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what counts as being a "nintendo" game?


I was wondering what makes a video game eligible to have music requested for it.
(if there really even is criteria that must be met)
any ideas would be much appreciated.

There really isn't criteria for requesting piano sheets on here, but I think you'll find games on Nintendo consoles are most likely to be fulfilled, especially from newer game releases (at least that's my attitude when I see a request). 

I wouldn't say there's no chance of non-Nintendo music you could request (there's a decent number of people who arrange music for games on PC/Playstation) that would end up being arranged, but definitely less likely

Least likely to get fulfilled though would be fan game music because those aren't elligible to eventually end up on NinSheet itself

Hope that helps, what were you looking to request?

well, I just recently started playing Genshin Impact, and I really enjoy the soundtrack, especially the main theme, which is what i wanted to request.
I'll add the link here since you asked.

I'd recommend reading this

Thanks Maelstrom!
i also just recently learned that plans are in place to have the game come to the Switch, but Mohiyo(the group that made Genshin Impact) has not finalized the release.

Regardless, I thank you for all the information you have given!


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