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Deciding the Next Special Update (Spring 2022)

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Having all had plenty of time to relax since our colours update last year, it is time once again to have another special update!  As per usual, we will start by taking nominations for themes from our users.  Each user can suggest just one theme in the thread here.  The nomination phase will be open until this Sunday evening (2200 GMT, Sunday 17th April).  The restrictions are the same as they always are:

* The theme cannot be limited to a single game/series or musical style.
* No duplicates of previous themes (colours, replacements etc.)
The best themes are the ones that are easily applicable to many different types of video games and musical styles, whilst also being coherent.  If you want to see the previous nomination thread, you can find it here.

Like last time, before voting begins the updaters will draft a shortlist of the options first.  This is to simplify the voting and also to ensure that the options will be the ones most viable as the focus of an arrangement project.  Once the shortlist is announced, the voting will be open for around five days.  After that, submissions will open for a fixed period of time (more details to come when nominations are closed).

April Showers bring May Flowers

Essentially, a project based on the weather of spring such as the beautiful rainy and stormy days, as well as the brighter and flowery feeling days. I think it'd be nice to have the range of both, but understand if it should be split up into two different themes later on or should be taken as only Storm or Sunny.

Examples would be stormy levels with rain, kinda like Shovel Knights final level or a grassland theme from Kirby

Edited for clarity :kekdog:
Because they're really good ideas, I'll be referencing Kricketune's post from here, and picking my favorite. Credit to him, not me.

--- Quote from: Kricketune54 on March 03, 2022, 11:14:09 PM ---The Go Outside, Touch Grass Update - Field themes, exploration, any sort of adventuring themes!  A fun listing could also work for this too.

--- End quote ---

(And yes, I am also lazy.)

I appreciate you using my idea Levi!

I'm actually going to not option any of the project ideas I previously listed out, and instead propose we do a "Request Update", all credit to Static who proposed this back in 2020.

--- Quote from: Static ---My nomination this time is "requests." We have over 70 pages of unfulfilled requests - that's over 1400 pieces to choose from, and there's a wide variety. I think it might be cool as a way to kinda give visitors what they have been looking for (even if we're 10 years late lol).
--- End quote ---

There's a ton of options there (already found a few I would consider), and might be a good excuse to clean that board up bit

I love that idea, Kricketune! I've been starting to work on a couple songs from those, so that could be fun.

As far as my own... Food theme. I love food, and food is in most games. Songs related to kitchens or any type of food. I think that's nuff said? If I'm wrong, plz correct me so I can fix it

I've been corrected and told that food has already been done. What about a celebration theme? There's always a need for celebration, and most games have at least a couple. This could be anything from a carnival to a victory theme to a celebration dance to a royal banquet/coronation.


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