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A Help to MuseScore Formatting

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The only problem with that method is that it pretty much erases any formatting made in MuseScore, particularly measure and system distribution. It also comes with a lack of customisation for said formatting.

Trying version 1.2 of the XML editor--how long am I supposed to wait before I can use the finished XML? I end up with this for several minutes after dragging the .xml onto the .exe--pressing the enter key results in the program closing and no files seemingly being modified:

Is this program supposed to work near-instantly or not? Am I using this program wrong?

I got the same results when I changed the extension of my file to .xml instead of .musicxml.

(My file structure has been censored for privacy reasons.)

EDIT: OK, dragged the .xml directly onto the .exe instead of opening the .exe first and finally got results. I'll still need to adjust the file afterwards, though--the tempo marking is messed up.

Here's a new version of the template, with updated margins.


Here's a new version (again) of the template, which shows the "Piano" in the musescore file.


Oooh! This whole thing is pretty useful; thanks!
I don't think this's possible with xml, but importing frames from Musescore would be quite handy.


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