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Whoa, I like space

[XBOX360] Halo 3: ODST  Bits and Pieces: From the Ashes

- For the left hand pattern in m. 5 and 6, etc... Not sure whether it works better to have the staccato hits to match the strings, or to sustain like the piano part does in the original. Opinions appreciated.
- This sheet has readability issues because of the overlapping voices and syncopation. Especially m. 10. I think it sounds find and isn't hard to play, but not sure what the best solution is to make it more clear visually.
- If anyone has a better idea of the right copyright holder, that'd be nice. This is consistent with the other sheet on the site, but I think this is just the publisher for the soundtrack release. Nbd though.

[MUL] Outer Wilds  Morning

- Tried a few versions of various combinations of 2/4, 4/4, and 6/4. This felt most correct to me; 2/2 all the way through felt like slamming measure starts into places too understated to be their own measure. I'd be happy with no time sig as well.

Might sneak another Outer Wilds piece in if I get around to it and it is allowed.

Fantastic Ike:
Ooh nice to see some Outer Wilds

-About the time signatures, I think I could actually get behind no time sig as well ^^ It seems pretty free of meter.
-m8: I hear a B on beat 4.
-m9: The low C and B on beats 1 and 3 should be an A and G, respectively.
-m10: Not necessarily wrong to have a fermate, but the last chord is exactly 6 beats long, so you could tie it to a whole note in a new bar, or, if you go with no time sigs, you could change it to a dotted whole note. Leaving it as a fermate half note is okay too though ^^

- Works for me
- Yep
- Yep
- At the time it seemed more in the spirit of the music to make it a fermata. Especially over adding an extra bar just for a tied note at the end. Doesn't matter to me though if we're going with no time sig anyway.

Should be updated.

Awesome! I'll approve of Morning, though there's one detail you might wanna change: it's currently kinda visible where the hidden barlines are (between the second and third groups of four 8ths, and before the last half note in the first system, for example). You might wanna write this in one long bar or two bars of idk/4 and idkbutmore/4, so those spaces aren't there ^^


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