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Would someone listen to this SA2 Remix I made?


I spent a week or so on it, and I haven't really gotten any feedback...

Here's my soundcloud, it should be at the top:

If it's not at the top, just look under "tracks".  I can't check right now, as my computer doesn't like to cooperate with that site.  =/

It sounds like a good start, I'd be interested in hearing it once it's finished.

Thanks for the listen, man.  When you've posted mainly Undertale related content for the past year or so, it's sometimes difficult to shift an audience into general VGM (Albeit my audience of about six people)

I would record vocals, but my edition of FL Studio doesn't support audio clips and recording, so I'll have to wait until I get it upgraded in a few weeks. which case I'll finish it, as well as some of my other sonic covers (i.e. "With Me" and "Reach for the Stars")

That sounds interesting! Have you considered putting some on youtube?

Not really, I don't hang out there much (although the VGM community certainly seems to be stronger there...)


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