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Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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Feedback / Re: Super Mario Sunshine - Sheet Title Discrepancy
« on: January 06, 2021, 04:19:21 AM »
Ok, I’ll get to SMG soon then, if they’re not all right. Do all the titles listed in the NSM Audit agree with me?

Do what you want with this information, but I've found that several (8 out of 15) of the Super Mario Sunshine sheets on site have titles differing from those on the soundtrack in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I think I've found the right ones, but I'm not 100% sure about the battle ones since they all sound similar, blah blah blah. Check these first, heh. The sheets are:

[On-site name] | [SM3DAS name] | [Arranger(s)]

Delfino Plaza | Isle Delfino | TheMarioPianist
Deep Sea of Mare | Noki Depths | Nacho2420
Sand Bird | Secret Course - Sky and Sea | Musical Toxin
Sludge Plant Battle | Mid-Boss | Musical Toxin
Manta Storm | Phantamanta | E. Gadd Industries
Event & Goal | Event & Race Fanfare | E. Gadd Industries
Delfino Police | Mario on Trial (Movie) | BonusPwnage
F.L.U.D.D. | How to Use FLUDD (Movie) | WiiMan96 & E. Gadd Industries

I did the same for SM64 and they all are a thumbs-up. Not touched Super Mario Galaxy yet.

Edit 1/6/2021: Ok I couldn't resist. Super Mario Galaxy time! (17 out of 38)

A lot of these are small, subtle differences. For example, the only difference on Static's sheet is that he clarified where else it plays. And I know we just had a conversation about some of these, but for the sake of clarity, I've listed everything. Regardless, here's a list of every track listing that isn't 100% identical to how it's listed in Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

[On-site name] | [SM3DAS name] | [Arranger(s)]

Starbit Festival | The Star Festival | The Deku Trombonist
Into the Galaxy | Enter the Galaxy | ALPRAS
Rosalina's Comet Observatory 1, 2 & 3 | Rosalina in the Observatory 1, 2 & 3 | Olimar12345
Space Junk Galaxy | Space Junk Road | Nacho2420
Melty Molten Galaxy (Hell Prominence) | Melty Molten Galaxy | Static (Crossed out because, yeah, it's fine.)
Final Battle | Final Battle with Bowser | ALPRAS
End Title | Super Mario Galaxy | ALPRAS
Prologue | Luma | The Deku Trombonist (Very similar to A Wish, and I can't tell the difference)
The Gate | To the Observatory Grounds 1 | ALPRAS
Observatory Dome | Observation Dome |
Retro Theme 2 | Interlude | Cobraroll
Rainbow Star Theme | Rainbow Mario | B-Kpianist
Bouldergeist | Kingfin | Bloop
Mecha-Bowser | Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser | musicaXsacra
The Girl's Sadness | Sad Girl | Sebastian

Two more.
Starshroom (arranged by ALPRAS) appears to be the same theme as The Toad Brigade (arranged by iDOWN) without the intro.

Course Clear (arranged by JDMEK5), hilariously enough, is the intro music played when you boot up SM3DAS (in a different key?). At any rate, this theme appears to be from Super Mario Galaxy 2. (I found this out from a YouTube comment. "That hurts, they used smg2 music but don't include the actual game, ouch") (I've been told this is wrong. Whoops. Regardless, this does not appear on the official soundtrack, so there is no "right" track name.)

[Edit later on on 1/6/2021: This is not very relevant to rest of the post, but here's the spreadsheet I used to figure this all out, if you were curious. Don't worry about the second page. As of now, 29 out of SM64's 35 are on site (leaving 6), 16 out of SMS's 58 are on site (leaving 42), and 38 out of SMG's 81 are on site (leaving 43). Let's help E. Gadd out a bit to get more of SMS on site, lol.]

Haha, I knew it'd come soon. Thanks for the feedback. All those things are changed and I'll update all the files momentarily. (File name ending in "1-2(2)")

Edit 1/8/2021: This is related to this submission, but not worthy of a bump. I asked this on Discord with no success, so here goes.

Is that^ website trustworthy enough to make Jin Sugita the sole composer on this sheet? (And possibly adjust the already-on-site Game Select as well to just Yoko Mizuta.)

