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Question regarding scorewriters

Started by FugalOmen, September 07, 2017, 01:24:36 AM

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Hi, I want to ask a question.

Is it okay for me to submit my scores in a different scorewriter than Finale, and then have somebody else copy the score to Finale to submit to the site?

I ask this because Finale Notepad lacks a Staff Tool, resulting in notes clashing with staffs and making scores unreadable. I understand this site only allows scores on the main site to be in Finale—though I personally think it would be a lot more convenient if it would accept scores from other scorewriters too—which is why I ask this question.


Why yes! We even have a thread for that exact purpose! Just remember you can't actually submit them until you have the .mus file, with the .mid and .pdf files matching the .mus.
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Thanks so much. I'll be sure to use that thread if I want to submit a score.


Are these forums built to share information and general inquiries?