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See you space cowboy...

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Glad to see your making more sheetmusic... But now I have to download Finale 2010 :\

No, download Finale Reader.
I know that, but it's in Finale Reader 2010. That's what I meant by Finale 2010 :p

Glad to see your making more sheetmusic... But now I have to download Finale 2010 :\

Sorry I didn't reply for about a month, it's because I don't have internet. I've listened to Deku Palace, and it sounds amazing :D

I should read your post more thoroughly. I can't wait for Hop Hop Donut lifts! It's one of my favorite pieces to play on piano :D

Edit: Congratulations on the special note in the front page! :D

Lacking in boom huh? This piece doesn't translate well with boom, so I'm sorry if that's what you were looking for.

Now that I can see why, I shouldn't be complaining. It's just that I expect to much in people.

Aw, I've been gone for a week and you put up a new arrangement!

Oh yeah... You can make arrangements in a week :p

I can't wait to download it and attempt to play it. :D

Edit: I just listened to it, it didn't have the booming sound like the other arrangements. But it was still great. I liked how it sounded dull in the beginning, and it got faster somewhere in the middle. It will be a pleasure to play this on the piano!

In one week? That's impressive!

It doesn't matter if you can't make one very fast, you're only human.

:D It's really hard to play your arrangements, but when I can play most of it, it feels really good ;D Thanks to you, I can play the other user's arrangements much easier!

I really love your work. It's... How would I say it... Epic. And I never say epic. My favorite, as of now, is the underwater theme. I always love it when you post a new arrangement :D

It's okay, I just want to play it :)

I liked it :D

I guess your still busy with Bein' Friends? If you can't wokr on it, I still want the original one you made, I can't find another one on these forums.

Forum Games / Re: Caption the avatar above you
« on: May 23, 2009, 10:00:53 PM »
I actually have a jaw! See, look! :D

Gaming / Re: wots the hardest game youve ever played?
« on: May 12, 2009, 01:53:43 PM »
I don't have good reflexes so... and I haven't played many games.

Metroid and MicroMachines 64

I didn't have a controller pak so I couldn't save MicroMachines! ;(

You don't have to be sorry about anything, I just want to know the progress of the arrangement.

I didn't know you guys had exams these days...

Hey Tranz, are you going to use that arrangement that I posted here? Im just wondering, because if not, then Im going to use it and make it a 4 hands arrangement. Is that ok? or did you want it still? Whatever you decide is cool, as long as its being used.

Also, Im checking your arrangements as i speak (finally). Do you mind if i edit them?
He hasn't been online for about a week... I hope he didn't leave :(

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