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As the year comes to a close, what are your favorite arrangements that you've made in 2019? ^^

(If you're not an arranger, you can your favorite sheets by other arrangers instead!)

I had a lot of fun arranging this year! I'm pretty proud of the arrangements I made for a couple of the Leisure Suit Larry games. I'll probably keep on making and submitting more arrangements from that series throughout 2020 since there's a lot of good tunes from it.
I'm also proud of the duet arrangements I did for Mario Paint's "Monkeys" and Mario Kart 64's "Staff Roll." Incorporating all those different parts into duets was a joy for me.
After rooting through my PA for posts made in the last year, I picked out the sheets that not only took me the longest, but helped me learn the most and just happened to turn out the best:

5. [Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn - "Future City"

4. [SNES] Kirby Super Star - "Gladiator Kirby"

3. [3DS] StreetPass Mii Plaza - "Find Mii"

2. [3DS] Team Kirby Clash Deluxe - "Quest Board"

1. [Wii] Kirby's Return to Dream Land - "Road to Victory (The Arena)"

All of the above sheets have been accepted onto the site, thanks to the hard work from the fantastic updater team!

Honorable mentions go to my full-OST projects for Game Boy titles Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (19 sheets), and Kirby's Block Ball (27 sheets).

My few:

5 - "KISEKI" from Pokémon X & YSheet

This is one of my favorite pieces of video game music. I had started it years ago, but was never really satisfied with it whenever I looked back at it. Finally in 2019 I took the time to clean it up into something workable after a lot of trying things out.
4 - "Orchestra Piece 1" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessSheet

One of the most sorely needed replacements on the site. I was happy with how I was able to condense down the orchestra into something viable on the piano, particularly the section at m. 41+.
3 - "Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme" from Fire Emblem: Three HousesSheet

Not unlike the above, this was a fun exercise in translating a large orchestration over to piano. The bass pattern and the chords carry over pretty nicely, and it was fun to work out the last few measures (dubstep!).
2 - "Lavender Town" from Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilverSheet

Unlike the above, this is not a particularly complex piece. I wasn't sure about how I was arranging it at first, but I ended up with something both simple and sweet. If there's one sheet I arranged in 2019 that I'd suggest to just pick up and play on a whim, it'd be this one, as it has such a warm, inviting sound.
1 - "Life at Garreg Mach Monastery" from Fire Emblem: Three HousesSheet

I love this song, and was initially worried that I wouldn't be able to vary up the arrangement enough to maintain interest through its length, since it plays around a lot with a couple of particular melodic lines. It turned out not to be a problem, and the entire thing is a blast to play through.

Performance video by Sayshi!
Honorable mentions:
- "The Beginning of Our Memory" from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
- "Determination" from Octopath Traveler
- "New Donk City" from Super Mario Odyssey
- "Thrilling! Is this Love? (Fan Club)" from Rhythm Heaven

It was my only arrangement on the site this year, but my arrangement of the Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme is something I’m really proud of, I have to admit. The opening key center of C-sharp minor means that, according to traditional rules, the B section had to be notated in D-sharp minor. Though I’ve played in six sharps before (the Ravel Sonatine and most recently the Beethoven F-sharp sonata, which contains sections in both D-sharp major, which isn’t even a real key, and D-sharp minor) it’s quite a difficult key to read and even more difficult to write. I think I did as good a job as anyone could hope with that part of the arrangement, and in general I think for the half-step shifting chords I used the most elegant enharmonic spellings throughout.

Also—the sheet checkers approved my tempo marking “Moderate ghost waltz,” which came to me in a stroke of genius and which I just absolutely love as expressive text.


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