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Help downloading all the MIDI files at once



I'm a PhD student at the University of California, Santa Cruz and I'm building a dataset of piano arrangements of video game music in MIDI format for my research. I work with deep learning models for music generation. Is there a way I can download all the MIDI files in the website at once (all consoles, series, etc)? It would lovely if I could get the metadata of each file as well.

Thank you very much!

Hello and welcome! That sounds like a super exciting project :)

Unfortunately, we don't expose "download all" functionality publicly for a few reasons:
- Bandwidth concerns from the server side
- Our website is a live collection - we occasionally make updates and replace old files
- Discouraging users who would claim the entire collection as their own...

That said, you have a legitimate use case and it's not like you can't get all the MIDI files by spending a few hours clicking all the links on the site (although I don't know what metadata you're looking for)... let me get back to you privately in a little bit :)

As someone who's working on their PhD as well, trust me, going around clicking and downloading tracks on the site for a couple hours will be faster than your average research session  ;D


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