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One more updater update

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I have yet one more announcement to make regarding our staff, for now...

That is to say that mastersuperfan will be switching to the Ghost Updater role as well (and not just because of the month!). Please thank him for the past couple of years or so on the staff - for reviewing countless arrangements and helping to always push for higher quality sheets.

Stay super~

Good luck on your future ventures, sleepless college student!  I have learned a lot from your feedback and really gained a new appreciation for the stuff the staff does after you went through my Colosseum "Title Screen" with me on Discord that one time.  It's amazing how long you've been around for this community at that.  Hopefully occasionally see you around for the events still!

Thank you so much for your countless hours of hard work and effort bettering the site, MSF! :D
I have learned so much from you across these last couple years, and for that, I am grateful. :)
Enjoy your rest in the shadows...

Thanks for everything MSF, you've done so much for this community and your incredible work has been valued by all of us. Good luck on your future endeavors, and enjoy your break! I'll miss your Discord name color matching your pfp  :'(

Thank you masterbooperfan MSF for your dedicated work in improving sheets and bringing them up to higher standards! Best of luck in the future, and enjoy your rest


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