[DELETED] [PC] Minecraft - "Dry Hands" by PokéMaster

Started by Zeta, October 26, 2022, 07:26:37 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Minecraft
Console: PC
Title: Dry Hands
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: PokéMaster


Seems as Minecraft gets more "retro", the submissions are increasing. This was one of my favs back when I played and gives me a visceral memory of traversing rainy terrain (despite the dry part of the title lol).

-From m22 to m29 you could move the top layer quarter rest down to line up more with the notes of that layer by positioning it lower (standard rest placement looks like it works)
-The copyright at the bottom should be Mojang as opposed to Daniel Rosenfield? The credits aren't consistent on site for Volume Alpha tracks as one sheet lists Mojang and another C148, so maybe a trifecta of credit choices for submitters is the way to go  :-\. Also the P symbol is unnecessary
-Adding Con Pedale might also help convey the intro section style a bit more, or could add pedal marks where appropriate

I'm not sure m1-m13 is written out in the best way in 2/4. Have you considered making it a cadenza section? It is a free feeling section and I don't think the tempo marking articulates to the player how to best represent the varying tempos. I would suggest at a minimum adding in rit. or accel. where the player should slow down or increase tempo in the section

-m4 there's no pickup. I think a better way to write this whole measure leading into m5 would be as follows (if you don't switch to cadenza). There's a slight delay before the high G# is struck, and the lower G# is moving to the E and then the C#. So I think the LH should play the C# in m5 as well and the RH has a rest
-m6-7 this is actually supposed to be up an octave so could utilize an 8va here
-m9 RH the An comes in a tad later than the E's. You could make it a separete layer or keep the pitches together if desired.
-m11 RH there's an F under the A. This measure is also rolled so could add that to RH
-m15 RH there' a D under the A
-m16 RH I hear the C# as being down an octave - though I suppose if you're trying to keep this part in one hand as opposed to having the connections between staffs like m15 and 17 (meaning you would play the C# in the LH)
-m17 there should be another A down an octave from the one already present above the current F#
-m23 and m27 LH put an accent on the whole note? A forceful note compared to the others.
-m27 RH beat 2.5 doesn't tie to beat 3, and beat 3 is an F#
-m30 could add a roll here in the RH, there's no pickup in the LH
-m31 missing the A similar to m17. I think a mp would also work here as the dynamic is lower than previous measure.
-m32 RH there is an E an octave below current E as well


Hey wanted to bump this, still around to make edits?


I'm going to archive this submission due to inactivity. Feel free to resubmit in the future!