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It is time, once again, for a NinSheetMusic arrangement project.  This time the theme, decided by all of you, is colours!

How to participate:

* Create a new thread in the Projects board called [<insert username here>'s Colo(u)rs Project Sheets] (the u is, unfortunately, optional).  In the first post in that thread you will need to keep an up to date list of the sheets you have submitted as well as links to the original tracks (just like in submissions).  This is where feedback for your arrangements will go, and you should go to other arranger's threads if you want to leave feedback yourself.  (We highly encourage this!)
* The sheets that you submit must fit the theme of colours.  This means anything with a colour or a colour-related name.  If in doubt about whether your idea is suitable, feel free to ask here in this thread.  The sheets you submit can be completely new arrangements for this project, or they can be sheets that you have made in the past.
* PM Latios212 with your email address so that you can access the Dropbox folder where we will be hosting all of the sheets (if you already have access from a previous project, this step is unnecessary).  You should upload submitted sheets to this folder yourself, and keep them up to date when changes are made.
* There will be a limit of 2 submissions per arranger for this project, although this number is subject to changes by the updating team if your submissions are very complex (we may limit you to one submission) or very simple (we may allow more than two submissions).  Remember that decisions about changing the submissions limit are purely up to the updating team's discretion, although we are happy to hear your input.
The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 27th July.  We will accept no sheets that are submitted after this date.  This gives you two weeks to make and submit your arrangements.

Note that, as with previous projects, we cannot guarantee that every sheet you submit before the deadline will eventually make it into the update.  The best way to increase your chances of getting your sheets accepted is to respond to feedback promptly (and, of course, to submit high-quality sheets in the first place!)  If you have any other general questions about the project or project submissions process, feel free to ask about it in this thread.

We look forward to seeing what you submit!  Happy arranging, everyone!

Is pale close enough to be color related and therefore fine to submit?

What's the piece? I swear I've seen "pale" used as a color in a game somewhere though I can't remember...

I think it should be fine as long as you can reasonably justify why it should fit the theme :P


--- Quote from: Latios212 on July 15, 2021, 12:47:27 AM ---What's the piece? I swear I've seen "pale" used as a color in a game somewhere though I can't remember...

--- End quote ---
Well I'm doing one with pale in it lol


Since it is now Wednesday pretty much everywhere, I'm going to close submissions for this update.  Make sure you pay attention to your project thread so that you can respond to feedback promptly.


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