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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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I still hear that note an octave up. I've listened to multiple recordings and isolated the channel in an emulator and it sounds pretty clear to me.



I'm guessing you mean you disagree? It's fine to leave it out, but I think adding it in might be beneficial so that players could play it if they wish - and could leave it out as well if it's too challenging. It just gives people some more options. If you want to add the other voice I can help you out with the notes, most of them are just a 3rd below the top voice. Up to you though, don't feel like you have to.

i would prefer not to have it to keep it simple.

oh boy motivation came to me

Quote from: Maelstrom
-I don't hear the grace not in m24 or m28.

-m69 RH b1.5 - I hear a Dn here instead of a b. Also in every other similar measure. (Eb in m81/85)
i meant to fix that earlier, fix'd

-m66 and similar - when it goes down to a D#M chord on beat 4 and in similar places, the 3rd 16th in that run is a Dn, not a D#

-m67 LH b4 - chord here is actually just a DM chord, so no sharps.

-m24 and similar - spell all Gbs as F#s in the LH like you have in the RH.

-It's really bothering me how b3-4 of m68 are spelled like F# major in the RH and Gb major in the LH. Not sure of the best way to easily fix it aside from maybe changing the LH chord on b3.
that was done intentionally so there wouldn't be too many accidentals all over the place, but i changed it.

I have a few concerns with the bassline of the final section, mostly the parts at the end of m73, 81, etc. The repeated 16ths make this section pretty tricky to play. I only bring this up because this is by far the hardest part to play of the entire piece and simplifying this one section would make it considerably easier to play. I don't really have any suggestions off the top of my head for you, unfortunately. Actually, I don't hear the 4th 16th of most of those runs. Simply making the 3rd one into an 8th would make it considerably easier to play.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 20, 2020, 08:24:12 PM »
whoops, i was just typing this up in advance so i could copy-paste it when i was ready, but instead of hitting preview i hit send.

anyways, um, answers.

also, there is no order to how people are listed because i just want to get these answers out and over with.


No. 1 (8/13)
Vegetable Valley - Kirby's Adventure
Timestamp: 0:21-0:31
Guessed by: mastersuperfan, Yug Guy, Latios212, Static, Atcero, Dudeman, Radiak, WaluigiTime64
No. 2 (9/13)
Clock Town - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Timestamp: 0:39-0:56
Guessed by: mastersuperfan, Jake_Luigi, Latios212, Atcero, Maelstrom, Kaphita, Dudeman, Radiak, WaluigiTime64
No. 3 (12/13)
World-Bowser - Super Mario 3D World
Timestamp: 0:02-0:10
Guessed by: Trasdegi, Jake_Luigi, Latios212, Static, Atcero, Kaphita, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan, WaluigiTime64
 No. 4 (11/13)
Gangplank Galleon - Donkey Kong Country
Timestamp: 0:38-0:53
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Latios212, Static, Atcero, Maelstrom, Kaphita, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan, WaluigiTime64
No. 5 (5/13)
Battle! (Elite Four) - Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
Timestamp: 0:41-0:53
Guessed by: Latios212, Dudeman, Radiak, mastersuperfan, WaluigiTime64

I was originally going to include the clapping in this song, but something messed up with the .mus file so i had to omit it. Also, I really thought this song was much more popular considering I've seen memes about this specific section of the song. Maybe if it had the clapping...
No. 6 (8/13)
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke - Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Timestamp: 0:00-0:12
Guessed by: Latios212, Static, Atcero, Maelstrom, Dudeman, mastersuperfan, Dekkadeci, WaluigiTime64

Picked this one because it hadn't been used yet, an extended version of this song recently hit 1 million views and isn't the only video of this song to have over 1 million views, it got a GaMetal remix this year, and I just really like Touhou 8.
is it bad that i have nearly 60 hours in touhou 8 and haven't even come close to beating mokou?

