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Jake_Luigi's Halloween Sheet II: Electric Boogaloo - [GBA] MMZ: X, The Legend

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I haven't arranged something since last Halloween... let's change that!
This time, a spoopy Mega Man song (what else?)!

Some notes:
m8 and m12 have the tied notes but they are playing twice (it plays again on beat 3 when it shouldn't), I am not sure how to fix that.
The held notes between m12 and m13 I also could not figure out, Finale ties were not being nice to me :(
Fifths in the left hand are to simulate the cronchy percussion
File in the Dropbox folder 🍞

But ye happy spoopy month y'all!

You won't need to worry about how the tied notes sound, since the performer is using the pedal in this section the notes don't need to be tied at all!

One suggestion I have would be to use the pedal throughout? It might help the piece sound more full, while also giving more of that echoey feel the original has.

The rit. marking can be moved to the beginning of the measure, I'm hearing a gradual slow-down from there already. Also, in the last measure, the LH will need a fermata as well.

Is this imported via Notepad? If so, I can make the necessary formatting changes, and if not, I'll tell you what can be changed!

- Ah I see, should I remove all the tied notes then?

- Should I have the pedal pressed for two measures and then released and then it just repeats like that?

- That would make sense, I can move the rit

- Oops, missed the fermata

- I have full Finale now, so I can make changes! Just lmk what I missed

If someone gets back to me within the next 7ish hours, I should be able to upload the changes by 6pm EST tonight. Probably. 😅
Thanks for the quick feedback Xiao!

You're welcome!

With the 'tied notes' I meant the ones at the end of measures 8 and 12 in the RH, specifically. All the others can stay.

As for the pedal, I think every 2 measures would work well near the beginning, but from m13 onwards there are more frequent chord changes, so I'd recommend making some adjustments there. You can either work it out in detail yourself, or just write "con pedale" under the bottom staff at the beginning of the piece (and then delete/hide all the individual markings). With the latter method, the performer would then figure it out themselves :)

And for formatting, 2 main things:

* The font sizes you set are correct, but notation programs do this weird thing where there are basically 2 sizes within each other (one for the overall text box and one for the text itself). To make sure all the sizes are consistent you'll have to select each bit of text with the text tool (), then go to text>font and then make sure "Fixed size" is checked.
* To balance out the pages a little more you can move the 5th system onto the second page, either with the staff tool () or the page layout tool (). This will also free up some space up top on the first page, meaning you can move the first system (and the tempo marking) just below the composer/arranger text.
Thanks for the quick response! If have any questions or want assistance please ask!

Alrighty, afternoon update:

- Got rid of the unnecessary ties in m8 and m12

- Used the con pedale route because Finale grayed out the flip option when right-clicking the pedal marks, so they're upside-down and hidden for now

- rit moved, fermata added

- Checked Fixed Size

- Moved the staffs to balance the pages

If something's being wacky please lmk and I'll try to fix it ASAP (probably not until late tonight at the earliest tho)
Updated file added to Dropbox (10-13)


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