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Mikey's Friday-Night-Sprite-Fight Contest/Sweepstakes


As some of you may or may not know, I've been at work creating a game (which I now realize I just deleted all my files for when I upgraded my computer to Windows 10...) and as I'm no good at creating sprites I've been using dummy sprites for everything.

Now, I've got the core concept down, but in order to make any more progress on creating my game, I need to purchase the full version of gamemaker.  Before I make that investment though, I want to make sure I've got the resources necessary to complete it.  That's where this contest comes in.

You, the reader and sprite creator, will be participating in a series of sprite creation challenges!  The goal is to create a single image late-SNES-era to GBA-era style sprite that matches the given requirements for each challenge.  The sprites will be judged by both a small panel as well as myself, and points will be earned on various topics.  The winner of the competition at the last will receive the code for a gift card of their choice worth approximately $10 USD.  In addition, I will be selecting one contestant to handle the sprite creation for my game (if it's something they want to do).  Once the contest ends, I'll be getting in touch with the chosen contestant to provide more details on that.

Interested?  Sign up here!  The contest begins next Monday, so sign up quickly!

1. Bobbythekid21

Sounds fun! Sign me up.
Edit: I don't think I'll be busy around that time but nobody tells me anything so... I'll just have to wait and see.

Hey, mikey! What happened to this?

nobody signed up

but if you can send me some quality sprites you made I'd appreciate it

forum pm/discord work equally well


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