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  • m1-16: I think you can add more harmony to the R.H., it would still be pretty playable. You might want to re-check the existing harmony you've written for playability and note accuracy.
I did my best here, but I have a hard time hearing harmony lines so please let me know if there are any wrong notes or if I missed anything obvious.

  • m17-24: I feel like the bass notes might look better without staccatos but written like 8th notes: staccatos don't mean "play these notes at 50% length", but "play these notes shortly". A player might interpret those bass notes as shorter than they need to be.
  • m25-28: Some of these bass notes are also shorter like the ones in m17-24, so these will also be 8th notes or staccato'd notes, depending on what you choose in m17-24
I wanted those to be a little longer than eighth notes and with more weight, but still a little short (or maybe "lifted" is a better term). But yeah staccatos could end up being too short so I changed it to a combination staccato/tenuto marking. Continued through the next section as well for consistency.

  • m26: I think removing the lower D# on beat 2 here would make this part more playable without losing too much sound. If you really want to keep it, I'd suggest moving it to the L.H.
I disagree with moving it to the LH; when I play it myself I can reach it with my RH but I'm nowhere close to reaching it with my LH. But it does make it a lot harder so I put parentheses around it so the player can decide whether or not to play it.

  • m29-30: I hear triads in the R.H., maybe those or dyads would be better suited here than octaves?
Triads like this?

  • m33-end: Here too, there's a lot of R.H. harmony you could include to get a full sound, and you can leave it out where it makes things too difficult to play.
Did my best here as well, but as per my comment for the first section I'm not entirely confident on all of the notes here.

  • You should make sure that all the 8va markings end just after the last note, rather than inside the measure.

  • m33: I'm not sure if the key change here is necessary, especially since the track doesn't really stay in E.
I think the key change makes sense here. It helps with the readability of the melody and while the song doesn't stay strictly in E, it resolves back to E enough times that I feel reasonably confident marking this section as E. I've done a bit of harmonic analysis below showing what I mean but don't look too closely at the figured bass it was done really quickly.

Edit: not sure if the images are working right, here's the direct link to them if they don't show up.

  • m35-36: Most of what you have written here is part of the less audible lower harmony voice, I suggest writing the higher voice instead.
Oh man you're totally right, not sure what happened here. I think I got the right part now.

  • m39-40: You might want to check over this section again to make sure it's correct
Took another look here and I think this is closer?

  • m57-58: You could add a some more parts here to simulate the buildup better. for the 16th run in m58 I hear C-D-G-A
There's this repeating figure in the strings that I'm having trouble picking out, so the C/D trill is my best approximation of that... let me know if there's a better way to do that.

  • m59-60: I wonder if leaving the upper layer legato (or adding a slur) would be a nicer contrast to the lower layer? It would definitely be easier to play..
    I also don't hear the high D in the LH in m60.
Like this? Yeah that would be easier to play. The high D in the LH was originally the resolution of the middle line so it's back to the top staff here.

All of the other little fixes like notes should be done as well. This was kind of a beast to revisit, but thanks for the detailed feedback!

Do you have any links to OST information? Also, do other titles in the series follow certain naming conventions for their music?
Oh geez now I'm looking at the information again and I didn't realize one of the albums on VGMDB actually was the official soundtrack release, which has the title I have. The alternate title shows up on some arranged albums like this one. But I think it's probably safe to stick with the one from the original soundtrack after all. Sorry, I must have been tired when I was double-checking my information last night :P


As I was double-checking credits I noticed there's two common translations for this song's title: "The Sun-Gathering Village" and "Village Bathed In Light". I'm not sure which one to choose, and putting both of them is a bit of a mouthful (but doable if that's the best solution). So a second opinion on that would be appreciated. :)

-m1: You could add an octave above the L.H., since the guitar doubles the bass here.
-m2: You could add a dashed line from the L.H. A# to the R.H. B, since it's the same voice crossing between staves. Mostly same in m18 too.
-m18: If you want, you could move up the bass an octave from beat 2.5 to the end too, since it has been up an octave for most of the song. The hands crossing isn't that hard here ^^

I think that's all from me though, looking good!
-Sounds good to me.
-I thought it looked odd to have a rest in the LH in m2, so I moved the B to the LH and put the line between that and the C# instead. Also added the line in m18.
-Yeah I think I like the bass up an octave better, it sounds a little abrupt to have it suddenly jump down.

That should be it, thanks!

Submission Archive / Re: [3DS] Tomodachi Life - "Letter" by Code_Name_Geek
« on: February 21, 2023, 12:59:06 AM »
Looks great, just two little things from me:

-The low C in bar 15 sounds like a G to me (i.e. a fifth up).
-I think from a voicing point of view it would make more sense to write bar 11 like this:
This matches up with bar 14 so is a little more consistent.

