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Author Topic: Pokemon Shiny Hunting Discord Server  (Read 290 times)

Trainer Ave

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Pokemon Shiny Hunting Discord Server
« on: December 01, 2018, 05:47:31 PM »

So I'm not very active on here lol. I'd like to announce that I've made a new discord server dedicated entirely to shiny hunting.

Feel free to join and invite others and help the server grow. We intend to facilitate trades with other shiny hunters which tend to be difficult. We also plan to host a variety of shiny hunting contests throughout each year. Oh and we have Pokecord if you're into that. I will ask though that you please not mention the shiny giveaway that I do on this site (which btw is still a thing but I'm probably not adding more groups like I thought I was going to).

Side note: if anyone has experience creating discord bots I'd like some assistance because there are 3 bots I'd like to create for the server that would really help everyone out a lot.
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