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What was the first video game song you learned to play in the piano?

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I'm curious to see what was the first video game song people learned to play in the piano?
Or at least the first memorable one.

For me, it was "Fight theme" from Punch Out.
It was the song I chose from this site to play once I started taking piano lessons.

Note that Fight Theme was the first video game song that I learn to play with both hands. I learned to play the treble part of SMB Overworld as well as Megalovania before that.

My very first one was when I was 12-13. It was the Super Mario Bros. Theme. The original classic theme. That sparked my love for VGM.

I believe that my first VGM piece was Gerudo Valley from the official Legend of Zelda sheet music book when I was around ten years old. That was really more of a one-off, though. The VGM piece that really got me playing was Lonely Lillie.

Splatoon Inkling:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 World 3

I don't have a very good memory of the first video game theme I tried to play on the piano.

I know the first one I tried to arrange (note: not transcribe) for the piano was a partial version of the Everfrost Peak theme from Diddy Kong Racing. I must have been 12-14 at the time. ...Yeah, my set of variations on that theme was incomplete and sucked.

I remember hearing solo piano renditions of the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme from others quite a lot as a teenager. I was never interested in playing it myself, though.

I also remember choosing one of my piano lesson pieces as a teenager because it resembled the Crystal Palace Crawl theme from Paper Mario. (At the time, I definitely didn't remember the Crystal Palace Crawl theme by name.)

I'm having a tough time recalling which video game theme was the first I tried playing from someone else's sheet music. Was it Together We Ride from the Fire Emblem series? Or perhaps it was from a kart racing game? I think the sheet music was from NinSheetMusic, though.

I'm pretty certain my first video game theme transcription was from a Kirby game, though. I'm trying to remember whether it was one of my earliest ones that I partially cribbed from others' piano transcriptions (the Kirby's Return to Dream Land boss theme, C-R-O-W-N-E-D from the same game) or it was Galacta Knight's theme.

(Ironically, my first transcription was not from a video game, though. It was of the Benny Goodman version of "Sing Sing Sing", I was in Grade 8, it was for band class, and I tried transcribing it for wind instruments by ear. Yeah, that transcription was awfully thin and pretty incomplete.)


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