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Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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NotePad really didn't like me adding measures like that, oof. Once spaced out though, the music should be right.
Uh oh

- The "Composition by" should be split into two lines (probably at the end of Marshall Parker's name) so that it doesn't extend so far left.

I don't know how to fix that without breaking it, but I agree it should probably take up two lines. (And before Battle Theme makes it on site, same thing.)

- I would include the dyads in m32 LH by writing it like this, in two layers:

To do this, enter the black notes into Layer 1 and the red notes into Layer 2. Put a half rest for the first half of Layer 2, and then hide it by highlight it and pressing H. You might have to flip beats 1-2 by pressing L. You will have to manually move the staccatos above the noteheads for beats 1-2 (Finale will put them below the stems by default).

I see no buttons in NotePad to make layers, but yeah good idea.

Sorry it took so long to get to this, but there ya go. It's updated again.

I won’t be able to address this until Sunday or most likely Monday, oof. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll see how I can incorporate it then.

This is useless information, but it also plays in the track “Ice Caverns”. Both snow themes are happy like this, see Snow Hope Village. But yeah, I guess it’s not all that fitting being that the course is a mansion with a cemetery in the back.

- Is there a reason why m. 17-24 doesn't use a repeat bracket around four measures like the phrases before?

Beat 4.5 RH in m. 18 & 22. G the first time and Bb the second time.

- Not too sure I hear the Eb-G dyads at the end of m. 25 and 27. If it is there though, I would suggest respelling the other Gbs in the section as F# to avoid confusion.

I don't hear it either, but I agree about the F#s. I'll go change that.

Great! I updated the sheet with formatting fixes. (Also assume you meant to make the last RH note an octave as well.)

Approved :)

Yes I did, oof. Yay, thank you for doing that for me.

The first and third points there seem obvious now, lol. But there we go, it's updated again.

I've ported three new arrangements to NotePad, heh.

Oil Be Back - [MUS] [YouTube]
Snow Hope Village - [Submission topic]

Boss Theme - [MUS] [YouTube]

Yay, thanks for the feedback! Most of that was easy to change, and I agree with all your suggestions. The .mus is updated now. And sorry that NotePad keeps screwing up the spacing.

Okie dokie, it's up now.

For future reference for other updaters:
-I'm not actually 100% certain myself on Ab vs G# in bars 1-8 so I'll try to get a second opinion on it.

I'm very happy with this sheet except for one small thing.

m. 26 (and similarly m. 28 & 29) is currently beamed like this:

From what I know, I think it should be this:

NotePad allows me to make this change, so I've got the file ready if the latter is correct.

But yeah otherwise, ye, this sheet is cool.

I've updated the sheet with those changes. (Only the .mus file currently.)

NotePad changes (Copy/pasting the tremolo parts ruined the spacing, unfortunately):
The systems should be grouped 5-6-6-5, not 6-7-7-2.
m. 41-44, 61-68, 73-76 aren't equally spaced.

If you would like a file with some, but not all, of the above edits, here it is [file].  It pretty much just has the changes used to create the pictures above, but there's still work for you to do on it.

^That link is one of E. Gadd's sheets. And uh, sorry for the delay, my notifs broke on me. My system's hopefully fixed now.

Okie, I've updated it again. All of the things you suggested make the song sound cooler, so that's good. And I don't know what I did wrong with the ties and crescendos, but they don't sound right.

Yay! Thank you for all the feedback, I'm gonna work on all this hopefully today or tomorrow. I'll kick this again when that happens.

For now though:
So from what I can tell, I believe you've currently submitted this under the wrong game.  I can find Wacky Races games here and here which aren't for the dreamcast, whereas this game looks like it is this, entitled Wacky Races: Starring Dastardly and Muttley.  If that's right (which I believe it is), then the copyright is good.

Off to the right in the correct Wikipedia article, it says "Wacky Races Enhanced as Wacky Races: Starring Dastardly and Muttley". Only the PS2 sequel contains the "Starring Dastardly & Muttley" subtitle. Though I would understand including "(Sega Dreamcast)" since there are several other consoles with games of the same name.

Game Disc Box

If there are things you can't do because of notepad then do say, although you did post an musx file so I'm not sure exactly what your situation is.
I've got ten days left in my free trial.

As mentioned on Discord, I'd appreciate it if you verified the composer and company listings on the sheet before I move away about a week from now and lose access to my copy of the game. In the spoiler below are all instances I could find of possible composers and companies within the game and manual.

Extracted from in-game credits:

Title screen:

Manual credits (names listed above contributions for some reason):

Back of box:

The rest are the game's opening screens before the game starts:


Thank you, hopefully this information helps you in your endeavor.

Okie, I did it. Tell me if you need to change more things or need other files. (PDF, MID)

Boss 2

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