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I just finished an arrangement of Dedede's Royal Payback from Kirby Triple Deluxe, which has one of my favorite video game OSTs, and I'm happy that I'm finally getting around to transposing it. I'm all but ready to submit the arrangement, however, I use Musescore, and as such don't know how I would go about getting a .mus file for my submission. Is there any way to convert the sheets other than remaking them entirely?

I recommend using the template and program in to reformat and convert your Musescore files. Copy and paste your Musescore music into the template and follow the instructions (including literally dragging and dropping files into the required places). You still need to do some work with the resulting Finale file, such as adjusting ottava lines, but this takes a lot of the work out.

Beware: I'd only trust the template with Musescore 2.X. Musescore 3.6 WILL do nasty things with the template, and Musescore 3.5 and lower may try reformatting it for ill.


* 1. Open your arranged mscz file via MuseScore.
* 2. Go to "File" -> "Export". Here you save your file as an mxl.
* 3. Now download Finale Notepad 2012 (if you haven't it yet). It is free of charge.
* 4. In Finale NP 2012, select "File" -> "MusicXML" -> "Import..." again and select your arrangement converted to mxl.
* 5. Now go to "File"->"Save" again. Now you have your .mus file.
Alright, you will see that the .mus-file is very unstructured. It is very time-consuming to adjust everything by hand, as Dekka said. Especially if you don't know Finale yet. I had the same problem at the beginning. I'll write you a PM with some tips.


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