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I need help proof reading this melody?



I have written the trombone/trumpet chorus/melody, however I am not sure if I have written all of it correctly.

Here is what I have so far!:

I think one or two notes are off at the end.

though through thorough thought

Haha, I'm still confused by these words, even THOUGH I learn English for 3 years. My younger sister studies punctuation worksheets, but literally, every sentence has one of these words, lol. By the way, why you wrote it here? The guy asked about his trombone/trumpet chorus/melody... However, the video is private for some reason, so unlikely someone will help him. Also, as I see, the thread is from 2019, so I don't think he needs advice now ;) (but who knows?) I just hope he is doing good in 2021 to cope without proofreading.

The video you linked is private, so we can’t access it.


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