Side note: Don't worry about the soundtrack being called "Game Boy Gallery". The 1994 "Game Boy Gallery" didn't include Fire, Octopus, or Oil Panic. 1997 "Game & Watch Gallery" just happened to be called "Game Boy Gallery" in Japan and "Game Boy Gallery 2" in Australia because who likes consistency.

I was excited to see there was feedback on this. Not three pages long this time, phew. We'll see though, lol.

- In general, you're missing a lot of grace notes in the RH throughout the sheet. Try listening for these and adding them in.
Bruh. I'm normally good at spotting those. Ok, they're there now.

- m1-13 RH should be an octave higher. No need to use 8va, just transpose everything up an octave directly.
Sounds like the octave you have right now is correct to me.
I wasn't saying it was the wrong octave, just that now there are quadruple ledger lines at the beginning.

The .mus is updated.

Miscellaneous Arrangements / Shy's G&WG Transcriptions [New: 2 - Chef]
« on: December 28, 2020, 07:46:10 AM »
[Main PA Thread]

Soo... This is new for me, but I'm going to try transcribing the G&WG themes by splitting up the channels in VBA (VisualBoyAdvance). 2, 3 & 4 are easy since they have music rooms. However, 1 does not have one. (Haha.) Luckily, I found a workaround. Entering the Game Genie code [ID]0-58A-F74 will have the corresponding songs play when opening the Mode Select screen and using these ID values:

IDs (For example, 270-58A-F74 is Manhole)
Manhole = 27
Octopus = 32
Oil Panic = 41
Title = 52
Game Select = 56
Congratulations = 5A
Game Corner 4 = 7D
Game Corner 3 = 8B
Game Corner 1 = 90
Game Corner 2 = 94
Credits = 9C, A0, & A4 (the intro, loop, and ending have three separate IDs)

Fire appeared in the 10-14 range, but I wasn't able to find one not interrupted by sound effects. Oh well.

Anyways, I've only done one so far (and it's not even complete). The goal of these is to show all four channels, including the percussion channel. Once I get the percussion channel going, I'd really like feedback on how to make that better since I've never really touched it much before.

(2) Chef - [MSCZ] [YouTube]
(3) Mario Bros.
(1) Oil Panic
(2) Ball

(Note: These tempos are based on the tempos my emulator outputs. I've verified that the real Game Boy tempos and emulator tempos are not identifical. However, I don't care, so take that.)

Red- To-do list
Orange- Work-in-progress
Green- Three main channels completed
Blue- All four channels completed
There are some of these where I know I won't be able to make a good arrangement of it. If anyone is interested in turning a purple transcription into a piano arrangement, you 100% have permission to do so. (I'd like an "& ShyYoshiGuy" on the sheet.) However, I recognize that probably no one will ever take me up on that and that's fine. Just rather leave the option open if anyone ever feels so inclined.

To close this off, I'll explain how I figured out the sound channels. [VBA] gives you the option of listening to individual channels while playing:
These keybinds aren't default.
After that, I used [WASAPI] to relay the game audio in Audacity in order to record it.

Sorry, but nowhere on the Internet seems to explain any of this, so I thought I'd write all this here so it'd exist somewhere

Static handed me the fix under the radar (Discord) and now all three are updated.

Thank you for making the triple repeat, heh. Sorry for all the back and forth, but uh:

- For the one I’m uploading in a second (“12-14 (2)”), I’ve changed m35 RH beat 2.5 from F to F# because I think it sounds better
- m10 & 41, how do I make the sharp apply to the other layer in the RH without rewriting it?
- I’ve changed the composition text to:
Composition by Marshall Parker
& Gavin Parker
but I expect that I won’t have positioned the text box perfectly.

  • Now that the site has those fancy new console labels for each game, the title on your sheet no longer requires "Sega Dreamcast" on it.

If it's okay, I put it back for consistency's sake. The two already up have it and the labels on the site don't necessarily mean that the sheet itself is distinguishable from one of the other seven games with the same title.

I agree with your other changes though.

- In playback, 55-58 still only play twice.

