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The monkeys are up to something...

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I loved Paula's Prison. Sounds serious, and sounds like the real thing.

I can't wait. I wonder if it will be just piano, or a chorus of instruments... But of course you won't tell me :p

Luigi's Mansion sounded great. I wish my disc wasn't broken... Haven't played it since I was 8.

I hope the next piece will be intense :p

I never played the Diddy Kong Racing series, so I can't really talk about it :p (It did sound intense though)

I can't wait for Delfino Plaza! It reminds me so much of Super Mario Sunshine... But not as much as Bianco Hills :p

Finally, it downloaded :D

I'm not too great in piano, so I wan't be able to play this piece :(


It took about an hour to download this (MediaFire went screwy), but it was well worth the wait. Awesome. That's all I can say.
I can't even get to the site :\

I bet it sounds good.

Awesome. Built to Scale :D

I can't believe I missed the Super Mario World Ending >.<

The SMW Ending wasn't very intense, but it was relaxing to hear. Still practicing on playing it.
The Yoshi's Island castle wasn't intense either, but I don't think it would sound very good :p

Nintendo / Re: mario parties
« on: January 24, 2010, 09:17:20 PM »
The very first Mario Party game was the 5th one (Mario Party 5). I didn't like it because I was afraid of losing, but then I figured out it was really fun (I was about 6 or 8 years old). I rented Mario Party 6 shortly afterwards, and didn't like it since you lost minigames. Mario Party DS is only great because of it's portability... And my sister got Mario Party 8 for Christmas, and she only played it two times. I try to play it so I don't feel like we're wasting money, but it's just so boring and doesn't have nostalgia like all the past Mario Party games.

Only some songs from Rhythm Tengoku can be easily played by ear. I think Rhythm Heaven has better songs though :p

YES! Finally, a Rhythm Heaven arrangement!

I'm very greatful, there are so many great songs in that game. I also think there should also be some songs from Rhythm Tengoku. Not saying that you should make some, but...

The arcade medley was great. I could only expect so much from you :p

I can't wait for SMW

The first parts of the Elite Four were slow, but then it got faster and sounded better :D

My favorite song from the arcade games you chose were Dig-Dug ;)

I really like the Animal Crossing replacements!  :D

YES! A new update :D And it's the title screen!

Edit: Looks like MediaFire's updating... I really want to play it D:

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