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Finale Notepad for Mac problem

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I want to submit an arrangement, but I need Finale Notepad for the .mus file. However, I can only find a payed version for Mac. I don't want to pay for it since I really have no use for it other than to get the .mus file, so I'm not sure what I should do.

Which program do you use? MuseScore?

I believe you could save your file as a MusicXML, link it, and ask someone to convert it into a MUS file.

I have quite a few files, and I don't want to bother someone each time I'm submitting something, but if somebody is willing to help, okay! Thank you! (And yes, I use musescore)

Also, can just changing the file's tag from .mxl to .mus work?

You are limited to two active submissions at a time, so it shouldn’t be too much work; the file will only need to be converted once it’s finished and ready to be accepted, anyway.

Unfortunately, simply changing the file extension will not work.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this here, but…You're not. Sorry.



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Uh, I’m not what?


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