That's the only thing. Excited for this one because it's been in progress for a bit, heh. The .mus is updated now.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 30, 2020, 07:31:27 PM »

Wow, that was real close for a bit. Here are the results:

By melody
Dude.. have I really got to make a spoiler for every single melody? Rip. And also, all the links I originally used are dead since BrawlBRSTMs3 X died too. Rip again.

#1 (7/12)
Answer key title: Mario Kart 8 - Toad Harbor
Also accepted: Toad Harbour (Do spelling variations count? I don’t care.)

Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#2 (10/12)
Answer key title: Mario Kart DS - Delfino Square
Also accepted: Mario Kart Wii - DS Delfino Square
And: Delphino Square

Trasdegi, Bramblebear, Dekkadeci, AcceptedSugar, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#3 (9/12)
Answer key title: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Baby Park
This one caught some enthusiasm: “BABY PARK - MK DOUBLE DASH”
Also accepted: Mark Kart

Trasdegi, Dekkadeci, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#4 (9/12)
Answer key title: Mario Kart 64 - Raceway
Also accepted: Mario Raceway, Luigi Raceway, Royal Raceway, Mario Circuit, Luigi Circuit
Tbh, I accepted it as long as you wrote “Mario Kart 64”

Bramblebear, Dekkadeci, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#5 (8/12)
Answer key title: Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode
Also accepted: Battle, Battle Mode Theme

Dekkadeci, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#6 (7/12)
Answer key title: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island - Yoshi’s Island
Also accepted: Title Theme, Title Screen, Yoshi’s Island (Title), Menu Song

Dekkadeci, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#7 (5/12)
Answer key title: Yoshi’s Woolly World - Sunset at Curtain Falls
Also accepted: Pancake Short (Look up the P&YWW shorts if you’re interested)

Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#8 (4/12)
Answer key title: Yoshi’s Island DS - Powerful Infant

Latios212, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#9 (7/12)
Answer key title: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island - Underground BGM
Also accepted: Underground, Cave Song
“(love this song!)” - BlueKirby

Bramblebear, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#10 (3/12)
Answer key title: Yoshi’s Story - Heartbeat Caverns

BlueKirby, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#11 (4/12)
Answer key title: Super Mario Party - Title Screen
Also accepted: Title, Title Theme, Main Theme

AcceptedSugar, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#12 (5/12)
Answer key title: Mario Party 8 - File Selection
Also accepted: File Select, Welcome to Mario Party

Trasdegi, Beenya, Latios212, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#13 (2/12)
Answer key title: Mario Party 6 - E. Gadd’s Garage
Also accepted: E Gadd’s Lab

Atcero, Jake_Luigi
#14 (1/12)
Answer key title: Mario Party 3 - Waluigi’s Island
Also accepted: Waluigi Tower

#15 (3/12)
Answer key title: Mario Party - Let’s Go Lightly

Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#16 (8/12)
Answer key title: Super Paper Mario - Flipside
“I love this one, great song from a great game!” - AcceptedSugar

AcceptedSugar, Beenya, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#17 (4/12)
Answer key title: Paper Mario: Color Splash - Daffodil Peak

BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan
#18 (5/12)
Answer key title: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Keelhaul Key
Also accepted: Shipwreck at Keyhaul Key
“Another fantastic game.” - AcceptedSugar

AcceptedSugar, Static, Latios212, BlueKirby, mastersuperfan
#19 (4/12)
Answer key title: Paper Mario - Welcome to Yoshi’s Village
Also accepted: Yoshi’s Village, Welcome to Yoshi Village

Static, BlueKirby, Radiak488417, mastersuperfan
#20 (3/12)
Answer key title: Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Shy Guy Jungle
Also accepted: Jungly Jungle (Everyone said this was the title, so I’m probably wrong)

Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan

By guesser
These are the submissions in chronological order:
A ‘+’ denotes that that guesser submitted another guess later.

Congratulations, mastersuperfan! Impressive that you got all of them except for #13 (and probably would’ve gotten that one too if it came down to it).

I first wrote out all the numbers everyone got, but I decided that was bland and was mostly meaningless. Instead, I made a little chart like this. Anyways, these guessers guessed these melodies:
A ‘0’ denotes missing the melody and a ‘1’ denotes guessing correctly.