Oops, not sure how that happened but fixed!

Piano Arrangements / Re: Code_Name_Geek's Arrangements (NEW: Tetris)
« on: February 05, 2023, 05:48:46 AM »
Big project announcement time! I've been working on finishing up the rest of the Tetris (GB) tracks that are missing from the main site, which mostly include some fanfares and lesser-known multiplayer tracks. The arrangements themselves are mostly done but I'm still working on formatting the medleys and confirming song titles (mainly the 2-player tracks, since I have to wait for a friend with a Gameboy and Tetris to come test those ones with me). I've learned some interesting facts about this soundtrack while working on this, though, which I'll elaborate on below. (I'll also put the videos for the last three sheets in spoilers since there are multiple per arrangement and this post is already going to be lengthy.)

Tetris (GB) - 2 Player Danger (Toréador Song)

This is an arrangement of Toréador Song from Georges Bizet's opera, Carmen. It plays during 2-player matches when the blocks get close to the top of the screen. This arrangement of it incredibly fast compared to the original, which suits the way it's used in-game but it would definitely be a challenge to play it at tempo on piano.

Tetris (GB) - 2 Player Results

The first track here, "Match Results", plays on the results screen between matches in multiplayer mode. The second track, "Final Results", plays on the final result screen when one of the 2 players wins the best of 5 series. One thing I noticed about the second track is that it doesn't actually loop in-game like it does on every rip of the OST I've found - it ends on the second last note instead (leaving out the last note entirely). It also bears a passing resemblance to the guitar intro to the Guns N' Roses song, Sweet Child O' Mine, but I doubt the two are actually related in any way.

Match Results

Final Results

Tetris (GB) - B-Type Fanfares (Trepak Variations)

These six tracks have a really interesting story behind them. They're all variations on a theme from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet, specifically from the Trepak character dance. They play when the player beats the B-type game mode on speed level 9, with increasing complexity depending on the height level selected (0-5). However, every OST rip and wiki I could find listed five variations, the first four for levels 0-3 and the last one being used for both height levels 4 and 5, with a sixth variation labelled "unused" that only had one voice. This sixth variation was distinct from the first variation, which also only has one voice, but it was longer than the first four variations and shorter than the fifth so it didn't fit into the scale of increasing complexity. This intrigued me enough that I got out my Gameboy and Tetris and beat all of the level 9 B-type levels to see what was going on, and what I discovered was that this track was actually a unique variation for height level 4 with some of the voices missing. I was able to track down gameplay from an emulator that supports what I confirmed on actual hardware, which is linked in the spoiler (it's the only one with a different thumbnail). It's fascinating to me that almost everywhere I looked said the same thing about this track being unused when the real problem was that it's an incomplete rip. I also wonder whether all of these incorrect sources originated from the same rip, or if there's something weird about the game files that has resulted in multiple incomplete rips of that track in particular.

Level 9 High 0

Level 9 High 1

Level 9 High 2

Level 9 High 3

Level 9 High 4

Level 9 High 5

Tetris (GB) - Game Over/Success!

This set of 2 jingles wraps up the last of the Tetris tracks. The first one, "Game Over", plays whenever a player tops out in any mode. The second, "Success!", plays when a level is cleared in the B-type game mode (and potentially a few other places as well). The interesting track here is the second track, "Success!", which is listed on the VGMPF wiki as being based on the fanfare "Charge!", commonly played at sporting events and used in many other games as well (and is therefore attributed to the composer of that fanfare, Tommy Walker, on that wiki's page for Tetris). Comparing the Tetris fanfare to the "Charge!" fanfare, however, reveals many differences between them - the Tetris fanfare is missing the characteristic three-note arpeggiated pickup, instead being two repeated notes; the interval between the two main melody notes is a perfect fourth rather than the minor third of the original fanfare; and the melody ends on the root of the major key while the "Charge!" fanfare ends on the fifth of the major key. Therefore, I believe this is a mistaken attribution and the Tetris fanfare is original to the game (or else is so generic as to not be worth attributing to anyone in particular).

Game Over


Well that's it! This was a fascinating project and I'm looking forward to submitting these in the future. I hope someone else finds some of my research on this topic interesting as well!


EDIT: I've decided to pair the two 2-player results themes ("Match Results" and "Final Results") together under the title "2 Player Results", and keep "Game Over" and "Success" together under the title "Game Over/Success!". I think this makes more sense and will make those individual tracks easier to find. I've gone back and edited the sections accordingly.

