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Fantastic Ike's Halloween Sheet - Plants vs. Zombies [PC] "Main Menu"

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Fantastic Ike:

Fantastic Ike:
Wouldn't you know it, ran into this issue RIGHT after I posted. So this link lists the track as "Crazy Dave" and the record scratch apparently loops the song back to the beginning? I'll change all of these things once I get feedback on the sheet, but wanted to bring this up now.

I think this one is probably the exact track you're looking for:
So the title should be Crazy Dave (Intro Theme), which corresponds to this listing as well. The In-Game version is just extra proof that it loops back to the beginning haha.

Fantastic Ike:
In my rush to finish this piece, I wasn't as vigilant as usual with the track naming. Apologies, hopefully this is all cleared up now.


* m1-12 RH: In general, this entire section would be a lot easier to read and understand if the voices were split into multiple layers like the LH. I would also suggest keeping the melody as the top layer so it's easier to hear (remember, piano is a homogenous texture compared to the multi-instrumental pieces we often arrange). Here's a quick example of m5 RH:

Combining layers can be useful for simplicity, but when you have several contrapuntal layers with varying rhythms between them, it's best to use multiple layers in my opinion. Otherwise, it can be come difficult to tell what the distinct voices are.
* m5 LH is impossible to play as written. My suggestion would be to remove the upper LH voice entirely, or to move the bass up an octave and keep the LH voice in its original octave.
* m13-20 RH: The background organ part only plays on downbeats (I'm not hearing those additional notes on beats 2.5/4.5). Also the chords remain the same throughout each measure. The progression is Gm-Cm-D7-Gm.
* m13/17/etc. LH beat 3 should be C# instead of G (these measures should look exactly like m16/20/etc.)
* m13-27, 29-34 LH: Whenever you have that all-eighth note bass pattern, the last two eighth notes (beats 4-4.5) should be slurred rather than staccato.
* m19/27 RH should look like this:

* m21/25 RH Layer 2: These background chords sound like F-G (part of a Dm11 chord).
* m23/27 RH: I'm not hearing the background part here, I think just the melody is playing.
* m24 LH: The only way to hold that upper voice while playing the bass is to use pedal, so it won't sound staccato in a performance. Maybe consider moving that part to the RH instead, combined with layer 1, and removing some of the RH Layer 2 part.
* m28 LH beat 3: There's no bass note here, it's not the same as m20.
* m29-34 LH: All Gbs should be F#s, like you had earlier.
* m30 RH: This isn't exactly very feasible at this tempo either, especially with the large intervals on beats 1 and 3.5. I would probably just use the piano part here.
* m35-36: This part would sound more full and have a greater sense if finality if the bass voice (Eb to D to G) stayed on the bottom and the chord tones were moved to the mid-upper register with the RH.
* m35 beat 2.5: This should be written as an eighth note tied to a quarter note.
* m36 RH: The chord should be held for the full duration of the measure.
* m36 LH beat 4: There should be another bass note G here.
* With the above changes to m35-36, it should look like this:

* You can add a D.C. at the end if you want, since it repeats in-game.If you have any questions let me know. This piece is short, but very dense.


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