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Halloween 2022


It's almost Halloween, and you know what that means? Midterm exams. But also a new project:

Here's the usual rundown:

* Create a new thread in the Projects Board with a title similar to "[Arranger]'s Halloween Sheet". We'll discuss your sheet in the threads as before (and for those new here, it works just like the normal Submissions process).
* Upload your sheet to the DropBox folder, and maintain it when you need to make edits. If you need access, message one of the updaters on the Forums or Discord.
* Only 1 (one) sheet per person. We may allow more than that if the pieces are very short, and we may not allow pieces that are extremely long.
* Pick something spooky to arrange! We're pretty flexible on what counts as Halloween-themed, but don't pick something like Main Menu - Bee Movie Game.
As with other recent projects, we have a strict deadline at Saturday, October 15th at the end of the day (11:59pm GMT (UTC+0)), so get your sheet in before then! Any sheets uploaded to the DropBox folder after then will not be reviewed for this project. As before, we cannot guarantee your sheet will make it in, so please try and respond to feedback promptly!

That's all I've got, time to make those sheets!

All submissions are closed now, and we will no longer be accepting any new submissions for the project. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Keep an eye out for more feedback in the next couple weeks

As you may have surmised from the update post, this project is closed now, so I'll be archiving it. Nice work everyone!


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