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Hello everyone! Today I have some updates to share regarding our updating staff.

First, Maelstrom will switch over to being a Ghost Updater. Maelstrom has been on the staff as an Updater for over 5 years, and we owe him a lot for the countless sheets he’s reviewed, as well as help replacing many old sheets on the site. Please wish him a wonderful time in ghost land grad school! (He’s still very much alive, for now.)

Now, we’re having a new Updater join the team for the first time in a while! Bloop is a longtime community member with a recent increase in activity and desire to help out. Please give Bloop a warm welcome aboard the staff.

Times change, life goes on, and new sheets are added to NinSheetMusic. As always, look forward to more soon :)

Congrats Bloop!!!

Thanks for all you've done, Maelstrom! Best of luck in grad school! (Try not to die, okay?) :P
And congrats Bloop on becoming an updater! I look forward to working with you in the future! :D

Thank you Bloop for offering to help the site grow! Thank you Maelstrom for your continued service! o7

Congrats, Bloop, wish you luck! And I hope ghost land won’t be too hard on you, Maelstrom!


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