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An entire song using two triplets/one 6plet per measure


Hi, it's me again!

I'm transcribing a theme where every part uses two triplets or one 6plet per measure, if there are any notes at all. Do I simply notate this using triplets in every measure (because a 6plet seems unconventional) or is there a way to make the entire song have this rhythm?
Thanks. :)
I figured I'd better ask before I finish the entire piece. ;)

Deku Trombonist:
Do you have a link to the song so we can have a listen?

On the face of it, it sounds like you might need a compound time signature, like 6/8, but it's hard to be 100% certain without hearing the song.

Here's a wav I shared with a friend earlier, containing the first 8 measures of the song, and also those 8 measures in an older version of my transcription.

Deku Trombonist:
I'd use 12/8 for that. I guess the argument could be made for 4/4 swing, but I think I'd still lean towards 12/8.


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