edit aug 17th, 2021: i beat mokou on august 15th, with nearly 70 hours in touhou 8
No. 7 (7/13)
Fly Octo Fly / Ebb & Flow - Splatoon 2
Timestamp: 0:08-0:20
Guessed by: Trasdegi, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan, Dekkadeci, WaluigiTime64

No. 8 (8/13)
Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic 2
Timestamp: 0:13-0:27
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Atcero, Maelstrom, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan, WaluigiTime64
 No. 9 (13/13)
ASGORE - Undertale
Timestamp: 0:00-0:16
Guessed by: Everyone



No. 10 (8/13)
Gaur Plains - Xenoblade Chronicles
Timestamp: 0:17-0:33
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Latios212, Static, Maelstrom, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan

ok this was PURE coincidence since i put this in mine, like, a day before radiak posted and because i really wanted to share my own quiz and was already almost on the verge of a panic attack i couldn't change it. haha anxiety is fun
No. 11 (5/13)
Life at Garreg Mach Monastery - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Timestamp: 0:00-0:20
Guessed by: Latios212, Maelstrom, Kaphita, Radiak, mastersuperfan
No. 12 (7/13)
Trial - Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright
Timestamp: 0:10-0:29
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Static, Maelstrom, Dudeman, Radiak, mastersuperfan, Kaphita
No. 13 (6/13)
Quote from: Jake Luigi
13. Earthbound Sancuary Garden (What? How)
Sanctuary Guardian - Earthbound
Timestamp: 0:12-0:30
Guessed by: Trasdegi, Jake_Luigi, Static, Radiak, Yug Guy, WaluigiTime64

the first of three meme song. y'know, while i did use the three meme songs because they were memes, i didn't hit me until a few days later that i used three meme songs on this quiz.
No. 14 (8/13)
Spark Man - Mega Man 3
Timestamp: 0:26-0:38
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Atcero, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan, Dekkadeci, WaluigiTime64
No. 15 (1/13)
Mayota's Cave - Final Fantasy I
Timestamp: 0:00-0:22
Guessed by: Atcero

whoops. i knew i wanted this one to be a final fantasy one, and originally was gonna go for chaos shrine, but i didn't because it was very hard to find the original version of it. guess i maybe should've thought this one a bit more through...
No. 16 (4/13)
Magnus' Theme - Kid Icarus Uprising
Timestamp: 0:28-0:41
Guessed by: Maelstrom, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan

remove pants
No. 17 (0/13)
The Dark Star - Secret of Mana
Timestamp: 0:00-0:23
Guessed by:

i chose this one because this song influenced one of my (many) unfinished compositions. i thought SoM was a bit more well-known than it actually is, it seems. sorry about that.
No. 18 (4/13)
End of Time - Chrono Trigger
Timestamp: 0:10-0:28
Guessed by: Jake_Luigi, Static, Maelstrom, mastersuperfan
No. 19 (5/13)
Guessing-Game House - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Timestamp: 0:11-0:21
Guessed by: Static, Dudeman, Radiak, Yug Guy, mastersuperfan


No. 20 (3/13)
Defend Globe - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Timestamp: 0:04-0:33
Guessed by: Latios212, Kaphita, mastersuperfan
No. 21 (5/13)
Sweet Mystery Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Timestamp: 0:00-0:26
Guessed by: Latios212, Static, Dudeman, Radiak, mastersuperfan

more people got this than i thought, but i guess that's more on me for not having played the mario galaxy games (so the music isn't as stuck in my head).
No. 22 (3/13)
Welcome to Despair Academy - Danganronpa
Timestamp: 0:00-0:27
Guessed by: Trasdegi, Dudeman, mastersuperfan

