[PC] Deltarune - "The Chase" by Maelstrom

Started by Zeta, November 11, 2018, 02:26:09 PM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Deltarune
Console: PC
Title: The Chase
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: Maelstrom

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IMO the sheet would sound better if m1-4, 6, and 8 in the RH were lowered an octave. As it is, I feel like it sticks out too much as a distinct melody when it really isn't one in the original. This has the additional bonus of being able to play that line throughout the whole piece using the left hand.

I was also wondering if you could incorporate the upward slide in m5 and m7; i.e. like this in m5:

Courtesy naturals would nice on the F's in m11, m15, and maybe m19 and m23.

A crescendo in m11-12 might be nice (you could put a mezzo piano or something similar on beat 3 of m11 as well).
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In addition to the above feedback (thanks by the way) I'm also not sure about the harmonies in bars 10 and 14.  e.g. the bottom line in 14 I'm hearing the last two crotchets as F# G rather than G A.  Could you check these again?


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In addition to everything above, I hear the bottom note in m23-24 RH as a B rather than a C. Also the composer name should be "Toby "Radiation" Fox" instead of "Toby Fox" (this is the standard that's been used for all the UT sheets on site).


lots of things were fixed except static's but he's ok with that




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