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 on: Today at 05:23:50 PM 
Started by StanKraftYT - Last post by Static
It's on the site, but it's titled "Super Mario 64 Main Theme".

 on: Today at 05:20:23 PM 
Started by StanKraftYT - Last post by StanKraftYT
This would be a great addition to the site and I am surprised it isn't there already!

 on: Today at 10:15:50 AM 
Started by Zeta - Last post by Onionleaf
Cool, should be tidied up now!

Also, I just realised that this is by the guy who did the Dark Souls soundtrack, which I was pretty surprised by!
I did not know this, nice find! This composer is one of my favourites, so I'll be sure to listen to this soundtrack. ^^

 on: Today at 10:01:29 AM 
Started by Code_Name_Geek - Last post by Onionleaf
What a sweet piece to arrange, it does look like it's fun to play. :) Just thought I'd drop by to help with a couple of your queries:

• I think it would be worth including the change in accompaniment that occurs in the second repeat. Removing the repeats, adding more measures, copying over the right hand melody and changing the left hand to play staccato quarter notes/chords on each beat should do the trick.
• The bottom note in the first 4 rolled chords sounds like an A. More often than not, chords form a simple triad, so if the chord sounds pretty normal (ie. there's no dissonance) then checking if it contains a root, a 3rd and a 5th of a key is a sure way to spot any missed notes. Also, I believe there should be an A in the rolled chords on bars 10 & 12.

That's all I had for now - good luck with the rest of the polish, I'm sure it will come out splendidly.

 on: August 24, 2019, 08:14:41 PM 
Started by Harvest - Last post by Splatoon Inkling
lol, I haven't even been working on the sheet music this summer really. Time for me to get it done!

 on: August 24, 2019, 08:10:53 PM 
Started by Egnio - Last post by
Same for me!

 on: August 24, 2019, 08:09:58 PM 
Started by Egnio - Last post by Splatoon Inkling
School has started!

 on: August 24, 2019, 06:33:20 PM 
Started by - Last post by
Okay, bad news now: I'm going to hold off on the last two CV2 sheets for a bit, as they're going to have to take a little more time and help than I predicted. Also, I've got plenty of other sheets I want to arrange while I'm here at college.


[SNES] Romancing SaGa - "The Conflict"


Surprise sheet from a Japan-exclusive SaGa game! I figured if I was going to start with any of the SNES titles, it'd be this one, and for a type of sheet that I don't make very often, the arranging process for this one went very smoothly.


[GB] The Final Fantasy Legend - "Prologue"


With enough practice using the pedal, and some quick fingers, this sheet should be possible to play. And what a great opening theme this is, too! Beautiful work once again from Uematsu.

I've completely moved in to my dorm, and everything is set up the way I want it. I've yet to learn tonight if I've been accepted into the school's Symphonic Band, which may affect how often I get to arrange. Other classes, too, will take up a lot of my time, so I won't be making any promises for sheets for a while now. But you're free to look at the ones I've done recently, so enjoy!

P.S: I've added some stuff to the spoiler tags in the OPs. Check 'em out!

 on: August 24, 2019, 04:30:08 AM 
Started by snaphap - Last post by snaphap
Holy crap someone saw my thing thank you so much
Yeah a lot of the things you said I agree with and that's mostly because it was my first composition xp I messed up a lot of formatting (such as bar 20) and just random things in general since I had no experience at the time, but all of this was super helpful! Thank youuu
I didn't actually think people would look at this page at all but I've been proven wrong, maybe I'll post some other things who knows
(oh and side note, I actually did try an acciaccatura but musescore treated it like an eighth note and it was really weird I'll try figuring that out)

 on: August 24, 2019, 02:41:49 AM 
Started by Zeta - Last post by
After making a transition to college over the course of about half a week, I was able to come up with something slightly more like what Latios had in mind. I haven't been able to show him this latest draft, so I have posted it here. How does this look?

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