Seems like Mario Kart is very well known. All but one of the guessers who got 5+ melodies right got all 5 Mario Kart melodies right. And sorry, Mario Party. You’re the real loser of this melody quiz unfortunately.

All other Melody Quizzers, I recommend you use Google Forms since that made that so much easier for me. Ultimately, you do you. Watching the results come in was fun too. IIrc, this quiz had more guessers than any other quiz I’ve ever done, so cool beans. Too bad, [second place winner], better luck next time.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 29, 2020, 07:58:40 PM »
Quiz 152 answers will be posted tonight at midnight EST.

Here is our fifty-melody-long:
Guess-That-Soundbyte Midterm 154!

[Dropbox folder]

[Google Form]

This one was essentially procedurally generated by hand if that makes any sense at all. My methodology is in the spoiler below, but otherwise all you really need to know is that:
1. Each "series" according to NSM is used exactly once and there are 7 "Other" tracks.
2. The tracks are ordered by a vague conception of sales numbers. (More details in the spoiler.)

For all randomness, I used For each series, one game was chosen from all games with at least sheet on site with equal probability. Then I went to Khinsider (or YouTube if Khinsider didn't have it) and chose a track at random. Finally, I choose a timestamp at random and cropped it. I vetoed if (1) the soundbyte wasn't representative of the track or if (2) the track wasn't representative of the soundtrack. The games are ordered by "sales numbers" even though the results weren't all that reliable. If a game didn't have those published, I took the sales numbers for the series/mini-series and divided it by the number of games. If there weren't even series numbers, I put it at the bottom of the list.

Hopefully this methodology didn't yield a terrible quiz. It's made kind of obvious that making, for example, "Mario & Wario" and "Super Mario Odyssey" equally likely led to some weird results. In creating the quiz after this one, I used the Huntington-Hill method (the method the US government uses to apportion seats in the House of Representatives according to census populations) to apportion the number of melodies according to number of games on site.

Anyways, lol, have fun with this one. Since this one is longer and has more steps, this one should end a month from now on 12/29 at a time TBD.

Cool. I did the first two and left the third since I like it better this way. It's now updated. Thank you for all the feedback, eheh.

Got one more thing to add to the checklist:
Whew, that's a lot, but after that, it should be mostly good to go. There are still other things to handle that you can't do without full Finale (so don't worry about doing this yourself), mainly:
- Note spacing
- System spacing and clashing with margins/each other
- Repeat endings - clashing with notes, ending numbers should have periods after them
- Maybe measure distribution per page and system distribution per page should be expanded so that it uses a 4th page? It's pretty cramped as is.
(+ fix playback in m10/41 with the RH F# on beat 4.5)
- m55-62 doesn't play thrice in playback or MIDI

Submission Archive / Re: [GB] Game & Watch Gallery - "Fire" by ShyYoshiGuy
« on: November 27, 2020, 10:15:53 PM »
Unfortunately, there does not exist any YouTube video with only this song in it, so this video will have to suffice: (You'll need to go to timestamp 4:13)

If you'd prefer an .mp3, this is the one that I used to arrange this song.

Some things right off the bat that I can't change:
 - It doesn't have a proper pickup measure
 - The swing marking doesn't seem to be affecting the bass clef
 - I think the intro should have a bass-with-an-8-under-it clef since the notes are kinda low
 - Same deal with Parachute, can each of the six possible tempos have its own loop?

Excited to finally fulfill nintenerd542's request after eleven years.

I’m happy with it, yeah. Go on ahead, thank you.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 26, 2020, 12:25:03 AM »
I forget which bbc codes I use for this, uh...

ShyYoshiGuy Guess-That-Soundbyte Quiz 131 152!

[Dropbox Folder]

Now please, do not DM me the answers on either platform. That was an absolute nightmare. Instead, uh, this Google Form should suffice. You can fill it out as many times as you'd like btw, so don't worry about that.

[Google Form]

This one is all Mario of some type (including Yoshi, I think) and old, so no 2020 games whatsoever.

Anyways, it's updated. I left the final measure like this (I noticed three types of drum) since NotePad doesn't percuss:

Obviously incorrect final measure.

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