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Author Topic: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!  (Read 33419 times)


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Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« Reply #330 on: July 25, 2019, 10:39:35 AM »

Ending night early because it's autowin for the wolves from here.

TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!

1. Wolf
2. Wolf

Wolves know eachother. The wolf team share their money.

Each wolf has a wolfing of his own, meaning that as long as both wolves wolf, two lives will be lost each night phase.

3. Banker - Is told the amount of money all wolf players combined have as well as the amount of money all humans have combined at the end of each night phase.
4. Businessman - Earns NSM$150 at the end of each day phase rather than NSM$100
5. Human
6. Human
7. Human
8. Human

Each player starts with 3 lives. Wolfings and lynchings each take away one life.

The wolf team starts with NSM$300. Each Human starts with NSM$200. At the end of each day phase each Human earns NSM$100 (except the Businessman who earns NSM$150 instead).
Whenever a player dies(=loses all lives) by lynching or wolfing, the wolves will steal all of the killed player's money. If the kill was an item kill, the player responsible for the killing will steal all of the killed players money (if the killed player was the first wolf player to die, only half of the wolf team's money will go to the player responsable).

During the night phase, players can buy items with their money. Passive items will only last for the next day phase and the next night phase. Active items can only be used during the next night phase unless stated otherwise. In any case all items will be useless after one day phase and one night phase after they have been bought.
list of items
Poison Dart (poisons the player shot, causing that player to lose a life at the end of the next night unless that player buys an antidote during that night. Poisoned players will be told that they are poisoned) – NSM$75

Gun (takes one life away from the player shot) – NSM$100

Bulletproof Vest (protects the player from guns and snipers, but not from wolfings and poison darts) – NSM$100

Silent Sniper (takes one lives away from the player shot, can be fired in the middle of any phase. Unless this kills that player, this loss of life will not be mentioned until the end of the next night phase (thereby blending in with other kind of life loss)) – NSM$150

Silver (protects the owner from wolfings) - NSM$150

Antidote (when bought, the player will not lose a life due to poisoning that night) – NSM$150

Bribery (Your vote counts for 2 during the next day phase) – NSM$150

Steal-an-item item (target a player upon buying the item. If that player also buys an item during the same phase, you get that item instead) – NSM$175

Guardian Angel (protects from guns, snipers, poison darts, and wolfing attempts.) – NSM$200

Potion (Restores 1 life at the end of the next day phase. Doesn’t work if the player has 3 lives remaining) – NSM$200

Duct Tape (Target a player during the night phase. That player will be unable to perform any action during the next night phase. Actions include wolfing, buying an item, using an item (except duct tape) and painting. Also prevents passive items from working and if the banker is targeted it prevents him from learning the amount of money each team has and if the businessman is targeted he will only receive NSM$100 during that night phase.) – NSM$300

Super Bribery (Your vote counts for 4 during the next day phase) – NSM$300

Reflector (when targeted by a gun, a sniper or a poison dart, the shot is reflected to the user) – NSM$300

Tank (Target a player, that player will lose 3 lives. Also protects the owner from guns, snipers, poison darts, other tanks, wolfing attempts, but not from duct tape. Also prevents the owner from being lynched, in which case the player with the second most votes is lynched instead. Cannot be stolen) – NSM$500, each player can only buy one tank per game.

Wolves win when all humans are dead.
Humans win when all wolves are dead.
If there is one human alive and one wolf alive with both having one life at the start of the day phase and there is no vote manipulation, the game ends in a tie.

1. BlackDragonSlayer
2. hoggers
3. mikey
4. ShyYoshiGuy
5. E. Gadd Industries
6. Funnygurl555
7. EveningSun720
8. MadDemon

ShyYoshiGuy lost two lives. BDS lost three lives. He died. There is no way left for humans to win, therefore:

Wolves Win
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow
[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game
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