Feedback / Re: Sheet Music Errors Thread
« on: January 31, 2023, 02:39:50 AM »
I believe the copyright information in Tetris (NES) - High Score is incorrect. The first version of Tetris was released in 1984 for the Electronika 60, but the NES version that this track is from was released in 1989 and published by Nintendo. Bullet-Proof Software (now known as Blue Planet Software) did publish several versions of Tetris, but this was not one of them.

Edit: One more to add, sorry. Tetris (Arcade) - Troïka might also be mislabelled. This track was in the 1988 Atari arcade version of Tetris, but the intro in this sheet better matches the version from the 1989 NES port published by Tengen. The copyright also says Tengen instead of Atari (though oddly it has the year for the arcade version).

Awesome, changes look great! Just one thing, don't forget to flip the top tie in m. 15 up. Will approve ^^

I like this piece a lot too and will definitely be playing it after we finish reviewing ^^ good job on this one!
Thank you!! :)

- I definitely suggest a pedal indication for this piece!
Oh yeah, I think I meant to add con pedale at the beginning and forgot. Done now!

- I'd recommend placing the rubato text direction all the way at the beginning of the piece either in the tempo marking or somewhere around the pickup to denote it applies to the whole piece. It's alright where it is right now, but a bit ambiguous if it could just apply to the first full measure or some section of indeterminate length starting there.
That makes sense. I like the idea of putting it in the tempo marking so that's what I did.

- The G# in m. 7 should be an A
- The right hand in measure 9 and 20 would be better in two layers to keep the guitar melody visibly separate from the high strings that come in.
Both of these are fixed.

- Getting this for m. 14-15, different LH for 14 and some different harmonies for this part:
  - Besides the note changes, note that the chord in the second half of m. 15 should stem down
That sounds good to me so done.

- m. 16 sounds like it could just stay in 4/4 with the half notes being written as dotted half notes instead?
- The A's in m. 20 beat 3.5/4.5 should be C instead of A.
-Yeah I think you're right. Did that and also took out the rit./a tempo since changing that makes it in time.
-Also fixed.

That should be it! Thanks for taking a look :)

Dragon Quest games always have really nice village themes, good job with this arrangement!
Thank you!! :)

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies - The Sun Gathering Village

First arrangement of 2023! I actually started this last year and did the bulk of the work then, but I finally finished it up now. I remember watching the Nintendo Week segments on this game when I was a kid and eagerly anticipating the release, and I greatly enjoyed playing it when it came out. The OST is also really beautifully orchestrated, and hearing this song again I had to arrange it.

I guess I'm thinking about the guitar strumming in terms of rolls, and the one in bar 10 just stood out to me most of all.  Like beat 3 bar 2, beat 1 of bars 3, 4, 5 etc.  As I said, I don't really mind that much but including them is probably what I would have done.
Oh yeah, I see what you mean. I actually like the rolls in those spots, it makes beat 1 feel less heavy than not having them, so I added them in.

Maybe this?  This is a little neater maybe since it has no rests, but I don't think what you have now is that big of an issue.

That option gave me the idea to try something that's a little more representative of the two lines in that bar, which I think is my favourite solution so far? If it's more readable the old way I can change it back though.

Thanks again!

Piano Arrangements / Re: Arrangement Highlights of 2022
« on: January 21, 2023, 08:28:37 PM »
Super late to reply to this, but here goes. I only did 8 arrangements last year, so I'm going to do a top 3 instead of a top 5.

Climb the Sky - Fire Emblem Heroes
Sheet | Original

This was my "challenge" arrangement for the year. It was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I wouldn't even have known where to start with it just a few years ago so I'm proud that I was able to actually finish it. (Special thanks to Libera, who helped a lot during the submission phase, and anyone else who gave feedback on it since it was a big one.)

Obsidian Mansion - Rune Factory 4S (Collaboration with Samusthedude)
Sheet | Original

I find collaboration arrangements to be particularly memorable, and this one is no exception. Working with someone lets me tackle things that would be a challenge on my own, like hearing more complicated chords and inner parts. I'm especially happy with how the waltz section in this one turned out.

Letter - Tomodachi Life
Submission thread | Original

This is kind of a surprise hit since I did it on a whim after seeing it on the requests board, but I really enjoyed it. Transcribing the arpeggios in the guitar went a lot more smoothly than similar parts have gone in the past, so it's also partly a marker of progress. But mostly I find this one is the most fun to actually play, so that's why I've chosen it for my favourite.

That's it! Hope everyone is enjoying a productive start to 2023, and looking forward to seeing what everyone makes in the future! :)


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