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NinSheetMusic's 18th Birthday!!

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As of today, NinSheetMusic has been around for 18 years! That's quite the milestone... if NinSheetMusic was a person :P

As always, thank you to everyone who's made this community thrive over the years and I'm super happy it's going strong as ever. Happy birthday and here's to ever more sheets over the next 18 years and beyond!

God, I can't believe it's been around five years since I discovered this site. I was an innocent little one, thinking that I had to hide VGM from my parents if it was from a game I didn't play. I don't remember how I discovered this site, but I'm ever thankful I did.

Because I joined the Discord server for this site, I've ended up meeting so many wonderful people not only in the NSM community, but many others I ended up joining as well. This site has been a huge inspiration for me for a while now, and I'm so genuinely glad I found it.

Here's to hopefully many more years of funny sheet musics, y'all.


--- Quote from: Libera on October 24, 2019, 01:35:00 AM ---500 years ago, on this very day.....

NSM did not exist.

--- End quote ---

This is still true.  Weird.

Happy birthday regardless.

wow I was 3 when ninsheet started

Congrats everyone!


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