[PS2] Devil May Cry 2 - "A Prayer for the Goddess (Divinity Statue)" by Zanza

Started by Zeta, December 08, 2021, 05:56:55 AM

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Sheet looks great right now.
Few quick things:
-m22 - I hear the LH as a Fn and a Ab (due to the F major chord) instead of both layers playing a unison Fn
-m30 - I hear the LH 1st layer E as coming in on beat 2 instead of beat 1

pretty solid otherwise


Loberto Marco


excuse me while i appear and then subsequently vanish in a puff of smoke, just staying long enough to accept this

edit: you actually made m22 an F and not a Fn like I said so I just fixed that and updated the files for you

also removed the 2nd page copyright

edit: also fixed the 2nd page title, added an initial dynamic, and respaced the measures slightly to make it consistent with on-site sheets.