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Another Halloween, another Wario sheet for me:

Wario World
"Outside Horror Manor" | MUSX | Source

-m6, 8, 10 and 12: You could write the D# in the L.H. as Eb here, since it descends towards Dn instead of rising towards En.
-m7-12: I hear the whistle voice an octave up (you can just add an ottava until m11, and move the three notes in m12 up an octave)
-m9: The grace notes at the end of the bar should be 16ths: grace note groups of two or more notes should have 16ths, a single grace note should be an 8th.
-m20: Maybe beaming the L.H. like this looks a bit better:

-m24: Same thing about possibly writing the D# as an Eb in this bar.
-m25-27: Grace notes should always have their stems upwards, unless they're in a second layer. Also make sure to make 16ths of the grace note groups in m27.
-m27: Maybe you could write the R.H. A in beat 3.5 as a staccato 8th instead of a 16th? It will probably make reading easier.

Nice sheet!

Everything above has been accounted for. Should be good now, unless I missed something, of course.

In m6, 8, 10 and 12, you can remove the courtesy accidental on the Dn's after the Eb's: the Eb's make clear that the next note won't be a D#. Also, make sure the 8 of the 8va begins before the grace note. Everything else looks good!

Done and done!


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