it's too close to the swing marking.  It's probably better to have them stacked vertically rather than horizontally.  Also, the tempo marking shouldn't be in parenthesis and should also be in terms of crotchets since your time signature is 4/4.

Projects / Re: Code_Name_Geek's Replacements
« on: August 20, 2020, 04:23:12 PM »

Sorry about the wait on this one!

-I think it'd be a good idea to try and be more consistent with the left hand patterns in places.  For example, I think that the first half of bars 3-6 and (separately) bars 7-10 should all look the same.  It's awkward to learn when you have a lot of phrases that are slightly different to one another and I don't think the differences (which I'm not even sure I can tell apart definitively in the original) are worth including.  Personally, I think the neatest would be two single notes followed by either a dyad or a chord.  In any case, I wouldn't put an E below the bass note (G) in bar 5 beat 1.75.
-It sounds like the bass goes up to an E at the end of bar 14 rather than a C.
-You might want to think about rolling more of the chords/dyads to reflect the strumming.
-The rhythm is wrong in the right hand near the end of bar 14 (F should be a semiquaver and the E a quaver).
-I think there should be a tie on the first C in the right hand of bar 15.
-I'd say the En at the start of bar 16 would be a good place for a courtesy accidental.
-The Bn in bar 5's left hand should be a C (like in bar 3).
-You're missing the bass movement at the end of bar 16.
-I think the three C chords in bar 18 should probably all be voiced in the same way since they are in the original.  Also, the final chord sounds like another C chord but an inversion lower to me.  (I don't hear the F.)

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "Your Power" by Yug Guy
« on: August 19, 2020, 11:38:14 PM »
Sweet, accepting.

Brilliant!  I don't think I have anything to say past sorting out the articulations so I'll just put my approval here.  Nice work.

About the articulations: from looking at your pdf I can see that you are positioning staccatos over the stems in cases where there are multiple layers (like in bars 35-41).  Is this intentional, or is it caused by v26 using it as a new default that you may or may not have noticed?  Personally, I prefer them centred over the notehead in all cases but this is also acceptable if it is intentional.  I will say though that it does look untidy having the end of the slur centred on the notehead below the staccato, which is instead centred on the stem.  For the purposes of the submission there's not much point in you fixing this because I'll have to alter it anyway, but it'd be helpful if you could let me know how you'd like it to look so that I know how I'm meant to be altering it.  (Even better if you upload a new pdf with this issue resolved so that I can see exactly how you want it to look!)

Hopefully that last paragraph wasn't too confusing but if you have any questions, let me know.

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "Your Power" by Yug Guy
« on: August 16, 2020, 07:23:25 PM »
Notate the bass line with ledger lines instead of ottava. With keyboard music, the player will typically read the top note and then infer the octave doubling.

I agree with this.

-url/copyright not aligned to bottom margin.
-There's this string harmony that comes in over the top at the end that makes the harmony at bit more interesting (sounds like an Eb and Ab to me).  You might be interested in including that, maybe as a higher up chord in the final bar?  Might work nicely.

It's also hard to tell with this one but I'm leaning towards G. Maybe someone else could offer their own opinion

Still sounds like an F to me but we can see what someone else thinks.

It does sound odd to me but I still hear the timpani as A -> E, and changing it to G - > D seems even weirder to me but maybe that's because I'm used to hearing it the other way through Finale playback. I'm more sure about the E though, so I'll change the A's to G's

It's not super easy to tell but this sounds better now.

I'm not confident about the notes but there's definitely some run going on there. I changed beat 2 as well some other notes in the run and beat 1 of m27

Yeah it sounds like another flute does a little run up to a B <-> C trill.  Sounds something like B -> C -> A -> trill to me.  I'm more worried that the way it's currently written is very difficult/awkward and just comes out of nowhere at little.  I think it would sound pretty good to just make the B into a minim and hold the trill for the second half of that bar.  It would also mirror what you wrote in for bar 34 nicely.

There wasn't a good reason for it so I added it in. I also made the lower D in the RH of m40 a G and changed the second layer throughout that section to make it more accurate, but if it's too difficult then I could omit beat 1 for the second layer, change it back, or do something else

Yeah I noticed that it was simplified when I looked at it earlier but didn't mention I didn't have a strong preference towards writing it out properly, but I probably like it more like this.  Although, the second to last note of bar 36 should be an A like it is in bar 40.

Yeah you're right about the harmony sounding different. I mostly just used the horn part and tried to continue the part from m51/52 in m53/54. Things were changed
Sure thing. I also added an accented chord at the end to reflect the last timpani hit and so the tremolos aren't left hanging

The ending looks much better now!  One thing I would say is that the metre might make more sense with the final hit being beat 1 of a new bar, and the tremolo going through beats 3 and 4.  You may need to adjust the distribution to do it, but I think it looks a lot cleaner.

Nice work on those edits!  (The other ones I didn't mention also.)  It's looking pretty good now, I think.

Hey, sorry for the wait on this one.  This is quite the tricky piece!

