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Sure, I could add the percussion. If someone wanted to, they could tap their piano with their fingers. Don’t tell me how it goes right away, but how would you notate that? I hear two types of tones, so would it be little ‘x’ notes on two separate lines on the treble clef?

-Could we put something in bar 19 to make it clear that it's not just an accidental empty bar?  Even if you don't want to cue in the percussion accurately you could just put a expression that signifies the percussion is playing there or something.  At the moment it kind of just looks like a mistake.
What were you thinking? Some text that says “This measure intentionally left blank”, or what?

And expect those changes by Thanksgiving, heh.

The beginning of your message made it seem like there were only a couple things, but then it kept going on, lol. Anyways, thank you.

I would like to make these fixes myself for you, but unfortunately your files get really screwy when I import them into my version of Finale, so you'll have to make the first list of changes, and then maybe another updater can help with the stuff that requires full Finale.

Yeah, I know the deal this time ‘round. Changes aren’t very time-consuming anyways. Hopefully I’ll get this done tomorrow, but if not, expect this from me by next Saturday.

[Edit 11/22/2020: I’m well aware I’m late on this one, no need to bump. Crazy events like water gushing from light fixtures means, uh, expect it by Thanksgiving, lol.]

This is probably a stupid question, but am I allowed to change the MIDI after exporting so that it can loop four times and play each of the tempos for one loop? Or is it best to just leave it as is with two loops of 98 bpm?

To be clear, I haven’t done that yet. The only difference between the one uploaded now and the previous one is the problematic augmented tenth in m18.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I can’t do it without also hitting C and even then it hurts. I’ll choose which of those three sounds best and update it shortly.


This interval is even worse. Is it okay since I doubt anyone would hold the A that long? And uh, where's the button to do a rolled chord so I can hear what it sounds like? I assume you mean the vertical squiggly I forget the name of. [Edit 2: The octave raise is growing on me, never mind.]

Sorry, I forgot to reply. I don’t fully understand the issue with it. Does it not sound good or is the interval to hard to play or something?

Nice, nice, nice. Thank you for fixing that for me, heh. It's sounding pretty good. And it's now updated.

Ye, I like those additions. And okie, it's updated now. I see what I did wrong before, heh. This time, the Snow Hope Village file should be uploaded instead of the Snow La Coasta. Can't believe I confused the two.

Sorry for the long delay on getting back to you.

It’s all cool. I’m busy too, and you give a lot of feedback, so the wait is expected. And I say it basically every time, but thank you for the feedback. Always makes the sheet sound so much cooler and amazing.

You have the wrong MUS file, though, so here's what I can offer for now based on the PDF before you upload the right MUS...

Bruh moment. I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean the original’s not on my computer whatsoever. Still, it wouldn’t take that long to make all the changes again since I’ll have a reference.

Nice to know we’ve got some harmonies to add in this one. (And yes, thankfully the slash key does work.) I set myself a deadline of November 7th (this weekend is the last weekend of the quarter, so lots of work to do), we’ll see what happens.

Cool, cool. The sheet's updated.
- It sounded empty without the ascending line, maybe what I've done (removing the first four notes) is better.
- By putting it back into the template again, it's now 3 measures a system, but I can't move the last systems to the next page.
- I hopefully fixed m5 and similar measures as suggested, and I noticed that bassline in the first half is not as connected as written, so I changed that too.
- I set m3-4 (and m7-8) like that since it looked ugly to me. It's probably a problem with note lengths though.
- Nice catch with the grace note. It sounds nice like that.

Ye, this one's exciting. It's definitely one of my favorite tracks from this series.

I've got a couple notes. I kinda included everything, not really knowing what's actually playable. Case in point, the... ascending 32nd-note line at the end. If there's something inventive we can do with that, it's there so we know what we're working with. If not, I'll just remove it. Easier to remove it than to go back and add it. Besides, not all the extra parts play every loop in real gameplay due to interruption with sound effects.

