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Author Topic: Tempo in Finale  (Read 5071 times)


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Tempo in Finale
« on: September 05, 2022, 05:15:52 PM »

I know this is stupid, but the Internet can't give me an answer.

I have Finale Notepad 2012, but I've found an issue. I can't find a way to add a numerical tempo marking of my own choosing to the piece. It gives me the option between "Adagio quarter note = 40", "Moderato quarter note = 108", " Allegro quarter note = 120", a lot of different tempo markings in words,or simply "quarter note = 150". I can't find a way to set it to my own custom tempo. I can change playback tempo, but not what it shows on the piece. Some guides say to click on the tempo, and then a button appears, but there's no buttons other than "Select", "Help", and "Cancel".

Do I have the right program? Or is there something really obvious I'm missing?

(btw I have Notepad 2012 for Windows.)
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