ugh. this one was a nightmare to transcribe. my mind went "hey, DR music is cool, let's use some!" and i was like "sure!' because DR music slaps even though i've never played any of them. i kinda wanted to use "Ikoroshia" from SRD2, but since it has been used (or, it's bassline's been used) twice already, and i kinda didn't want to transcribe that trumpet solo (despite how amazing it is), i decided against it, so i just skimmed through DR1 to find a song that stuck out to me and this was that song. by the time i realized how hard it was to transcribe i was already way too far in so i just had to commit to it.
No. 23 (2/13)
Reincarnation - Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
Timestamp: 1:05-1:17
Guessed by: Maelstrom, WaluigiTime64

i find it funny how, at the time of this quiz, my pfp is mima and i just so happened to choose one of mima's themes as one of the songs. i swear it's coincidence, i just think the image is funny and i really like "reincarnation" (the song, not the concept). i just picked out a more well-known pc-98 touhou themes i liked.

No. 24 (0/13)
Stage 10 - Kirby's Block Ball
Timestamp: 0:03-0:16
Guessed by:

aw, i was hoping someone else would've heard this song, because block ball's ost is criminally underrated, and i know a certain person who may or may not have started this topic also like block ball's ost.
No. 25 (1/13)
Fonsa Myma - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Timestamp: 0:13-0:29
Guessed by: Latios212

something something xenoblade 2 is best ost.
No. 26 (2/13)
Stal - Minecraft
Timestamp: 0:39-0:56
Guessed by: Trasdegi, WaluigiTime64

the second meme song here. if you don't understand the meme, this siivagunner rip is all you need to know.
No. 27 (1/13)
Beautiful Princess Elincia - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Timestamp: 0:17-0:29
Guessed by: Latios212
No. 28 (0/13)
End of Days - Shovel Knight
Timestamp: 0:13-0:25
Guessed by:

i'm not the biggest fan of shovel knight music tbh, so i just picked a track that stuck out to me that hadn't been used already.
No. 29 (0/13)
The Elemental Stars - Golden Sun
Timestamp: 0:20-0:50
Guessed by:


No. 30 (1/13) {VOLUME WARNING}
Quote from: Dudeman
#30: lenen.mid (but obviously I don't know what)
Present World Overhaul - Len'en 3: Reactivate Majestical Imperial
Timestamp: 3:12-3:24
Guessed by: Dudeman

i think that's a first for melody quizzes here, a "volume warning". lol sorry, i picked this one and that specific part because it was a meme, causing the song to be a bit more "well-known" (well, as well-known as an obscure series based off of another large, yet somewhat obscure series can be). also, this is only related to the fight, but here's my time to say it: twin cranes isn't hard, y'all just suck at deathbombing in a game with an extremely generous deathbomb timer.

prime minister in black robes on the other hand...
No.31 (1/13)
File Select - The Legendary Starfy
Timestamp: 0:00-0:10
Guessed by: Radiak

would you believe me if i said this, in combination with 30, were the reason i did a lunatic difficulty, and not just 30?
No. 32 (0/13)
CrossCounter! - CrossCode
Timestamp: 0:09-0:25
Guessed by:

at this point my mind was blanking, so i just went into the "other" section here to find a soundtrack/series I'VE ALREADY LISTENED TO that i kinda liked.
No. 33 (1/13)
Board Game Island: Volcano - Wii Party
Timestamp: 0:01-0:14
Guessed by: Kaphita

i actually chose a random song from wii party because of this video.
No. 34 (0/13)
Labyrinth III - Tomb - Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Timestamp: 0:20-0:40
Guessed by:

again, i just looked for a random series i whose music was lodged in the deep recesses of my adhd brain and picked a song i liked. i really gotta play etrian odyssey as it definitely looks like something i might like...
No. 35 (2/13) (i forgot to mark this one, sorry)
Evergreen - Terranigma
Timestamp: 0:17-0:35
Guessed by: Static, Yug Guy

terranigma has a great soundtrack and you should go listen to it if you haven't and the fact that 2 people got a song from it made me so happy.

mastersuperfan, with 19/35!

the scores
1. mastersuperfan (19/35)
2. Dudeman, Radiak (16/35)
3. Latios212, Maelstrom, WaluigiTime64 (13/35)
4. Static, Yug Guy (12/35)
5. Jake_Luigi (10/35)
6. Atcero (9/35)
7. Kaphita (8/35)
8. Trasdegi (6/35)
9. Dekkadeci (4/35)

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 18, 2020, 04:12:12 PM »
ignore this, this was a mistake

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:30:25 PM »
are you ready for an excessively long melody quiz, from me, the person who has way too much of an obsession with these types of things?