Oh, and the "q = 98, 112, 126, 140" is a note for me so I wouldn't forget to ask about it. The tempo featured in the YouTube video is the slowest possible in the game. However, throughout, the game instanteously (over the course of a measure, I think) switches between 98, 112, 126, and 140 depending on the in-game score. I'm thinking just including the 98-140 range would be best, but I dunno how to do that. [I recorded some sound directly from my Game Boy, if you wanted to back me up there. It also demonstrates sound effects clipping into the music. Parachute starts at 0:16.]

Piano Arrangements / Re: ShyYoshiGuy's Arrangements (New: A lot of stuff)
« on: September 27, 2020, 07:40:21 PM »
Procrastination happened and I didn't feel like porting all my sheets until now, so here:

GB/GBC/GBA - Game & Watch Gallery 0-4: (0 is Game Boy Gallery)
2 - Parachute - [Submission topic]
1 - Fire* - [MUS] [MCSZ] [YouTube (4:13)] (can't swing in NotePad)
1 - Octopus - [MUS] [YouTube (6:02)]
1 - Game & Watch Gallery - [MSCZ] [YouTube] (porting issues)
2 - Chef - [MSCZ] [YouTube] (gonna need some work)
0 - Ball - [MUS] [YouTube (1:52)]
0 - Vermin - [MUS] [YouTube (2:55)]

NES - California Games:
Half Pipe - [MUS] [YouTube]
Foot Bag - [MUS] [YouTube]
Flying Disk - [MUS] [YouTube]

LM3 - The Great Stage - [MUS] [YouTube]
LoZ:TP - Link is coming - [MUS] [YouTube]

Oh yeah, that. If you have full Finale, you should just be able to click on the repeat sign and select the option that says "play section 2 times," and then change the 2 to a 3.

Welp, I don’t have full Finale. I’m glad there’s the option though because the song would sound odd without the extra loop.

Sorry for the long wait, eh. School's started and I've had a lot of things to do. A week turned into a month, lol. Anyways, ye cool, I went back to each note in the bassline and it seems to be good now. In editing other things, I may have screwed some things up, oof. I'll update my sheet shortly (tonight), you'll know it's the one if it has 9/17 in the title.

Edit: Oh yeah, and:
Also, m55-62 should be written as a single four-measure phrase with a repeat sign and a note that says "Repeat 3 times," since all three four-measure phrases are identical.
That’s allowed? Sweet. Is there a way to rig the MIDI up so it knows to read it thrice?

Oof, caught me the day after I put my computer away, so my response isn’t gonna be so quick this time. Probably still within a week though, anyways. Thank you for the feedback, heh. I’m always shocked by how much there could possibly be, but to be fair I’ve just started this.

The main thing I have to say about this sheet is that you're missing a lot of harmonies in the RH. Often, there are multiple voices or chords in the original, whereas you only write one voice into the RH in most places. If you haven't already been using it or a similar too, I recommend using the AudioStretch app for iOS or Android to slow down the audio and listen more carefully to the notes. The full app costs money, but there's a free lite version for iOS.

Bought the full app a while ago, my sheets definitely wouldn’t have been possible without it, heh.

- In m15-29 RH, a lot of the bottom notes are inaccurate. In m16, they should be F and E (thirds) instead of C and C. In m17, it should be D instead of B. In m20-21, they should be D, E, and D (fourths) instead of C, C, and B.
- The bassline in m23-30 is not the same as m15-22. (Likewise, the bassline in m71-78 is not the same either.)
- I didn't check every measure on the bassline, so please please please go through the whole bassline again (raising the audio by an octave in a program like AudioStretch or Audacity can help) and carefully check/retranscribe all the notes accordingly.

One of those cases where I think it’s the same, copy/paste it, and not notice the difference in playback. Ok, I’ll check the bassline.

Also, m55-62 should be written as a single four-measure phrase with a repeat sign and a note that says "Repeat 3 times," since all three four-measure phrases are identical.

That’s allowed? Sweet. Is there a way to rig the MIDI up so it knows to read it thrice?

Edit 8/29/2020: No need for a bump, I’ve not forgotten about this. I addressed all the feedback except retranscribing the baseline. I hope to be done by when school starts Tuesday.

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