-You might want to mess around with the notes in pick up.  The tonality (??) of the gliss doesn't feel like it's really being captured by just a Dm chord.  I can try and come up with a suggestion if needed.
-You only wrote the Bb hanging around at the end of bar 1 but I hear a C F G Bb chord hanging around.  (I hope that makes sense haha).
-Not sure about the G on beat 1.5 of bar 7/11 in the left hand.  It's kind of hard to tell but sounds like it could be an F to me.  I can hear a G very faintly in that bar but it sounds like a different part.
-Similarly unsure about the same G in bar 8/12/15.  Sounds like it could also be an F or it just doesn't move.
-The same Gs in bar 9/13 sound like Fs to me.
-You have a rest colliding with a note in bar 14.
-I think the Db/Ab in bar 16 would be better written as C#/G# since they're over a D and an A.
-Just saying that the G at the end of bar 16 does actually sound like a G to me, unlike the previous ones.
-Do you want to stop the sost at the start of 17?  The lower pedal sounds like it continues through to the start of 18 in the original.
-The harmony in 17-18 sounds scrunchier (to use the technical term) than you've written in towards the end of that phrase.  I think you're missing Abs on beat 4 and 4.75, an F on beat 4.5 and a Gn on beat 1 of bar 18.  I think we should also use G#s rather than Abs in 17-18 also, which may require some fancy formatting to get the Gn and G# together.
-I'm not sure about the left hand run in bar 18.  It's really hard to play and doesn't really capture the glissando all that well in my opinion.  Maybe you could try something a bit more like in the pick-up, or just omit the glissando and have the left hand join in with the  tremolo chord?  Either of those would likely work better.
-Definitely break the beam between beats 1 and 2 in the right hand of bar 22.  It's really not clear that those are two separate lines at the
moment.  Also, having those stabs be accented whereas the far louder trumpet line is only given staccatos seems weird to me.
-If you're taking the timpani at the ends of 20 and 22 etc, it sounds like G -> D to me rather than A -> E (which would make more sense with the harmony).  If you're not taking the timpani there, I'd suggest taking the timpani because it sounds kind of odd at the moment.
-The layer 2 rest in 25 should be below the staff, not above it.
-Is there any reason why the ending of bar 22's left hand is different to the endings of 20, 24 and 26?
-In bar 26's right hand, the flute piccolo thing sounds like it play B C D E semiquavers on beat 2 and then trills B <-> C for the bar.  I think another flute maybe joins in part way through the bar afterwards, but I don't hear what you've written in at all.
-Bars 33 to 34 has a sus 4 resoltution thing going on so I'd suggest adding in As to the left hand chords in 33 and G#s to the ones in 34.
-In the second layer of bar 40 I don't hear the last A semiquaver.  Also, a similar thing happens in bar 36 that you didn't write in.
-Why has the second layer disappeard in 39 and 41?  I thought it was quite fun and helps to keep the middle of those bars more interesting.  It certainly feels weird to drop it out after including it beforehand.
-The second layer in the left hand of bar 47 sounds like it starts F E D C (descending) rather than B C D C.
-The second half of bar 50 has a Bb over C sound to it (rather than just Bb), so you might want to change the left hand arpeggio to match that.
-The bass in 51 to the end should descend A -> G -> F -> Eb.  (The chords are A -> A7/G -> F -> F7/Eb -> A.)  I'm not entirely sure what parts you're following at this point to make the left hand since you seem to mix and match a lot, but it's really important to get the bass notes right or the harmony sounds completely different.  Maybe try reworking this left hand section.
-You could try also tremolo-ing with the right hand chord at the very end since I think the ending will sound quite weak with just the left hand roll.
-Is there are reason for using Italian at 19 and English at the start?  I know sometimes it's because the Italian words are standardised (no one is going to write 'slow down' rather than 'rit') but feels a bit odd here.  Unless there's a reason I don't get?

Hope some of that helps!

Looks great to me!

- Could you center the LH markings in m9/11/13 so they're all centered under the whole note?
- m14: Not really a big deal but the top tie in the RH is slightly longer than the bottom two.
- m39 should have a tie in the top voice.

All fixed.

- m24/28/32/34: Is there a reason for the grace notes in these measures? They just sound like normal notes in the original, and they fall on the beat with the other instruments.

You are correct, but it is impossible to play it like that unless you have three hands or extraordinarily large hands.  The grace notes are supposed to tell you to anticipate those notes slightly to give you time to play the low power chords.

Thanks for checking!

Submission Archive / Re: [PS1] Xenogears - "October Mermaid" by Libera
« on: August 10, 2020, 05:45:39 PM »
Yep, just the thing bolded above. I think I remember Deku pointing that out once - that when possible it should be placed where it overlaps one staff line instead of two. Super small thing but I just thought I'd mention it anyway.

Makes sense to me.

Also I think the second layer in m. 15 LH would be nicer entirely on the staff.

Definitely, I just wasn't paying attention when I added that note in.

New files up.

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