There are 35 melodies and 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. gee wonder what that's a reference to

Difficulty Explanation
For Easy, I used well-known songs from well-known games, or songs with videos over 1 million views on YouTube and many covers/remixes.

For Normal, I went with some standard stuff, but I probably overestimated the popularity of some of these games, so I'm sorry.

For Hard, I went with either lesser-known games in popular series, or less obvious melodies. Again, I'm horrid at judging difficulty, so be advised.

For Lunatic, I just went with obscure/not very well known games. Don't be mad if you don't get anything here, it's meant to be insane. That's one of two reasons why I only went for 5. the other is that i couldn't find anymore games lol

do note the .mus is poorly formatted and more meant to be listened to. i didn't know how to fix that, and i wasn't going to spend hours fixing up something meant for listening.


To answer, either DM here or on Discord, but you'll have a better time catching me on here. I'll also give a few hints, if requested.

This will probably go for about 2 weeks.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, you can guess as many times as you like!

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: November 10, 2020, 03:16:33 PM »
i had a thought i really wanted to post here while i was on the toilet but i forgot and now i'm sad

Nice sheet, I just have a few things here:
  • Feel free to include the lower harmony in the RH voice - it'll make it harder to play but players can just leave it out if they want. I think it adds a lot to the sound of the piece.
  • This is technically in Eb major, so the key signature should be 3 flats rather than 4.
  • The third-to-last 8th note in m4 LH should be one octave higher.
  • The left side of the tempo marking should be aligned with the left side of the time signature.

for the first one, i agree that it wouldn't make sense to put it in and it should be kept simple. i also don't hear it that well. (but then again, my hearing is terrible lol)

fixed the second one.

don't hear it as such on the third one.

am too incompetent don't know to fix the last one (in notepad, at least)

Site News / Re: 2020 Halloween Update (Saturday 31st of October 2020)
« on: October 31, 2020, 05:25:34 PM »
the scariest thing there is...

S H E E T  M U S I C

ooh! this song has really grown on me. anyways, while i currently can't listen to the sheet itself, comparing it to the original song, i hear some emphasis on the non-repeated notes in m.1 and 2 (other than the e next to the e#, also in m.3 and 4). i'm really not an expert, and i don't have the best ears, but maybe there could be an accent on them (moments like these make me wish "reverse accents" were a real thing in music)?

i never realized this song had such uncommon rhythms (dotted sixteenths). Great job!

Neato! I updated your file with a few minor formatting touchups including:
- increasing the size of the footer text to 10
- spacing out the composer/arranger info out a but
- giving the header/composer text a bit more space

If this all looks good to you I approve ^^

looks great

Great! Now just for a few more small pieces of feedback:
- The left hand at the end that's currently a quarter-eighth, should be three eighths (Db-Db-Dn)
- Forward repeat bar isn't necessary at the beginning
- I think I'm hearing something a bit closer to 150 as the tempo, which coincidentally might be a little nicer anyway.

should be fixed (with a d-natural at the very end, right?)

oh hey, i actually completed an arrangement! and i did this in only a day! in fact, i did this in about 2 hours! wow another len'en arrangement who would've guessed

[Earthen Miraculous Sword] Deep Waiver: [PDF][MUS][MID] Listen on MuseScore | Original

Anyway! This sheet should be written in 12/8 instead of 4/4 with all triplets.

should be fixed


i've lurked for about 2 years. am i doing this right?

also, formatting is because i'm a musescore user.

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