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I know it's probably weird seeing a request for skylanders, especially in 2020. I love the Arkeyan Armory theme from Spyro's Adventure, and wanted to learn the notes for it, However, I suck at transcribing music and the only Skylanders sheet music I've seen is for the main themes. Anyways, all I really need is the part that starts at 0:36. You'll know when you hear it.

Here's the song:

Quote from: on January 01, 2020, 10:02:33 AMI'm a fan of both games. Why exactly do you say that?

Mario Odyssey's "999" power moons were nothing more than a gimmick. several of the power moons are bought in shops. Many are obtained through multi-moons. A bunch of them are just lying around in random places, and many are just the same thing as another moon somewhere else in the game. The only parts that are actually challenging are the levels where the game takes away cappy, which just goes to show how broken he is. you defeat almost every enemy just by throwing your hat at it. Most of the worlds are just twists on new super Mario bros worlds, eg. grassland with dinosaurs, desert with ice, lake with mermaids, snowy area with underground village, jungle, clouds with literally nothing other than clouds. There are some unique worlds, such as the grey world of cap kingdom or the realistic vibes of ruined kingdom, which is just a boss arena (lost potential). I just didn't find it all that fun and found the reasons why. Also, "Nostalgia" doesn't justify the gameplay. It seemed more like they were just reusing ideas and assets from old games instead of coming up with new ones.

However, Peach and Bowser getting married again did help spark the idea for my paper Mario fangame, so I'll give it credit for that.
Quote from: mikey on December 31, 2019, 04:57:28 PMcrazy how people really be skipping over mario odyssey

Mario Odyssey was decent at best. Nothing about it was really outstanding. Mario Galaxy is better in almost every way.
Intro - E. Gadd's Log:

E. Gadd's Log
Mushroom Kingdom, 0368

Day 12 of Project Exitium
The Announcement
Hello there everybody! Today I'd like to announce that I, Professor Elvin Gadd, have discovered a solution to old age! It's all thanks to this artificial organism, which I have decided to call an E-Phage (after myself, of course). They have the ability to make us live forever!

_Error_    - part of this file seems to be missing_

Day 6 of Project Exitium
Success at last
I've done it! My organism is finally functioning! Perhaps all of this hard work will pay off after all. Tomorrow I'll begin testing. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. My name is Professor Elvin Gadd, E. Gadd for short. I've decided to  documenting my findings during this... experiment.

Day 7 of Project Exitium
Testing Begins
With my organism in a physical form, I am ready to begin testing. As my test subjects, I've decided upon goombas. Those strange creatures have been popping up all over the place in recent years. I'm sure nobody will notice if a couple go missing. these two goombas will be placed into my speed aging machine (see project aetas), and one will be given the help of my organism. As you can see here, the organism is injecting it's special life-preserving solution into the goomba on the left. Now, as I switch the machine on, you'll find that the goomba on the right is slowly becoming old and wrinkly, yet the goomba on the left is unaffected. I will turn up the power and leave the machine on overnight.

Day 8 of Project Exitium
The Naming
Hello, this is E. Gadd once again. As you can all see, the untreated goomba has withered away to ashes overnight, and the other remains completely unscathed. Oh! I almost forgot to mention something. I have decided to name this organism the E-Phage. It's named after myself, of course. I'll continue to leave the machine running for a few days in order to make sure the test works properly. In the meantime, I will attempt to develop a machine that can mass-produce my E-Phages so I can sell them and make millions!

Day 10 of Project Exitium
Strange Occurrence
How Peculiar... A rigid, bright yellow crystal appears to have formed over the test subject's pupils. The rest of the eye has gone pitch black. This does not seem to be affecting it much, but the goomba did seem a little aggressive when I fed it this morning.

Day 11 of Project Exitium
Unexplained Disappearance
The Test subject is gone. The outer wall of my aging-machine is cracked, so the goomba must have escaped. I'll have to repair the machine for the presentation tomorrow. I sure hope this is normal...

Day 12 of Project Exitium (cont.)
_The missing file has been found_
Now, I will take this E-Phage and allow it to inject it's life-preserving solution into my DNA. Now, I shall enter this speed-aging machine along with this untreated goomba. As I switch the machine on, you'll notice that the goomba is beginning to grow old, and yet I remain the same! . . .

Day 13 of Project Exitium
The Results
I'm feeling amazing today! The E-Phage's solution has made me feel young again! After I finish with the paperwork, I'll certainly be releasing E-Phages to the public!

Day 15 of Project Exitium
Optical Anomaly
When I got up from bed earlier, I had noticeably sharper vision. Sure enough, I looked in the mirror and saw that yellow crystals had begun to form over my eyes. They seem to act as a sort of prism that focuses light to improve vision. Customers may be scared off by this interesting Side effect, so I'll hide my eyes behind my goggles full-time from now on. As I came down to the lab, I noticed that one of the E-Phages in the mass-production module (MPM) of my experiment, I came to the realisation that one of the E-Phages had grown much larger than the others. I would have inspected it closer, but my back has suddenly started to ache, so I think I'll head back to bed. Perhaps that paperwork can wait a little bit longer.

Day 16

so muchpain.. cant  standit
please help .   !

DAY 27

In no particular order: Zelda: Breath of the wild, Hollow Knight, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, pikmin 3, A hat in time, Undertale, Super Mario Maker, Rayman Legends. Would have listed super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super Paper Mario, but those are from about 2007.
Request / [Wii] Super Paper Mario (multiple songs)
December 24, 2019, 11:30:55 AM
I'm making a super paper Mario medley and cannot find the following songs. It would be great if somebody could transcript them, preferably in piano.

"In the Darkness"
"Ready... Go!"
"Brobot Battle"
"I'm Not Nice"
"Destruction of All Worlds"