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MIDI file is 10 minutes? (Pokemon Gold/Silver - Goldenrod Game Corner)

Started by unsightedmetal6, August 02, 2021, 07:53:04 PM

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Hello! I may have found an incorrectly made MIDI file. It appears to be way too long.

How to get to the file:

1. Click this link:
2. Scroll down to "Pokémon Gold Version & Pokémon Silver Version"
3. Scroll down to "Goldenrod Game Corner" and click on the MIDI download.

This file is over 10 minutes long even though the music it's based on is short.

I would have posted this in the "Sheet Music Errors Thread" instead but opted not to because it is a problem with the MIDI, not the sheet music.


I'd noticed that you've had previous trouble downloading NinSheetMusic files. Does the over-10-minute-long file open and play back properly? Does it sound like the sheet music when played back?


So this is a problem where if the repeat was not setup correctly, Finale will not know when to stop cycling the repeat.  When you then export as a midi file, the loop is basically kept, thus the length.

unsightedmetal16 here is a dropbox link, I went and downloaded the .mus file and fixed it and made a new midi

Pokemon Gold/Silver - Goldenrod Game Corner


I just updated the MIDI. Thanks unsightedmetal6 for bringing this to our attention and Kricketune for fixing the file!
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