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Author Topic: [MUL] Child of Light - Multiple Songs  (Read 109 times)


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[MUL] Child of Light - Multiple Songs
« on: February 06, 2020, 02:08:43 PM »

I know the game was originally released for the PlayStation, but this game has some of the best music for piano from a video game that I've heard in a long time (and has been ported to the WiiU). I love this game's soundtrack and would love to see it here on the site.

Some of the songs that I am requesting are:
Aurora's Theme
Pilgrims on a Long Journey
With Hair Argent and Crimson (for Piano and Strings; or for Orchestra)
Child of Light in Agitato
Final Breath
The Hymn of Light

These are some of my favourites, but if anyone wants to do more, I'll gladly download them nonetheless!

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