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Finally got around to sorting this out:
  • Fixed up the margins with the sizes you recommended, applied those to both pages
  • Added page number and title header for page 2
  • Added con and senza pedale text and hid the markings, I also fixed up the fonts for the composer/arranger info section

If there's anything else that needs doing let me know and I'll do my best :)
Thanks for your time!

Updated Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart Wii to my latest quality standard.

I think the eighth note makes it seem a bit too abrupt. Maybe a quarter instead?
A quarter works, opted for that now

have you tried the C-G-E I suggested?
I just did, and it works really nicely! Playable, and it ties in well with the rest of the LH in that measure.

I adjusted the mf and put it on m11's half note. Don't really know what I was trying to do earlier tbh

Do you have Finale 2014 now? Do you need me to fix up the formatting or would you like some pointers on that?
Currently I'm using Finale 26, though I can't emphasise enough how inexperienced I am. Maybe if you could tell me what needs fixing up I'll try my best to do so myself. In particular the position of the pedal lines is weird and I wonder if there's a way to automatically adjust those.

I agree with almost everything you pointed out, so here are the things I'm still less sure on:

The chord on beat 1 of m. 1 sounds like Bb-Fn-Bb-D ascending.
Presuming you meant to say measure 10, I fixed that.

I think the RH octave on beat 1 could be lengthened too
The original doesn't hold it for that long, and personally I feel that abrupt release gives the piece extra personality. Might just be me though and of course I can change it to a half later if I change my mind. (funnily enough I had it as a half before i revised the sheet)

I think beat 3.5 of measure 8 would be better written up an octave, not underneath the 8va. It'd keep the contour of that phrase consistent (G descending to F#-D-A).
I remember struggling with that section. It seemed weird to have an F# underneath the 8va but not the G. Good to know that the way you suggested is acceptable though, I'll keep that in mind for the future :)

The files should be updated 2 minutes after this message is sent. I also went ahead and replaced the pedal markings, though I'm not so certain about their alignment.
Thanks for your time!

Updated Olivia's Plea to my latest quality standard
Also working on doing the entire Mega Man OST

Done  :)
Should be less work for you now

Bump Time: New Sheet, namely Mario Kart Wii's Race Winning Results.

Looking at the on-site sheet it does look like a very different take on the track. For example, to imitate the effect of the steel drums I used shorter more staccato notes while the on-site version kept the piece more legato. While I think the bass line I used works nicely it does feel a bit plain at times, especially towards the end, where The Deku Trombonist's version sounds nicer (to me at least).

Sure! If I ever need anything I'll be sure to ask :)

Thread bump time

I updated Koopa Troopa Beach to bring it up to a decent standard.

Can do. There's nothing particular that needs doing, I'll just double-check it for accuracy before one of you guys takes a closer look at it then :)

An older transcription of mine, might need some work done.

I updated the rhythm figures as Latios suggested, using the 16th-16th-rest-16th pattern instead of 16th-staccato 8th-16th.
As for the other changes, they look good to me :)

Help! / Re: A Help to MuseScore Formatting
« on: March 04, 2021, 12:50:42 PM »
I noticed that the template doesn't really hold up that well in MuseScore v3.6, so here's an updated version. NOTE: It's not currently possible to have different font sizes in the header, so if this template is used to convert to Finale you'll have to manually change the page numbers' font size to 14pt.


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